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The elves only eat vegetarian food. That is because the elves do not want to treat animals that they regard as partners as food. This is fundamentally different from fairy.

Fairy should not prohibited meat, but with a premise, that is, the food must be sweet.

Only food that is full of sweetness can be accepted by them. But… they may not like sweet meat… probably.

Fardania wasn’t sure either, since this is also the first time she truly saw the legendary fairy.

“Sorry for bothering you, but can I know why you placed your store door on my Land of Flowers territory? This is already in the category of trespassing in the private domain. Please give me an explanation on this issue.”

It didn’t take too much time, the leading fairy flew to Li Yalin again. They probably have finished their private conversation, and had reached a consensus in their opinions. Only then did they ask their questions.

Since the fairy of the Land of Flowers has repeatedly repelled the invasion of humans and demon, it seems reasonable that they regard Li Yalin’s store as an intruder at the moment.

From the look of it, it was already a more gentle way of coping that they didn’t directly showered them with magics.

“Sorry, the placement of the otherworld gate is not under our control. According to Red Queen, that gate will appear randomly on the mainland. It is purely an accident to appear in your borders. Please don’t misunderstand.”

In any case, the other’s attitude is friendly, so he wanted to make things clear as much as possible.

He also didn’t forget to mention the foodie queen. After all, there’s no questioning of Red Dragon God’s prestige. It should be okay to borrow it a little bit, right?

“I see, so this place under Red Dragon God protection, how rude of me.”

After receiving Li Yalin’s answer, and feeling the Red Dragon God Divine Protection in this building, the fairy on the opposite side also nodded gently.

The fairy clan is indeed among the best in the otherword continent, but it is also limited to the ordinary life race. Compared with the 6 pillar Dragon God who guards the world, there is absolutely no comparison between the two.

Not to mention a peaceful race like fairy tribe, even a bloodthirsty demon arrives won’t dare to cause troubles after feeling the breath of Red Queen. Otherwise, the anger of Red Dragon God is not something anyone can bear. Once accident happens, it may be about to usher in the disaster of extermination.

Don’t doubt, despite the foodie queen come to the restaurant every day and very friendly to everyone. She could burns the whole continent once she was angered!

Kamui of guardian Dragon God is not something mortals can resist!

“Although our store was opened by mistake in your territory, we have no desire for your territory. This is just a very ordinary otherworld restaurant. Our job is to entertain guests. If your are unwilling to have contact with us, I suggest setting up a seal where the store door appears. This shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

He brought out the Red Queen’s name is just to makes the fairies feel a little bit fearful. After all, he doesn’t have any good plans to entertain these guests properly.

The most important thing is that even if he knows that the fairy tribe is a peaceful race, he can’t be sure whether the other party still harbors a hatred of human beings. Under such circumstances, he might as well retreat and show his sincerity first.

What he said is very clear. We are a small restaurant, we will treat you as guests if you want to come, or you can just seal the door if you don’t want to. Anyway, this is not a difficult thing for fairy who is good at magic.

“Set up a seal? This is also a feasible method.”

Obviously, the leading fairy has seriously considered Li Yalin’s suggestion. Land of Flowers’s territory originally set up barriers to resist enemy invasions. The barriers that can cover the entire border can be set up to seal the otherworld gate is naturally more than enough.

For the fairy of the Land of Flowers, they are indeed very vigilant towards this inexplicable otherworld gate that contains huge magic power. After Li Yalin finished his words, their vigilant is undoubtedly lowered a lot.

Even if it does not disappear completely, they are not on guard as it was at the beginning.

“Onii-chan… are the fairies leaving?”

The dialogue between Li Yalin and fairy was heard clearly by the girls. And because of this, everyone’s faces also showed a look of regret.

After all, it was a fairy. It was so small and so cute that it could only be seen once, and never to be seen again.

This is a shame, right?

Especially Cocoa, this girl showed great interest in fairy. But after a few exchanges of words, they want to seal the store door. They finally welcomed the fourth batch of guests, but they can even do the most basic reception?

“You have heard what Fardania said. Humans in otherworld have invaded the Land of Flowers, and the fairies probably don’t want to be disturbed by us.”

Looking at Cocoa’s face full of disappointment while pulling his sleeves gently, Li Yalin couldn’t help feeling amused.

He knows Cocoa’s thoughts very well. She only thinks about cute things. Her favorite thing is to play with the furry Tippy. Seeing those cute little fairies, she naturally reluctant to let them leave.

Originally, he was still thinking about how to retain those fairies. Although he would not lose any money even if they sealed the door, but why become a stranger if they can become friends?

It was also a good thing to increase the number of customers in the store.

Although… those fairies may not have the money to pay.

So now, with Cocoa’s cutting in like this, he suddenly had an idea.

As expected of Cocoa!

Good assist!

It’s up to you to make those fairies change their minds!

“You… are right… but can we entertain them once? After all, we won’t see them anymore.”

It was Cocoa after all, after a little hesitation, she said what Li Yalin wanted to hear most.

In fact, Cocoa’s idea is really simple. She wouldn’t never see such a cute and beautiful fairy again, so simply take the opportunity to entertain the other once and make up for future regrets.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that her little thoughts was completely seen by Li Yalin. That was what he was waiting for!

Without Cocoa, he really didn’t know how to detain those fairies.

So now… the opportunity is here.

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