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“Amazing Yalin sensei! It’s amazing! The first issue in Japan district has a circulation of 350,000 copies, and the remaining regions have issued a total of 620,000 copies, which adds up to a total sales of 970,000 copies! It’s just been released for two days! “

“Breaking millions! The first issue sell absolutely break millions, we created a legend! It was only more than 400,000 copies even for Weekly Young Fiery’s circulation, which is far from us!”

“This is really great!”

Weekly Young GONGON was released as smoothly as planned, which is very inspiring. The circulation of the new issue is very gratifying. It’s reach 970,000 copies nationwide in just two days.

The magazine chief editor Minano Matome is really capable. The magazine created from scratch has reached the level of nearly one million for the first issue. This is not something anyone can do.

He heard before from the loli chief editor that her bet with Elite publisher executives is to reach a circulation of 500,000 copies. Now she easily achieve her goal and even has the intention of launching an attack on Elite publisher’s strongest Weekly Young Fiery. It really shocked the entire industry.

So what makes Weekly Young GONGON a big seller? Is it just because of the personal capabilities of chief editor Minano Matome?

Well, we can’t deny the efforts of loli chief editor, but what makes people buy the magazine is because of the content.

In other words, the most important thing is the manga in the magazine!

Only manga in the magazines can attract readers to become more popular, no one can deny this.

Take Li Yalin’s Cat Eye for example.

Previously he uploaded Cat Eye on the internet, which triggered a Cat Eye craze. It had attracted the attention of countless readers from just two chapters.

But chapter 3 never appear when Cat Eye was the hottest caused readers to speculate.

Talent exhausted? Or stopped writing? All kinds of rumors are flying everywhere.

The so-called the less you get, the more you want. Li Yalin has kept a low profile since his appearance. Apart from uploading manga, he hasn’t even been to the book review area. No one knows what the actual situation. This makes everyone full of expectation to this work.

In this case, Minano Matome released the news at the most critical moment, announcing Cat Eye’s authors joining Weekly Young GONGON. Other than chapter 3 being published in the first issue, chapter 1 and chapter 2 will also be distributed in the form of free issue.

Such an amazing news naturally aroused the curiosity of the readers which contributed to Weekly Young GONGON’s sales volume outbreak.

Of course, the sales volume of the first issue is very good. But if the follow-up content cannot catch the reader’s attention, this miraculous sales volume is only a short-lived one. In fact, the industry also has many speculation about this, and no one knows Weekly Young GONGON can keep this momentum going.

As the author of Cat Eye, Li Yalin certainly has confidence in his work. He believes that Cat Eye is eligible to have pivotal role in Weekly Young GONGON and can even further drive the sales of the magazine.

After all, the plot has only expanded to three chapters. With the development of the plot, it can definitely further attract readers’ attention.

But regarding these issues, it’s not a newcomer like Otosuna Mihari who has just become an editor can think about. In her opinion, the most important thing she needs to do now is to tell Yalin sensei this good news so that she can share this joy together!

Yes, Otosuna Mihari is so excited because under the leadership of the Minano chief editor and together with all her colleagues in the magazine, they had won a big victory!

“Calm down Otosuna editor, this is just the beginning.”

Otosuna Mihari’s excitement is understandable. But to jump into Li Yalin’s arms in her excitement, especially with her AA-level disappointing little bun. He won’t feel anything at all even if she jumps to his arms, it makes him speechless.

Although it’s a bishoujo editor, this immature face and disappointing body can’t makes him excited.

Li Yalin with a bitter smile slowly pushed Otosuna Mihari away from him. In fact, he was very lucky, he may not be able to calm down if his editor girl is really a mature beauty.

And in that way, he might not be able to communicate with her so calmly.

Unfortunately, let this editor girl calm down first.

“I am… really rude! I’m really sorry!”

It wasn’t until Li Yalin pushed her away that Otosuna Mihari finally reacted, my god… what did she just do? She flew into Yalin sensei’s arms?

Although according to age, Li Yalin is two years younger than Otosuna Mihari but Otosuna Mihari never really treats Li Yalin as a kouhai because Li Yalin is always in dominance.

In Otosuna Mihari’s mind, Li Yalin is more like a senpai who really cares for her. He takes care all of her. Not only he is handsome but he also very talented.

Otosuna Mihari is a manga editor because she doesn’t have the talent to draw manga at all. Since she really likes manga, the one she admired the most is naturally mangaka.

So there is a talented young mangaka in front of her now and still so gentle and mature. It will be a lie if she said she wasn’t tempted.

Just a girl’s heart, how can it be easily revealed? Only this intimate action is enough to make this editor girl flushed red.

Embarrassing! It is so embarrassing!

Why I am so impulsive?

“We have fought a big victory this time, and I am really happy about that. Did Minano chief editor give you a bonus? The circulation of the first issue broke the charts. Minano chief editor wouldn’t be so stingy right?”

In this case, it will become more awkward if Li Yalin does not say anything to change the topic.

Li Yalin also aware of this so he quickly diverted Otosuna Mihari’s attention. Anyway, it was just a topic, just say something to change them.

“Well, the Minano chief editor did give us bonuses. But at the same time, she told us not to relax our guard. I heard that because of the explosion in the sales of our magazine, the circulation of Weekly Young Fiery has dropped sharply. No surprises, we will welcome the counterattack of Weekly Young Fiery! “

“Oh? Something like that happens?”

Li Yalin just changed the topic casually but he never thought he would heard big news from her!

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