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“Yes, very good, just continue like this.”

Cooperative practice with his own band is already part of Li Yalin’s daily routine. Whether it is Kohinata Yukari or Akiyama Mio and Tainaka Ritsu, they are all very hardworking girls, and the results are naturally quite gratifying.

If they keep this up, even if it can’t match the real group band, the gap is gradually shortened, and it’s just a gap in experience and technique. Li Yalin is confident to defeat any opponent with his works.

So, he doesn’t have any pressure at all now, as long as everyone keep this up, the victory was already in hand when the finals came.

Relax and enjoy!

“Tired… really tired…”

Although it was a band practice, dumb Yui and Kotobuki ojou-sama can’t just slack off. Don’t forget that MIO and Ritsu are not official members of Li Yalin’s group. After the final and the festival are over, they will return to their original light music club.

If by then the gap is too big, the two can no longer join the light music club, then it’s Li Yalin’s fault.

With such thoughts in mind, dumb Yui and Kotobuki ojou-sama can’t be absent from every practice, and even have to be arranged in corresponding positions.

Hirasawa Yui plays the role of melody guitarist in the practice repertoire. After training, she will also practice the lead guitar position, while Kotobuki ojou-sama plays with Kohinata Yukari as a piano duet.

Although the six-member band looks weird, sometimes it unexpectedly works together. At least Li Yalin likes this combination.


“Tired already. You only practiced for 30 minutes, Yui-chan. You are really weak.”

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Tainaka Ritsu looked speechlessly at Hirasawa Yui, who was rolling on the floor. Currently, she was very conscious of being a club president, chiding people to get a hold of themselves.


“Ritsu-chan, you are the least qualified to say that to me! You wouldn’t be so serious if you are not bribed by senpai!”

Dumb Yui probably wouldn’t object if she get preached by someone. Except Tainaka Ritsu who once her comrade-in-arms. Ritsu is not behind her when it comes to throwing a tantrum.

The problem is that after she got the two concert tickets she wanted from Li Yalin, her spirit was immediately lifted up. She ​beat the drum enthusiastically, not feeling exhausted at all.

Dumb Yui already saw through such Ritsu, so everyone else can preach her but Ritsu-chan can’t!

“I… I am not bribed! I just follow senpai’s footsteps resolutely, and don’t want to drag the senpai back!”

Tainaka Ritsu’s face suddenly blushed after being exposed by dumb Yui. She hurried explained herself, but her explanation… only she would believe it.

“Well, both of you stop quarreling, practice for a while and rest. I have prepared delicious cookies. You guys can eat them after the practice is over.”

Everyone has long been accustomed to dumb Yui and Ritsu making a fuss. Li Yalin already has his own countermeasures for such situation.

Solving Ritsu is easy, and similarly, solving dumb Yui is not difficult.

Such a small foodie, cookies and black tea are totally enough, right?

“Is it a premium cake? Wow! I want to eat! I want to practice!”

Well, there is a steady flow of motivation with a goal. Dumb Yui right now is not inferior to Ritsu at all, and even much worse than her.

“Sorry senpai… for troubling you.”

Akiyama Mio reluctantly covered her eyes to her childhood sweetheart and friends behaviour.

He’s clearly helping everyone, but they give senpai so much troubles.

Even if it wasn’t her who caused the trouble, it was enough to make her blush.

“It’s okay, I don’t really mind.”

Hearing MIO’s apology, Li Yalin smiled and waved his hand.

At the end of the exercise, Kotobuki ojou-sama has served delicious black tea. Dumb Yui impatiently unpacked the cake box, take out the cake and eat it, and can still hear her saying: “Wow! So delicious! I like senpai and Tsumugi-chan the most!”

Isn’t this kind of life also super fun?

Anyway, Li Yalin enjoys every single day.


“By the way, the video of Yūgure’s song has been made. We’ll wait for it to be officially uploaded. Unlike us, you guys will appear in person. How is it? Ready to be famous?”

There are some things that Akiyama Mio still wants to say, but Li Yalin has already guessed what she wants to say, so he naturally didn’t intend to let her continue.

Shaking his head slightly to interrupted MIO. Compared with her apology, Li Yalin had more important things to tell her.

The main reason why Ousai Academy light music club get approved is that the dirty joke student president places high hopes on them. They can’t promote the school idol of Ousai Academy if they keep practicing without launching works. Amakusa Shino won’t be able to keep her patient for long.

So while practicing, Li Yalin also took the time to help everyone record their debut song Yūgure, while also filmed the MV in live action.

Although shooting the MV was difficult, it took everyone a lot of thought to finally get it done, all the hard work is worthwhile. Even if it can’t match the professional MV, the final product still has a high degree of completion.

It can be said that once the debut song is uploaded, it will certainly bring them a lot of attention and fans even if they will not become well-known idol stars.

This is why Li Yalin reminds Akiyama Mio now.

Compared to the other girls, MIO’s mind is too fragile. What Li Yalin fears most is that she can’t accept it.

“I… probably will be okay.”

Akiyama Mio’s expression faltered when she heard Li Yalin said this.

Being able to record songs with everyone and shoot MVs together, although the process is very embarrassing, it also makes her happy.

Because this is the work of everyone working together, she really likes it.

But if this work was revealed to the public’s sight and be seen by many people, her mood… how to put it, she’s quite tangled.

She was both looking forward to it, but also worried.

It would be a lie to say that she was ready, but she couldn’t shake her head either.

“Probably? If that’s the case, then I will assume you are ready.”

Akiyama Mio’s answer made Li Yalin sigh secretly. Of course, he could see that she were very nervous and were not ready at all.

But there’s no turning back now. The debut of Ousai Academy light music club school idol band will be officially released soon!

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