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“Um… I don’t really need this ticket, let’s just say, I actually thought of going with you guys.”

The ticket issue was brought up by Touma again, and Li Yalin was also a little helpless. But Haruka would not accept it if he didn’t explain it clearly. In this case, let’s simply explain everything.

“The tickets for final… you have them too?”

Seeing that Li Yalin took out three tickets from his wallet, everyone was dumbfounded. Isn’t the tickets for the final are rare? Why it’s like some discounted tickets for amusement parks or ocean parks? Everyone has them?

“In fact, I forgot to tell you guys that my band was qualified to participate as the chosen finalists. I also got some tickets through my connection, and intended to make friends and relatives to cheer for us.”

Scratching his cheek, Li Yalin explained somewhat awkwardly. Although it was just a normal explanation, it felt like he was showing off.

He’s clearly not showing off.

“Eh? Eh!!!”

It was completely unexpected. After his words, the girls widened their eyes.

Qualified to participate as one of the finalist?

In other words… not only going on the stage as one of the finalists, but also the possibility of participating in the Hot Holiday Festival?

How could this be?

For ordinary people, idols and celebrities are all objects that are beyond reach, as if they are living in two worlds.

And those who can participate as the chosen finalists are equivalent to getting a pass to become an idol star.

However, such a person appears in front of them. What kind of feelings will everyone have in their hearts?

Haruka, Maki and Atsuko are okay since they have known Li Yalin was a school idol with a large number of fans support. But the other three girls, especially the newly arrived tomboy Minami Touma, it was quite a shock for her.

“Are you a singer? You are going to participate in the final? Why have I never heard of you?”

Touma couldn’t accept this setting at all so she keep asking him questions. He was a schoolboy who almost had a fight with her. How could he suddenly become an idol singer?

Although… it was not really an idol singer, but a band, isn’t that also a pretty cool thing?

“Our band has just been formed and we’re not that famous.”

He don’t know what to say when Touma asked him many questions.

Saying too much will make people feel like showing off, but if he said less, it made him quite perfunctory. Doesn’t Touma like sports? Looks like playing football? When did she become interested in band singers?

“You can’t say that. According to the latest statistics, Yalin-kun’s number of fans has reached 370,000. Such a terrifying number, the average idol star can’t match it? By the way, do you have any plans to register your own social media? The official social media of Eiryou High School school idol is terrible.”

Well, Maki didn’t intend to make him low-key. She take out her phone and tapped a few times to reveal the content on the screen, and then winked toward Li Yalin.

Yes, as Maki said, the number of fans on the official social media of Eiryou High School idol has exceeded 370,000.

Although it can’t be compared to the millions or even tens of millions of video clicks, but don’t forget that Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari have never appeared in public, and have not conducted any public promotion at all. They got such a terrifying number of fans just relying on the excellent quality of the three video works.

In contrast, those idol stars who have just debuted are unlikely to have such a number of fans without cheating.

After all, this is a real 370,000 fans, not some fake,. The daily fan activity is not a joke, even if it can’t match those popular big-name idols, it’s not some ordinary stars can match.

“Eiryou High School school idol’s social media? I have heard this school idol song! You… you are Li Yalin? You are that Li Yalin?”

Seeing Maki’s mobile phone screen, Minami Touma was immediately dumbfounded. Recently, the topic of Eiryou High School idol is indeed very popular. It’s often mentioned even in elementary school groups. Even a tomboy like her have heard of it.

However, such a famous school idol group, one of its members appeared in front of her, which is no less exciting to her than just now.

This is a real idol!

A living idol!

“I said… don’t be so exaggerating?”

Although he was a little conscious of his fame, Touma’s exaggerated response still caused Li Yalin a headache.

Thankfully only one of his identity were revealed, the influence of the Eiryou High School idol duo is not that exaggerated. If another identity of him is revealed…

Forget it, better keep a low profile.

The number of fans of the Eiryou High School idol group has reached 370,000. It sounds like a lot, but if it was combined with his personal social media, the number of fans of mangaka Lilin, it would reach an amazing number.

Fans registered more than two million, and are all active users, this is undoubtedly more than a lot of big brand idol.

One must know, the hottest star in the empire today has just over 10 million followers on social media, while the most popular idol in the Japan district is only over 3 million.

How long has Li Yalin debuted under the pseudonym Lilin? In time, let alone the most popular idol over the district, even breaking the record of millions of fans is not a pipe dream!

Of course for now, it’s better to keep a low profile.

Yes, low-key!

Because the idol’s identity was revealed, Li Yalin will undoubtedly accept a series of inquiries from Touma. Although Chiaki also expressed interest in this, she enjoys her exclusive seat more.

Yes, she just needs to sit in Li Yalin’s lap, the rest doesn’t matter.

As for Kana…

Although her eyes were rolling around, under Haruka’s strong pressure, she still kept her kneeling posture until everyone left.

All in all, today’s trip to the Minami house was quite eventful. He met Minami-ke’s fourth sister, which can be said to be a worthwhile trip.

“Do your best! We will cheer on you later!”

In the end, the three tickets in Li Yalin’s hands were given out. Maki’s tickets were reserved for Haruka and Atsuko, and his three tickets were reserved for Chiaki, the silly girl and Touma respectively.

Before bidding farewell, everyone gave him cheers and encouragement.

To have a friend like him who can be on the stage of the final really makes everyone feel proud.


In order to live up to everyone’s expectations, Li Yalin must do his best!

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