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“Isn’t this Yalin-kun? What a coincidence, are you visiting Haruka’s house too?”

Maki and Atsuko are a frequent visitor of the Minami family. It’s not surprising that the two of them will appear here. It’s just that… it’s normal for them to come to Haruka’s house to play, but her fake greeting is quite unusual.


Looking at Haruka subconsciously, Li Yalin’s expression become quite strange.

“They learned yesterday about Yalin-kun coming to play, but I didn’t expect that they all came over today.”

At this very moment, Haruka also sighed helplessly. Yesterday, she thought her slip of the tongue was deliberately left out. But it turned out that Maki and Atsuko came directly which made it clear that they wanted to join in the fun.

“Who makes you plan to leave us behind!”

Maki was not embarrassed at all being exposed by Haruka. She very carefreely found a place to sit down, and then rolled her eyes towards Li Yalin.

What is this?

Doesn’t want to be left out?

Why it sounds like he was having a secret meeting with Haruka and abandoning her friends?

Maki’s words were very ambiguous, and Haruka’s cheeks turned red in an instant.

“I didn’t mean to leave you behind…”


“Of course not!”

“I don’t believe it! Your face is red, you must be lying!”

Regarding the content of their exchange, Li Yalin thinks it’s better not to participate in it. Well, this is a very decisive and wise way to protect himself.

It will only get more and more chaotic when a big man like him participates in the topic between girls. He is very experienced in this.

However, while Li Yalin was watching the process evolve, and Haruka and Maki were arguing endlessly, the silly girl who gets neglected quietly came to the corridor and picked up the phone at the entrance.

The silly girl… is going to mess things up again!

“You guys, what’s the hottest topic recently?”

Calling it an argument, in fact, it’s just a play between friends. It just teasing at best. Haruka and Maki won’t get mad at each other for this.

To put it bluntly, Maki just pulled Atsuko over to join in the fun. After some complaint, she soon cheered up and started another topic.

“The hottest topic?”

Among the three girls, Maki is the one who follow the fashion trend the most. A lot of news is heard from her.

For example, Haruka and Atsuko had no idea about the hottest topic, naturally they are asking Maki’s thoughts.

“Hmph, if it’s about the hottest topic recently, of course, it was the upcoming Hot Holiday Music Festival folk band contest!”

Seeing the curiosity cast by everyone, Maki very proudly put her chest out, but…

Maki-san, you have yet to develop further.

You are still insufficient compared with Haruka.

“Hot Holiday Festival? There are indeed many people talking about it recently.”

Hearing the Hot Holiday music festival from Maki, the expression on Li Yalin’s face is very strange. Is this the hottest topic? And why you look so proud? It’s as if you got the qualification.

However, Li Yalin found it weird. The other girls were very interested in this topic. After all, it is one of the most well-known music festivals in Japan district, which is indeed a worthy topic to discuss.

“I heard that the preliminary round of the selection event is already over, and the final will be held soon, right?”

“Yes, the bands that can enter the final must be quite amazing. As long as they advanced successfully and set foot on the stage of the music festival. By then, they will definitely become famous.”

“It’s a pity, the tickets for the final are so expensive, otherwise I would also like to go there to see it live.”

Speaking of the Hot Holiday Music Festival selection event, the girls quickly talked about this topic. Even Haruka, who usually doesn’t care much about entertainment topics, would say a few words, enough to see how well-known this selection event.

“Hehe, tickets huh… look at this guys!”

While chatting, everyone talked about the ticket. Although the music festival hasn’t officially started yet, the final tickets are still sold at high price. After all, it represents the highest level of selection in a region, and the TV station will also broadcast live the whole process.

Such tickets are not so easy to get.

Because of this, Li Yalin understood why Maki was so proud before.

It turns out that she got the tickets, no wonder.

“Where did you get them Maki?”

Everyone was very curious about the tickets in Maki’s hands, especially she didn’t get one ticket, but three tickets. It would cost a lot of money, right?

“My uncle gave it to me, a pity though, there are only three, otherwise everyone can go together.”

Taking out the tickets, Maki naturally wanted to show off. Of course, she was not showing off in a negative sense, but just wanted to share the joy with her friends while enjoying the limelight.

She has made up her mind to share these three tickets with her friends. As for the candidates, needless to say, it must be herself, Atsuko, and Haruka.

As for the pity in her mouth, Li Yalin also heard it. She meant him.

Indeed, if there are four tickets, Maki will definitely count Li Yalin without hesitation. But there are only three tickets, she had no other choice.

She, Haruka, and Atsuko, they can’t separate.

“Um… I’m actually quite busy, and I’m not too interested in music. I also have to take care of Kana and Chiaki, so… Yalin-kun can go with Maki and Atsuko.”

Li Yalin understood the meaning of Maki’s words, and Haruka understood it as well. But her next reaction was beyond everyone’s expectations.

She made up her mind after some hesitation.

She didn’t mind not going to see the final, but she feels that Li Yalin should go.

After all, he is making music and also a school idol. Going to watch the selection final in person will definitely help him.


Haruka’s words made everyone shocked. Especially Maki, after she subconsciously scratched her hair, she guessed Haruka’s mind.

Not good… she’s getting ahead of herself, forgetting that Yalin is a school idol, this ticket should help him a lot.

“How about this… I’ll ask my uncle again if he has any extra tickets. If I act spoiled, he might give me another one, right?”

Although Haruka not going is not the end of the world, the topic was picked up by herself after all, and her relationship with Li Yalin is indeed quite good, so she can’t just ditch him.

That being the case… she can sacrifice herself to act like a spoiled child, maybe her uncle would compromise?

“Acting spoiled… there is no need for that, right?”

What should Li Yalin say in this situation?

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