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Regarding the issue of making money, Li Yalin has not considered it for a long time.

It came as no surprise, since he got a lot of money from his current income. His game, manga, and novel are growing, so there is no need to worry about money anymore.

So now, how can he help Haruka to improve her family’s economic situation?

Give her money directly?

Not possible, not to mention that Haruka will refuse immediately, and it might damage the friendship between the two.

Then… help Haruka find a part-time job?

Although this is a good idea, it should be noted that now Haruka has to take care of not only housework, but also her two imoutos, Kana and Chiaki. In case she had a part time job, it will also add to her burden.

The most important thing is that although he have many consideration, he don’t know what Haruka thinks.

Isn’t too arrogant to want to help but don’t know if people really need it?

Forget it, let’s wait and find a chance to talk to Haruka again, at least not to impose his own ideas on Haruka.

Regarding the idea of ​​helping the Minami family, Li Yalin just thought about it in passing, and then put it aside. Because he knew that he wasn’t that close to Haruka yet, and it would only make them both awkward if he forced himself on her.

Unless Haruka becomes his girlfriend, then he’ll have the qualification to say, but girlfriend… let’s talk about this later. Anyway, Li Yalin has no thought of ​​dating girl now.

At least not yet.

“Sorry for the wait.”

It didn’t take long for Haruka and Kana to return to the living room.

Haruka is like a spring breeze, the smile on her face is very bright. But looking at the silly girl, she looks listless, and her whole body is gray.

What kind of horror did she experience?

It’s a pity that such a question can only be thought of in his mind. He would be like the silly girl if he really asked.

Li Yalin didn’t want to die, let alone seeking death.

That’s all!

“Then… let’s play cards?”

“Three people, how about fight the landlord?”

“Okay, fight the landlord then.”

Although this is not the world Li Yalin originally lived in, but it also owns poker, mahjong and other game, and to a large extent, the game rules are the same.

For example, fight the landlord, a poker game that has become popular in recent years, has even launched a similar game contest on the internet, which is very popular among players.

Although Haruka is not good at surfing the internet, she also plays games like fight the landlord. Since she take the initiative, Li Yalin certainly has no reason to object.

It’s just that the original four-player game has become a three-player game, and the left out person, needless to say, everyone knows very well.

“Ugh …”

Seeing Li Yalin, Haruka, and Chiaki three people bidding for the ‘landlord’ position, the silly girl, who was punished to kneel in the corner, couldn’t help but choked her tears.

She wants to play games too!

This won’t do!

It can’t go on like this!

With her eyes rolling around, silly girl began to plan again. Looks like Haruka’s previous lessons doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect.

Although he was playing poker, Li Yalin still felt keenly. After all, he experienced the zombie world like Gakkou Gurashi, and was very sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment.

Maybe Haruka and Chiaki didn’t find it, but he clearly felt that Kana was moving her body towards the corridor little by little. Although every movement was small, it would not take long before she could leave the living room.

Chiaki doesn’t even look at Kana. She can play poker with her Haruka onee-sama and Li Yalin, she doesn’t bother to pay attention to what the idiot is doing.

So, Kana will succeeded if Haruka doesn’t discover her!

Should he remind Haruka?

Although he didn’t know what the silly girl wants to do when she wriggles her body, he got the feeling that she is going to do something again.


Forget it, just let her be. Better avoid trouble whenever possible, just pretend not to see anything.

After giving a glance to the silly girl, Li Yalin didn’t pay attention to her anymore. Better concentrate on playing cards.

However, even without Li Yalin reminder, Kana thought she was about to escape from danger, and Haruka, who was holding poker cards, suddenly made a surprising move.

“Kana, who allowed you to get up?”

Seeing silly girl successfully squirmed to the door of the living room and was about to get up and run to the corridor, with a flash of white light, a poker card flashed in front of her.

Accompanied by it was Haruka’s emotionless voice.

God of Gamblers Haruka?

The scene of Haruka’s hand send the card flying was seen by Li Yalin. Thankfully the poker card didn’t stuck on the wall, otherwise he would really thought Haruka was possessed by the God of Gamblers.

But even so, this scene was enough to surprise him.

It turned out that Haruka had noticed Kana’s movements a long time ago, but she hadn’t warn her until she was almost successful, blocked her all the way in the last step?

Isn’t the haraguro attribute Chiaki’s?

Why does Haruka have it too?

Yes, after all, they are sisters. Although it wasn’t shown in normal times, who can guarantee that Haruka doesn’t also have haraguro attributes?

It’s just… the same sisters, why he can’t find any haraguro element in the silly girl?

Sure enough, she was picked up!

Well, this kind of tsukomi, just say it in the heart.

Kana’s escape plan was exposed, so she could only return to the corner with tears under the watchful eye of her elder sister, and silently drew circles by herself.

She looks really pitiful.

But Li Yalin can’t help her. Since it was her own fault, she have to bear it with tears.

Isn’t it?

Ding dong…

Just as Li Yalin, Haruka, and Chiaki playing fight the landlord getting more heated up, the doorbell of Haruka’s house suddenly rang.

This is… a guest?

Before Li Yalin could react, looking at Kana again, she was like a rocket, jumping directly from the ground.

“I’ll open the door!”

Leaving this words, Kana rushed to the hallway in a hurry. It seems she was really suffocated. After finally finding such a breakthrough, how could she miss it?

In response to this situation, Haruka couldn’t help sighing.

Kana is like this, so where does it look like she has learn her lesson?

It seems that after Yalin-kun returns, she must have a good chat with Kana.

If silly girl knows that her action has led Haruka to make up her mind, she might regret her action. But it’s already too late for regrets, she has opened the door and welcomed the guests at the door.

“Yo, Haruka, we’re here to play.”

The guests of the Minami family are not others, but Maki and Atsuko who are friends with Haruka and Li Yalin.

Why are they here?

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