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Maki took out the final tickets was indeed quite unexpected to Li Yalin, and what the two girls did afterward made him quite moved.

Haruka is thinking about him, and Maki wants to help as much as she can. But he was one of the contestant, how could he need a ticket?

What’s more, he still has three final tickets in his hand. He originally intended to give it to them before the event started.

Yes, thanks to Kohinata family and being the chosen finalists, it was easy to get a few tickets through Kohinata Yukari. For the Ousai Academy, the dirty joke student council trio, dumb Yui and Kotobuki ojou-sama was given a tickets. Now, at Eiryou High School, the two girls from student council and gaming club also all get their tickets.

At home, Chino and the others also get a ticket. Even Mihari and Rinna Fuwa, who had worked at Rabbit House, were given tickets by Li Yalin.

For Haruka’s trio, it was only because they met every day that he didn’t immediately give them the tickets. But then this happens.

Having said that, he seemed to have not mentioned it before that he has the qualification to participate as one of the finalists. Otherwise, this dumbfounding scene would not happens.

“Thank you Haruka, and Maki, but I don’t really need this ticket.”

Looking at the girls in front of him quite speechlessly, Li Yalin cant help shook his head.

“In fact…”

Now he intends to formally explain to everyone, otherwise the misunderstanding will continue. However, just as he was about to explain, the doorbell rang and the Minami family received another guest.

“I’ll open the door!”

Like the wind, Kana played the role of doorman again. Not long after, a child about ten years old appeared in front of everyone.

Is this… a boy or a girl?

Very delicate face, but dressed in a boyish style. Especially at that age, it is really difficult to distinguish men and women at first glance.

However, just as Li Yalin was pondering about this, Kana on the side suddenly burst into laughter with her hands on her hips.

“My savior is here!”

“Touma! My young brother! I was bullied by that guy! Revenge me!”

Touma? Young brother?

Yo, isn’t this Minami-ke’s fourth sister? She appeared so early?

But… what the hell you mean your young brother?

“You bully Kana? Come on! Let’s fight! Don’t think you are a high school student I’ll be afraid of you!”

Li Yalin was at a loss. Looking at the fourth sister of the Minami family who already rushing over aggressively, indicating that she’ll fight him even if he didn’t said a word.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Kana with the gesture her schemes worked. Which means… it was another of her mischief?

Although she is a little girl, Minami Touma’s temperament is really like a boy. It is estimated that she does not fight less at school. Before everyone could react, she has already impulsively waved her little fist toward Li Yalin face.

He may have got punched if he was unprepared. But even if he get hit, how much strength can she exert with her small fist that is only a few kilos?

“I said… as a good girl, can’t you talk properly? Why use fist to solve things?”

Li Yalin won’t suffer much even if he got punched by a teenage girl, but he doesn’t want to get beaten for no reason.

With a headache, he stretched out his hand and grabbed Minami Touma’s fist. This grab made the tomboy unable to move.

“You… let me go!”

Minami Touma met a strong opponent for the first time. She wasn’t afraid of anyone when it comes to fighting. Let alone the schoolboy in the class, even her onii-chan at home, she will always throw her fists forward.

Even though she was always get subdued against her onii-chans, it was the first time she encountered the situation where her fist was caught and it made herself immobile.

She tried hard to withdraw her fist, but failed several times in a row, which made her tense up.

So strong!

This person is so strong!

No wonder Kana was bullied by him, this person was this powerful?

“Haruka, please help me solve it.”

Although she is a tomboy, he can’t just keep holding other girls’ fists. Soon, Li Yalin let go of Minami Touma’s hand, but then he retreated and handed the matters to Haruka.

This is Haruka’s house, so it’s better to leave it to her.

“Touma, you seem to have misunderstood something, so calm down.”

Seeing this scene, Haruka also understood the situation. Needless to say, Kana is definitely the initiator of all this!

“Kana! Kneel down!”

First, she comforted Touma, and then turned her gaze to Kana. At this moment, Haruka’s aura was completely exuded, and the cold feeling made the silly girl kneel down.

“This is not right… the script is not written like that…”

Bearing the anger of her elder sister, Kana wanted to cry but failed to shed a tear. According to the script she had thought of, Li Yalin supposedly under her hint identified Touma as a boy, so that some physical contact only between schoolboys happened.

Until then, the identity of Touma as a girl will be revealed. The scene at that time must be very interesting and very awkward.

But the direction of the script was completely different from what she had imagined.

Why it get exposed all at once?

This is not right. When she first saw Touma, she thought of her as a boy. Why that guy was not fooled?

“I’m so sorry…”

Kana received the punishment she deserved, and Touma finally understood what happens. After learning that she was deceived by the silly girl and hot-headedly rushed toward Li Yalin, the tomboy also apologized very sensibly.

Although she was deceived, it was indeed her fault.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.”

Waved to Touma, Li Yalin glanced at Kana in the corner quite amusingly.

This time, she won’t be able to schemes anything anymore, and he can imagined that after everyone has left, Haruka will definitely have a good talk with her again. That scene must be very wonderful.

It’s a pity that he can’t see the wonderful scene.

But… even if he can’t see it, it’s okay to listen to it, right?

Yes, when the time comes, call Chiaki and ask her to tell him about the silly girl tragic situation, it seems to be very interesting.

“The final tickets for Hot Holiday Music Festival! And three of them!”

As Li Yalin mulled over it, Touma who had sincerely apologized, glanced at the final tickets on the table.

Well, the topic that was put on hold because of her arrival seems to be brought up again.

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