Cafe 246

Chino and Natsu-chan both wanted to console Maya who was feeling down, but they didn’t know where to start.

After all, Maya always cheer them up when they have worries, but now they don’t know what to do.

“Maya is really cute.”

In a normal settings, this should be the time for Li Yalin to appear, cheer up Maya, and then gets the loli favorability ×N.

However, before he could speak, Mrs. Megumi had already put Maya in her arms and pacify her with soft voice.

It didn’t take long for Maya to completely return to her usual state under the comfort of Mrs. Megumi. After all, she’s a wife who had given birth to child, so she knows how to comfort the child.

At this time, should Li Yalin cast an admiring look at Mrs. Megumi? Or disappointed that he didn’t get the loli favorability?

Well, there’s no need to because he has to deal with two loli’s worshipful eyes and the wife’s surprised eyes.

It can’t be helped since Chino completely exposed his identity in one sentence.

“Onii-chan is really amazing. He must be a famous songwriter since he can compose such a beautiful song.”

“Maya, what is a songwriter?”

After regaining her spirits, Maya soon sighed again. But after she sighed, she attracted Natsu-chan’s question.

After all, she had never heard of such a professional term.

“Songwriter… is probably the person who wrote song? I don’t know much either. I saw it when I borrowed onii-chan computer to go online.”

Scratching her head, Maya actually has a little knowledge of this term. She have seen them before and feel it was very amazing and just say it casually.

“I see, onii-chan turned out to be a songwriter.”

Natsu-chan nodded slightly after listening to the unfamiliar term, but their conversation was directly refuted by Chino.

“Onii-chan is a school idol, not a songwriter.”

As for what a songwriter is, Chino is not very clear either. But she still knows Li Yalin’s identity, which is clearly a school idol.

Although she know that her own onii-chan is also a mangaka, that is not an identity that can be disclosed. Chino is very clear about this, so she only refutes with just the school idol.

However, it was precisely because of her words that immediately attracted the interest of the other two lolis.

“School idol? Is it the school idol that has been popular recently? So onii-chan is also school idol?”

Maya does not know exactly what the songwriter is, but school idol is a very popular topic recently.

Recently, many students are discussing about school idol. In Maya’s mind, school idol must be a very amazing person.

“Yes, Maya and Natsu-chan should have heard onii-chan’s songs.”

In all fairness, Chino is not a child who likes to show off. Even to her friends, she never thought of ​​showing off.

Only Li Yalin, the onii-chan recognized by her, is an exception.

She likes onii-chan’s songs, onii-chan’s manga, and onii-chan’s cuisine, so she also hopes that more people will like onii-chan as well.

It’s not surprising that Chino can have such thoughts, but precisely because of this, Li Yalin was bombarded with questions by the two lolis.

They have heard of onii-chan’s song?

What song did onii-chan sing?

As the answers were revealed one by one, the two loli’s eyes became more and more worship, and even the eyes of Mrs. Megumi who were on the side were a bit wrong, it made him flustered.

So… becoming an idol is still quite stressful.

Although… he’s quite happy about it.

In any case, helping the lolis to write song and choreograph was done easily. Now everyone need to practice hard so they can perform well when the contest arrives.

After chatting for a while, Li Yalin took Chino to bid farewell to everyone and went home. The dance practice issues have been solved, but he still needs to open a store to entertain guests from otherworld.

“Well done, the taste is very good, Fardania has improved a lot.”

In the kitchen, after serving the foodie queen, Li Yalin continued to teach his elves apprentices as usual.

Have to admit that Fardania is quite talented in cooking. Although it took a lot of hard work when learning various seasonings at the beginning, she progress quickly after entering the formal cooking study.

Perhaps his elf apprentice is a vegetarian cooking genius?

Although she still have some issues, this is indeed true.

“No way, compared to sensei, I still have a lot to learn.”

It’s true that Fardania is making rapid progress in Li Yalin’s eyes, but she is not complacent.

In fact, she felt that she couldn’t compare with the sensei before her at all.

Especially after she tried Li Yalin’s special recipe jasper cabbage rolls, she would never be able to make such delicacy that can shines.

The most important thing is that it can restore magic power!

She wasn’t sure whether it is cooking or medicine, but she knows that her sensei is the goal she pursues forever. Only when she reaches the level of sensei that she’s officially graduated from her apprenticeship.

Have to say that Fardania set a big goal for herself. Can she really make cuisine that can shine and restore magic power without the system support?

It seems… impossible.

Li Yalin had no idea about Fardania’s goal. No one knows what kind of expression he will show if he knows.

It sure wasn’t gratification anyway.

“A guest is here!”

Li Yalin has only served three guests in total since the otherworld gate appeared. Among them, Red Queen is a frequent visitor, elf girl has become a chef apprentice, and the swordmaster uncle Shinmon Tatsugoro only comes in his free time.

Today Red Queen has come, while the elf girl was in the kitchen. So when the store door was opened, is it uncle Shinmon Tatsugoro who come?

Everyone is already familiar with uncle Shinmon Tatsugoro. After hearing the sound of the store door being opened, Cocoa rushed over and shouted: “Welcome.”

It came as no surprise, since the opening of this otherworld restaurant, everyone had less opportunities to greet the guest, which made Cocoa impatient.

But this time, Cocoa guessed wrong.

“Eh? No one?”

He should have already entered the door if the guest is uncle Shinmon Tatsugoro, but this time, she unexpectedly did not see the guest figure.

The door was opened, but no one come in?

This is… a new guest?

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