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“Chino, I heard that you are going to participate in the school’s sketching contest and original dance contest?”

After learning enough information from Cocoa, Li Yalin turned and came to Chino’s side.

“Yes, but the original dance contest has been changed to an original song and dance contest. It was said to be influenced by the regional selection event.”

Hearing Li Yalin’s question, Chino finally stopped.

She’s weak both in sketching contest and dance contest, and original songs are even more so.

Precisely because of this that when this topic was mentioned, she immediately wrinkled her little eyebrows.

Although… she didn’t plan to give up.

“Oh? It’s changed to an original song and dance contest? Then… does Chino have a plan to participate alone or join a team with friends?”

“I attended with friends, but… originally we planned to ask Natsu-chan’s mother to teach us dancing. It got scraped when it changed to a song and dance contest.”

In Chino’s mind, she has already recognize Li Yalin as her onii-chan. And because of this, she will not hide any difficulties she has and tell the truth.

Just like how she is having troubles now. She has already signed up to participate in the dance contest, but the dance contest suddenly changed to a song and dance contest, disrupting the overall plan of her and her friends.

She was quite distressed from this.

Their original plan is to use three-person dance ballet. They can just use the ready-made dance with original dance.

But because of the sudden change, where can they find original ballets song?

“Must use original songs?”

Chino’s troubles surprised Li Yalin. This is just a contest held on school, why make things so complicated?

Must have original songs? Is this really a middle school or an art school? Every student in the school is a creative prodigy?

“Not really, it’s just that Maya insisted, and Natsu-chan and I couldn’t persuade her.”

Well, in fact, the original dance contest held by Chino school is not so exaggerated. Although under the banner of originality, they are all middle school students. It is not easy to sing and dance well.

The so-called originality is nothing more than a gimmick.


Having said that, one of Chino’s friends is taking it too seriously. Since they are participating in an original song and dance contest, they must use original songs and dances!

That is plagiarism!

Plagiarism is not advisable!

This is why Chino’s racking her brain. Original dance is just moving from thought to action, but the original song…

How to be original?

“So it’s like that.”

After hearing Chino’s statement, Li Yalin finally understood.

“Chino, have you forget about your onii-chan?”

Li Yalin suddenly patted Chino on the shoulder with a serious expression.


Chino was very surprised by Li Yalin’s reaction. What does his words means?

“Your onii-chan is a school idol, right? His released works are very popular with fans. Why not ask onii-chan if you need original songs?”

“Eh? Is that really okay?”

Have to say that Chino has fallen into a misunderstanding. The originality in her perception is something that must be created by herself, without considering the help of others.

She finally come to her senses with Li Yalin’s reminder.

Yes, she can ask onii-chan for help. Original songs won’t be a problem for onii-chan, right?


“Will this bother onii-chan?”

After some hesitation, Chino opened her mouth in a low voice. Although she likes onii-chan’s songs and knows that onii-chan is very creative, she also knows that creating songs is not that simple, especially when onii-chan is about to participate in the competition.

This will surely cause inconvenience to him.

“Helping imouto isn’t a bother at all!”


Helping Chino is troublesome?

If this is trouble, please trouble me every day!

Rather, after learning of Chino’s troubles, he immediately thought of the most suitable song in his mind!

He originally thought that this song would take a long time to have use, but he didn’t expect it to be useful just as soon as he got it.

A pity though, maybe because the task given away recently was too simple, the system unexpectedly did not release the task for helping Chino participate in the original dance contest.

Or is it not a rescue task at all from the system’s point of view?

Forget it, he’ll help either way!

Li Yalin certainly won’t waste time after making his decision. After serving Red Queen in the evening and teaching the elf apprentice some basic cooking skills, he immediately devoted himself to compose the song.

Although he can now take out a song at any time, it does take too long to rehearse. It would be better to arrange the music directly with a computer. Although somewhat troublesome, the effect is not inferior.

The next day, the soundtrack of the new song was finished, and he also officially met Chino’s two friends.

Sure enough, the plot has not changed. Even without Chino’s introduction, Li Yalin knew that the petite girl with dark blue short hair and cute tiger teeth is Jouga Maya.

As for the cutie red-haired girl, she must be Megumi Natsu.

They are Maya and Natsu-chan as Chino said.

Sure enough, they are all very cute children.

When Chino stood with them to form this loli trio, it can melt people’s hearts!

Not good! He will lost his belief in onee-san-con if he keep looking, he will be reduced to a disgraceful lolicon!

That won’t do!

“Although I always hear from Chino, this is our first meeting. Are you Chino’s onii-chan?”

Jouga Maya is a cheerful and lively child who aren’t afraid of strangers. Even if they meets for the first time, she’s skipping toward Li Yalin while smiling innocently.

“Yes, I am Chino’s onii-chan, hello.”

Jouga Maya isn’t afraid of strangers is also a good thing for Li Yalin. He is most afraid of encountering a passive opponent. It was the most troublesome to make contact with.

“Chino’s onii-chan is very handsome, unlike my big brother, who always looks like a neet hikikomori.”

After having a good look at Li Yalin’s, Jouga Maya nodded seriously and said how she felt.


Jouga Maya has an onii-chan?

And still a neet hikikomori?

This… seems to be the first time he have heard of it.

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