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“Have you heard that Ousai Academy also has a school idol, and it is also a band group.”

“I heard about it, I also watched their work, that song is very nice.”

“Yeah, the band’s name is weird though. It’s called Hokago Tea Time. Doesn’t sounds like a band’s name at all.”

“But those girls are pretty cute, they are indeed the girls of Ousai Academy. Girls schools, full of dreams!”

Under the joint decision of Li Yalin and Amakusa Shino, the school idol of Ousai Academy officially released the debut work, which was highly recommended through the school idol official social media of the friend school Eiryou High School. The song of Yūgure was quickly noticed by fans and netizens.

And looks like it was a big success.

Well, just the next morning, Li Yalin heard this conversation in the classroom.

Even his classmates have heard of it, which is enough to show how successful this song is.

This is a good start, isn’t it?

Although… the historical inertia is huge, after the unanimous discussions of the four girls, the name of the band Hokago Tea Time finally appeared. Speaking of which, his band has not yet given an official name, but those girls got them first, what a big failure.

“Congratulations, Amakusa student president, this debut project is very successful.”

“Well, thanks to Yalin-san and Uomi student president helps, thank you very much!”

After school, they came again to the student council of Ousai Academy. It was Amakusa Shino’s sincere gratitude that welcomed him. In her excitement, she held Li Yalin’s hand for a long time and did not let go. If it weren’t for Uomi to separate the two unnoticed. She might keep holding on without letting him go.

“Ahem… actually, this is the result of everyone’s hard work. Don’t be too polite, Amakusa student president.”

How could Uomi student president’s petty action be hidden from Li Yalin. Seeing her speaking politely, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

After all, that is the hand of the dirty joke student president. Not anyone can hold it?

But he can’t just hold her hand again, right?

“Yes, thanks to everyone’s hard work, otherwise we won’t get such results.”

Forget it, lets speak more good words, after all, it was indeed a thing to celebrate.

“Anyway, we have to thank Yalin-san. If it weren’t for you, we would definitely not be able to succeed.”


Have they discussed this before? His hand was just released by the dirty joke student president, now it was held by Shichijou ojou-sama?

Suddenly, Li Yalin realized that his hand was being held by Shichijou Aria again. This surprised him and had no idea what’s going on.

Directly holding hand to show gratitude… Is this really okay?

After Shichijou ojou-sama is over, does Suzu-chan want to join hand too?

Hey, our student president-sama is getting angry!

Seriously, Shichijou ojou-sama’s small hands are very soft, holding her hand made his mind wandering. But Li Yalin has not forgotten that there is a Uomi student president-sama staring next to him, don’t be fooled with her faint smile, Li Yalin who knows her well has discovered that she is now in an angry state!

If you look closely, you can see that her cheeks have slightly bulged.

By the way, isn’t Uomi student president very interested in topics like NTR? That being the case, why she got so jealous now!

“Yahoo! News club Hata Ranko joined in! Thank you for your assistance!”

Just when Li Yalin had a headache because of Shichijou Aria’s handshake and Uomi student president’s jealousy, with a clatter, the student council door was opened, and a black shadow appeared in front of everyone like a teleport.


LV4 space movement ability!

Well… now isn’t the right time for tsukomi.

“Who is this…”

Uomi’s expression was slightly dazed from the sudden appearance of Hata Ranko, who she hadn’t seen her before.

“Let me introduce you, this is Hata Ranko-san from news club. She came today for an interview with light music club…”

Since it was the Ousai Academy student council site, Amakusa student president naturally has to take on the responsibility of the introduction. But before her introduction was finished, the sound of shutter pressing one after another was heard in the room.

“Hehe, the mysterious Eiryou High School idol, finally got the exclusive news!”

With a series of clicks, Hata Ranko has taken no less than ten photos of Li Yalin.

It is indeed a space mobility person of news club. She’s so well informed that she directly recognized Li Yalin’s identity.

But seeing her drooling while taking pictures, Li Yalin has lost the strength to tsukomi.

“Hata Ranko-san, right? Taking pictures is fine, but please don’t disclose my identity and photos.”

Although he didn’t expect to meet Hata Ranko here, but he was seen by her and even his photos was taken, Li Yalin couldn’t help but sighed helplessly.

He didn’t interfere when his pictures was taken, but he can’t let the news leaked out.

Whether Hata Ranko intends to sell photos or publish a school newspaper, all are not allowed!

“You are questioning the professionalism of me as a journalist! How can I not publish it when the news in my hands!”

Li Yalin’s reaction was somewhat beyond Hata Ranko’s expectation. She did not expect that he would allow photography, but not allowed the information to be leaked.

This is unacceptable for a journalist!

Yes, in any case, she has to publish the first-hand news in her hands. With such a big news, it would be just around the corner for Ousai Academy news club to experience a reversal of fortune!

However, Hata Ranko also knows that she can’t stay her for too long. She got the most important news, so what she needs to do now is to run as fast as possible!

However, Li Yalin, who had already seen through her thoughts, is one step in advance. He grabbed the camera in her hand just before she is ready to make a run.

Without the camera, see where she goes!

“Give that back!”

Hata Ranko subconsciously wanted to grab it back when her camera was taken away, but she faced Li Yalin’s sneer.

“Hata Ranko-san, you don’t seem to have a clear understanding of the situation. First, you are a student of the Ousai Academy under the management of the student council. Second, you don’t seem to know that journalists doesn’t have absolute freedom of reporting and what the public wants to know are all under the control of those in power.”

“Do you think… you have the capital to fight the student council, or do you have the capital to fight us?”

Ousai Academy news club Hata Ranko.

As a journalist, she encountered the first major crisis in her life!

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