Cafe 242

“What a devil…”

“Yes, Yalin-san has completely become a villain.”

“Unexpectedly, Yalin-san has such a side.”

It was not difficult for Li Yalin to deal with Hata Ranko. Using power to oppress the weak is an eternal truth, he is just applying what he has learned.

After all, Hata Ranko is just an ordinary female high school student. She came from a civilian family and has no power at all. In addition, the news club was originally under the control of the student council, so she can only compromise.

The communication process is very simple. Under Li Yalin’s ‘persuasive words’, Hata Ranko made a serious promise that she would never leak the photos before Eiryou High School idol appear in public.

If this agreement is violated, her news club will be dissolved immediately.

For Li Yalin’s simple and crude handling, the dirty joke trio and Uomi stepped back together, whispering to each other.

Needless to say, Li Yalin’s performance today taught them a lesson, it also greatly changed his impression in their hearts.

How can they imagined that Yalin-san who speaks softly and always thinking about others, would have such a side.

“But… he’s very cool…”

It’s not that he handled it in a bad way, it’s just surprising.

After all, this is a school, and using power to suppress people is basically what the society does.

Only Shichijou Aria somehow took a liking to his way of doing things, she clasped her hands together with sparkling eyes, is this ojou-sama opening a new world door?

Li Yalin wasn’t sure either.

All in all, Hata Ranko was easily handled, and the topic quickly turned back to the interview.

The interview with Hokago Tea Time was a certainty, and it will be hosted by Amakusa Shino in a short while, she seems to have become the manager of the light music club.

But other than that, Hata Ranko can’t just give up such a good opportunity. the most talked person is right in front of her. How could she miss it?

“An interview… I don’t mind, but not now. I will spare time for your interview after the Hot Holiday Music Festival are over, how about this?”

Li Yalin knows how to use carrot and stick on Hata Ranko.

He’s been mean to her, and now he’s good to her, he’s very good with this methods.

“It’s a deal then! Be sure to sets aside some time for my interview!”

He wasn’t sure if the girls of Ousai Academy have the habit of shaking hands when they are excited. Before it was Amakusa Shino and Shichijou Aria, now it was Hata Ranko.

Fortunately, Uomi student president is not jealous for this. She probably assumed that Hata Ranko-san with her average looks can’t be her love rival, at least she isn’t a treat like Amakusa student president and Shichijou ojou-sama.

By the way… isn’t that kinda hurtful? Personality and style aside, in fact, Hata Ranko-san is also a pretty high school girl, and she also has a nose!

However, let discard these digressions for now.

With the release of Yūgure, the four girls in the light music club were completely on fire. Although they had been reminded by Li Yalin, they still couldn’t adapt.

Especially Akiyama Mio, she used to keep a low-key in school, but now she couldn’t do that even if she want to.

According to incomplete statistics, among the four girls, Akiyama Mio has the most fans. Not only she has a lot of fans online, her fan base is also even in real schools.

It is said that some true fans have specially formed the Akiyama Mio fan club for her. There are as many as 70 fans in the club, and it still keep growing.

This give her a headache.

But dumb Yui and Ritsu are quite envious. After all, they debuted as school idol, but Mio-chan has gained so many fans at once, it give them some serious damage, right?

Fortunately, the girls has a strong friendships. Not only they don’t show much jealousy, even if envious, everyone is still happy for Mio-chan, and occasionally teasing her, since shy MIO is also quite cute.

Then, with the official debut of the four girls in the light music club, Li Yalin has completed his mission and got the Japanese song selection encyclopaedia (2).

There are more than 50 selected Japanese songs in his mind, his reserves are undoubtedly taken to a higher level.

It’s worth mentioning that in this Japanese song selection encyclopaedia (2), he also saw many familiar anime songs.

Very good, with this, the repertoire that can be trained will increase in the future.

But as far as dumb Yui and others are concerned, they will have to suffer a great deal.

“What happened to Chino? Why she keep spinning?”

After arriving home from Ousai Academy, Li Yalin habitually started the preparations before opening the store, but he found that Chino’s situation seemed a little bit wrong today. She with Tippy on her head was walking in a strange way. Stand on tiptoe from time to time, and occasionally turn around a few times.

Did Typpy lost his bearing without him knowing?

What is happening?

“Chino is practicing dancing.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s inquiry, Cocoa explained it gently in his ear.

“Practice dancing? When did Chino start dancing?”

Practice dancing?


Cocoa’s answer did not solve Li Yalin’s confusion, but made him even more confused.

Why she start practicing dancing?

“Eh? Onii-chan didn’t know? This month is Art Month. Chino’s school has launched two activities, a sketching contest and an original dance contest. Every student has to participate, and Chino is no exception.”

Li Yalin finally understood with Cocoa’s explanation. As the empire developed the entertainment and cultural industry at a high level, all the universities in the country also responded to the call and launched a number of activities.

The so-called Art Month is actually just a formality. Taking this opportunity to organize some activities and let the students participate in the whole process is the main purpose of the school.

Although it’s not mandatory to participate, Chino doesn’t seem to refuse. By the way… it seems that a similar plot appeared in the original plot? Remember… Chino’s two friends were teaming up with her back then?

Chino has friends at school, but never brought them home. If the plot does not change, then her friends should still be those two children.

In this case…

Let’s take this opportunity to have a look?

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