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Cocoa was taken aback when the store opened but no customers came in. Not only Cocoa, but the girls who felt something was not right also ran over. Among them, Rize’s face even showed a guarded look.

After all, they still have to be on their guard toward visitors from otherworld.

Although… the girls’ vigilance is meaningless. The restaurant had the Red Queen’s Divine Protection. Even visitors from otherworld would not dare to make trouble in such a place.

So what kind of customer will the otherworld restaurant welcome soon?

“Eh? That is…”

When the girls were surprised and alert, the guests who opened the door finally showed up. However, to everyone’s surprise, it was not an ordinary figures that appeared over the door. A humanoid creature more than ten centimeters high with butterfly wings was flying in mid-air.

Is that… fairy?

In Western Fantasy Legends, there is a beautiful creature about the size of a palm, with butterfly wings or transparent wings, and that is fairy.

Then the humanoid creatures appearing in front of everyone right now are no different from the fairy depicted in Western Fiction. This means that… is it really a fairy?

“Any new guest? Welcome”

The girls were stunned because of the appearance of fairy, and had no idea what to do. At this moment, Li Yalin who was still in the kitchen instructing Fardania, had heard the news also rushed over.


This is really a rare guest. Although he have heard that there are many races in otherworld, he did not expect that the fourth guest they will welcomed in was the legendary fairy.

By the way… this is not just the fourth guest.

In fact, there are hundreds of fairies appearing in restaurants right now, and thanks to them all are fairies, otherwise this small restaurant would not be able to entertain so many people at once.

“Excuse me, what is this place?”

A closer look at the fairies on the opposite side reveals that there are no males in this race. All are beautiful female figures. Although he don’t know how this race thrives, it’s clear that this is not the time to think about it.

The fairies was led by a beautiful woman with snow-like skin and long emerald green hair. Her wings have rainbow-like dazzling colors, which is very different from ordinary fairy.

It was she who was the first to ask Li Yalin a question. Looks like she’s the leader of these fairies.

“In a simpler introduction, this is a restaurant in another world, a place where food is provided.”

Li Yalin is already familiar with introducing the restaurant to otherworld guests. He even have served the Red Queen, so he didn’t show much tension against a crowds of fairies.

“Oh? A restaurant? I seem to have heard of it.”

The leading fairy nodded after getting Li Yalin’s answer, and then whispered to the fairy behind her.

Li Yalin didn’t hear what the other party was talking about. Although he was very clever, he couldn’t hear the fairy’s whispers.

“It turned out to be the fairy of the Land of Flowers!”

As a creature in the same world, the elves girl Fardania obviously knows fairy. Although there is no intersection between the elves tribe and the fairy tribe, it does not prevent her from knowing the existence of fairy.

“Fardania, do you know anything about fairy?”

Seeing that his elf apprentice knew fairy, Li Yalin also asked with great interest. The fairies on the opposite side were obviously still discussing something, so it’s better to take this opportunity to get to know the fairy.

The foodie queen just give him a rough introduction and never considered the mood of the questioner.

“Well, the fairy of the Land of Flowers has a very formidable magic power, which is not inferior to our elves. It is better to say that they are better than our elves in magic.”

“But I don’t know much about fairy. Both humans and demons had invaded the Land of Flowers, but they were easily defeated. For many races, Land of Flowers is a forbidden zone that can never be set foot. The fairies of the Land of Flowers rarely leave their homes.”

It’s a pity that although Fardania knows fairy, she still doesn’t know much about Fairy. After all, the opponent is a rather rare mysterious race on the mainland, even more mysterious than the elves tribe.

“That means… does fairy have an enmity with humans?”

How mysterious the fairy tribe is, it has nothing to do with Li Yalin. But he immediately raised his guard after hearing that otherworld humans actually invaded the Land of Flowers.

Even if he is not a human of otherworld, he also belongs to the category of human.

He must take precautions in advance in case the fairies of the so-called the Land of Flowers harbor hatred towards humans. At the worst, he must expel them all before the opponent initiates an attack.

“Have grudges… probably so, but fairy is a peaceful race, so it won’t take the initiative to attack.”

Although the elves are a simple race, Fardania also understands what Li Yalin means. The fairy tribe is very powerful. They have magical talents that ordinary races can’t match, but they are not very aggressive races. Never take the initiative to provoke a war.

Even in the face of humans or demon who have invaded the Land of Flowers, they didn’t take the initiative to fight, at least not hostile to them, the other party will not launch an attack.

Fardania is still aware of this.

“That’s good.”

Li Yalin finally felt relieved after hearing his elf apprentice words. It would be fine if it was a peaceful race. Otherwise, he might have to use the means of expelling guests.

“So… fairy, like elves, only eats vegetarian food?”

After confirming that the fairy is not harmful, Li Yalin naturally treats the other party as a guest. It won’t be easy to entertain so many guests at once, but with their slender body, he reckons that they won’t eat much.

Fairy and elves didn’t difference much. They are a races with magic power talent and beautiful appearance. The difference is only the size of the body and the wings on the back.

That being the case, are the eating habits of these two races the same?

If they are the same, Li Yalin has already figured out how to entertain these little guests.

“No, fairy is different from elves. Fairy is not completely vegetarian, but even so, they won’t eat ordinary food. According to the literature of the elves, the food of the fairy tribe seems to be based on fruits and nectar.”

Shaking her head, Fardania gave a very different answer to Li Yalin’s question.

Feed on fruits and nectar?

This is a very limited eating habit.

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