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“Just kidding, my onii-chan is actually very gentle, but he’s indeed a hikikomori.”

Seeing the dazed expression on Li Yalin’s face, Jouga Maya laughed and waved her hand, she was indeed an energetic kid.

But by contrast, Megumi Natsu is…

“He-hello, nice to meet you…”

Compared to Jouga Maya, Megumi Natsu was more reserved, although this is also very cute.

“I’ll just call your names since you are Chino’s friends. Maya and Natsu-chan, I believe Chino told you all in school why you guys got called today, right?”

It was Li Yalin’s initiative to let them come today. After all, he was composing music for the three girls, shouldn’t the parties concerned be present?

But he didn’t need to say much, Chino has already explained it to them, so Maya and Natsu-chan should have know what he means.

“Yes, onii-chan, you would help us create original songs, right?”

Hearing what Li Yalin said, Jouga Maya nodded immediately, but her words onii-chan hit Li Yalin’s heart.


Being called onii-chan by such cute loli. If he’s really a lolicon, he’ll have nothing to regret even if he dies.

It’s a pity that he is still an onee-san-con.


That’s right!

He’s an onee-san-con!

“Right, it’s the original song I created. I have already made the soundtrack so you guys can listen to it now.”

It took a while for him to calmed down before he took out his phone and turned on the player on the screen.

“This is…”

As the happy prelude sounded, the three loli present suddenly showed surprised expressions. Especially Maya and Natsu-chan, they did not expect that they could hear such good music.

Although it was just an accompaniment, the joyful atmosphere seemed to infect everyone at once.

Is this the song created by Chino onii-chan?

So nice to hear?

Chino did not actually tell Maya and Natsu-chan about Li Yalin’s identity, and because of this, the two of them were even more surprised.

Perhaps the two of them can’t distinguish the outstanding points of a song, but they know one thing.

This song is very catchy, and so nice to listen to.

In fact, they only need to know this.

“I have copied the lyrics.”

At the end of the song, Li Yalin distributed the copies of the lyrics that had been prepared to the three lolis.

“I want the three of you sing this song together. I have devised everyone’s lines. Have a look first, and then I will demonstrated it to you guys again.”

Which song did Li Yalin prepare for the three lolis? Why does he have such confidence that these three lolis must be able to sing this song well, even the lyrics are clearly assigned?

In fact, the song he came up with is exactly the ending ED of the second season of GochiUsa in the world before he transmigrated – Tokimeki Poporon.

Coincidentally, this song happened to appear in the Japanese song selection encyclopaedia (2) after he completed the previous task. This song was originally sung by Chino, Maya and Natsu-chan seiyuu.

So in this world, this is actually the song belonging to these three lolis.

In Li Yalin’s opinion, only Chino, Maya and Natsu-chan are the most suitable for this song. There is no second candidate other than them.

Even he himself does not have that qualification.

This was indeed the case. Although he demonstrated it in front of three lolis, he still couldn’t grasp the essence of the song. After all, he couldn’t interpret the feeling of moe.

He can’t grasp it even if he now has the popular singing skills of adept level!

“Sounds so good.”

After the singing, Maya clapped first, followed by Chino and Natsu-chan. At the same time, the three loli also cast admiring glances at Li Yalin.

Chino’s onii-chan is so amazing to be able to create such a beautiful song, and to sing such a beautiful song!

“Then everyone gets familiar with the lyrics first, then let’s try singing with music.”

Li Yalin was a little embarrassed facing the three loli adoring eyes and praise. After all, he didn’t think he sang that well, but just sang the lyrics methodically.

Rather, it’s too embarrassing to let a man like him sing this song.

Sure enough, this is a song belonging to the lolis, or should be sung by the lolis.

“Okay! We have to work hard too!”

“Let’s do out best!”

Under Li Yalin’s guidance, the three lolis quickly engaged in work. It was indeed a song that was born for them. It did not take too long, everyone has memorized the lyrics proficiently and sang them in a decent way.

Although there are still some flaws, in general the flaws didn’t outweigh the positives, at least for Li Yalin, he is about to die.


Get the blood pack!

I lost too much blood!

Three packs… no! At least five packs!

“It’s a great song, but… what about the dance?”

After getting familiar with it, Chino, Maya and Natsu-chan really like this song, but don’t forget that they are going to participate in an original song and dance contest. They got the song covered, but they have not thought about the dance yet.

They thought about practicing ballet before, but this song didn’t suit ballet.

“Otherwise… can onii-chan give us some advice?”

After thinking about it, Maya turned her hopes to Li Yalin. As the songwriter of such a beautiful song, he should also know what dance is best for this song.

It was normal for Maya to have such thoughts, but unfortunately, she’s looking for the wrong person.

Li Yalin doesn’t know anything about dance. He may be able to show them some if the system issue him a system task and let him turn on the dance option, but he can’t really do it now.

“About this…”

To be honest, Li Yalin would like to be honest with Maya. He can’t live up to her expectations. However, seeing this loli’s big watery eyes, he couldn’t let out a word.

“In my opinions, this song does not require any specific dance. When I created this song, there was only one thing that I considered, and that was moe! In order to show this point, you don’t need to focus too much on dance.”

“Take out what you guys think is the cutest action, and put it together, that is the dance that suits this song best!”

“Yes! That’s it!”

After pondering about it, Li Yalin finally had flashes of inspiration. To put it bluntly, he liked GochiUsa because of the cuteness. Moe is justice! Long live cute!

So these lolis still need to uses specific dance?

No, acting cute is enough!

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