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“It would be presumptuous of me, but I still hope to entertain you guys once. Not only for our hospitality as a host, but also to satisfy my imouto wish.”

With Cocoa’s assists, Li Yalin of course tried to invite again, which would not makes people think it’s out of the blue.

Faced with such a sincere invitation, even fairy, who was unwilling to contact humans, hesitated a little.

It was true that due to human invasions, the fairy tribe really does not want to have contact with humans, even humans in the other world.

But it can be seen that the humans in this otherworld restaurant are indeed not hostile to the fairy tribe, and there are no lies in their words either, the fairy can still distinguish this point.

“Then… we’ll trouble you.”

After some discussion, the leading fairy nodded slightly. Her reply made Cocoa jubilance, she then walked towards the fairy without feeling out of place and chatted with those beautiful fairies.

What can Li Yalin say about this situation?

Cocoa’s nerves are too big, right?

But… the effect is really good.

The fairies were vigilant at first toward her, but it didn’t take long for them to be infected by Cocoa’s innocence and soon accepted this simple human girl.

Not only that, under Cocoa’s lead, Chino, Rize, Makoto and Kowata Akane were all drawn into the fairies one after another. He wasn’t sure how they blend in so quickly, but not long after, this small restaurant were filled with cheers and laughter.

“You guys have a great time, but leaving all the headaches to me.”

Seeing the girls at home mingle with the fairies, Li Yalin rubbed his temples speechlessly.

Entertain fairy… sweets should be okay?

He don’t know what kind of sweets fairy likes, anyway… let’s give it a try!

“Fardania, come help me.”

As an authentic foodie, since having two proficiency options of Chinese cuisine and Japanese cuisine, Li Yalin certainly will not treat himself badly. This is also true for his own snacks.

Although he is not a sweets type, he prepared many cookies because of the many girls at home. For example, he now has two cookies in his kitchen, Chestnut Cake and Yokan, which he tried out last night and haven’t let everyone tried them yet.

He can entertain the fairies with these two kinds of cookies, but he still feel something was missing. And he wasn’t sure whether the fairies will like these two cookies.

At least, he has to make a few more variety.

For example… egg tart is good. Although it takes some time, it is a girl’s favorite. Since girls will like it, fairy who loves sweets shouldn’t hate it.

In addition to this, how about a Caramel Apple? After all, fairy also feeds on fruits, so processed fruits should be to their liking.

How about adding some pudding?

Well, this is not bad either. Paired with Chestnut Cake and Yokan, it should be enough.

As an elf, Fardania still can’t accept food made with milk and eggs, so she didn’t help much when making tarts and puddings. In fact, she was just watching from the sidelines and enduring it was not a small feat.

But when making Caramel Apple, Fardania’s eyes lit up. This is another dish she has never seen.

The fruit is deep-fried, and then wrapped in boiled syrup. What kind of flavor will this kind of cuisine look like?

Although she has not eaten it before, the sweet smell in the air has made her keep inhaling with her nose.

“Done! Cocoa! Rize! Come help me serve the dishes!”

The cooking time passed quickly. In order to allow the fairies to eat smoothly, Li Yalin thoughtfully divided them into small portions according to the fairy’s food intake before serving.

Otherwise, those petite fairies wouldn’t know how to eat them if he left the cookies undivided.

Not long after, all the cookies made by Li Yalin were put on the table, which also attracted the attention of all the fairies.

“Sweet taste, sweeter than our best nectar.”

“It’s really sweet, I really want to taste it.”

The fairies had a little commotion just by smelling the smell. It’s not surprising as the fairies all feed on raw fruits and nectar. This kind of processed sweetness is actually the first time they smelled of.

The fairy does likes sweets, and is indeed extremely sensitive to sweetness.

“Onii-chan, is this your new recipes?”

In fact, it is not only the fairies who are interested in these desserts. The girls who mingle with the fairies also smell the fragrance in the air.

Especially the taste of egg tarts, it is so fragrant, the whole restaurant is now filled with that sweet aroma.

Of course… this fragrance is delicious for everyone, but for Fardania… it’s a bit scary.

“Yup, a new cookies. By the way, Fardania, you come with me.”

The scent of the egg tart is too strong, which is a torture for Fardania. Although she is trying her best to endure it, Li Yalin didn’t want his beautiful elf apprentice suffer this torture.

Taking a Caramel Apple and a Yokan, then poured another glass of juice, he then took Fardania to his room.

“Rest here for a while.”

“Um… thank you sensei…”

Fardania had never been to Li Yalin’s room before, so she was actually full of curiosity about her sensei’s room. Whether it was the square black glass plate or the pictures hanging on the wall, it deeply attracted her attention.

However, her eyes were all focused on Li Yalin right now, not at all attracted by the novelty around her.

Because she knows very well that her sensei, everything he does is for herself. She has always been causing trouble to him, but he always spares no effort to teach and help her.

An inexplicable feeling surge out of her heart, perhaps, this feeling should be called gratitude.

Li Yalin didn’t say much. The fairies downstairs were still waiting for him to entertain them. However, after he left, his elves apprentice, Fardania, did not taste the delicious cookies cuisine as usual.

“Sensei’s room… sensei’s bed…”

Fardania herself didn’t know why, she unexpectedly came to Li Yalin’s bed, first stroking the bed lightly, and then touching it, she was lying on the bed just like that.

“Sensei’s… smell…”

Unknowingly, Fardania has picked up the pillow on the bed…

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