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Li Yalin’s words not only made Maya lost in thought, Chino and Natsu-chan also began to think carefully.

“Like this? Nya?”

After a while, Maya raised her left hand into a fist and placed it next to her cheek to make a cat gesture.

Kitten Maya?


Very moe!

Very Good!

“How about this?”

Following Maya, Natsu-chan also made scissors-like hands and held them above her head.

Natsu-chan rabbit?

Too cute!

Absoultely yes!

Finally Chino’s turn, she found that all the actions she thought of had been done by her friends, which made her puff her cheeks.

However, it is this bulging cheek that unexpectedly makes people discover new cuteness!


The blood pack is no longer enough, I need first aid!

“Good, very good, yes, just like that.”

Until the end, Li Yalin could not give any decent advice, just keep nodding mechanically, because his heart right now has been filled with moe.

“This won’t do… Although it’s cute to dance like this, how to combined it better?”

“Yeah, it must be combined together.”

Because of the lolis cute actions, Li Yalin fell completely and couldn’t give good advice. Instead, the lolis fell into distress.

Acting cute is really simple, but just acting cute, what kind of dance is this?

“Otherwise… how about asking Natsu-chan’s mother? Natsu-chan’s mother is a dance sensei, so she should be able to provide better advice.”

Li Yalin can’t really give a good advice in regard to dance. In this case, he can only suggest the lolis to seek professional advice.

Although Natsu-chan’s mother is a ballet dancer sensei, she should be able to instruct a common cute dance moves.

“You’re right, just ask mom.”

Li Yalin’s suggestion brightened Natsu-chan’s eyes. They can ask her mom for help since they had no idea how to do it. Chino’s onii-chan has provided such a great help, her own mom also definitely won’t refuse.

“Then let’s go now!”

Among the three loli, Maya belongs to the activist category. She will act immediately without delay after making her decision.

Because of this, Li Yalin while being surrounded by these three lolis, came to the dance studio opened by Natsu-chan’s family together, and met Natsu-chan’s mother.

“My my, we welcome children who like dancing here.”

This is probably the first time Chino and Maya met Natsu-chan’s mother. They are somewhat reserved since they are meeting their friends’ parents.

But Natsu-chan’s mother gave off a very gentle feeling, she gently clapped her hands to welcomed everyone.

“I wonder if this is…”

“Hello, Mrs. Megumi, I am Chino’s onii-chan. Nice to meet you.”

Although Natsu-chan’s mother hadn’t seen Chino and Maya, she had obviously heard of them from her daughter. But when she saw Li Yalin sandwiched between three lolis, she didn’t know much.

Faced with this gentle wife, Li Yalin also introduced himself very politely.

What can he say…

Although loli are very moe and cute, but sure enough, married woman is also very loving.

At a time like this, shouldn’t he express his love for married woman?

Not good… how do he feel that he’s losing integrity…

“So you are Chino’s onii-chan, nice to meet you too.”

“Mom, o-onii-chan created a song for us, but we don’t know how to choreograph it, so we can only come to ask mom.”

Before the conversation between Li Yalin and Natsu-chan’s mother was finished, Natsu-chan spoke first and told the reason why she bringing her friends here.

Although this loli is usually more cautious, she still shows her child’s nature when facing her mother.

She is still a child after all.

Her words were more or less showing off when she speak of Li Yalin composing a song for them.

“Oh my, isn’t that amazing.”

Hearing what her daughter said, Natsu-chan’s mother, that is, Mrs. Megumi’s face immediately showed a look of surprise. She is a ballet dancer and a former ballerina. She is more or less a person in the literary circle. Naturally she has some understanding of composer’s work.

Song writing is not something that anyone can do. Of course, even if it is written, the quality of it needs to be measured.

However, after listening to the singing of her own daughter and Chino and Maya, the light in Mrs. Megumi’s eyes is somewhat different. She is different from these lolis, but has a strong appreciation ability.

Such a nice song, even if it can’t be called a classic, can still be liked by a large number of fans.

Such an excellent song, the boy in front of her just brought it out for the three little girls to participate in a school song and dance contest?

This… it’s like using a cannon to hit mosquitoes!

What an amazing boy.

And… he doesn’t seem to care at all, he obviously give out such an excellent work.

Although she was very surprised, Mrs. Megumi is a professional dance sensei. Even if she is a ballet dancer, she can give pointer to these three little girl.

Li Yalin only mentioned the choreography direction of his song, she immediately understood and performed professional action rehearsals.

Seeing Chino’s three lolis singing and dancing, Li Yalin couldn’t help nodding again and again.

Really deserves to be his imouto.

Smart and cute!

It’s great to be able to deliver this song to them!

“It’s amazing, so is onii-chan, so is Natsu-chan’s mother, but unfortunately I can’t help much…”

After repeated singing and dancing, the lolis are finally tired. After all, this is not something that can be mastered in one day. Before the original song and dance contest begins, everyone needs to practice step by step.

But while everyone was resting, Maya suddenly showed a lost expression.

Yes, she obviously proposed to participate in this original song and dance contest, but she was not able to help anything except singing and dancing.

She doesn’t have onii-chan who can compose nice songs like Chino, nor the mother of Natsu-chan who can help them in dancing. In this comparison, she seems to have lost.

“Maya …”

For a long time, Maya has been the most energetic among the three lolis. It is really not easy for her to feel so down.

This is why it made Chino and Natsu-chan worry even more.

How could it be like this all of a sudden?

So in this situation, does Li Yalin need to offer a word of comfort?

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