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“In order to fight against Yalin sensei’s Cat’s Eye, Weekly Young Fiery is actively encouraging their mangaka to imitate Cat’s Eye’s style and plot to create a work that can be match Cat’s Eye.”

“Although Minano chief editor didn’t say much to us, but the rumor came from the headquarters. There is no rumor without basis, Fiery’s counterattack can’t be underestimated!”

As Otosuna Mihari said, because of Cat Eye’s popularity, it raise a big wave in the manga industry.

This is also inevitable. Whether it’s Cat Eye’s style or plot, it breaks through the cognition of the manga world. Many people think that the sophisticated style of drawing is the main reason for attracting readers. Beside the plot being not like those cookie-cutter bloody manga, it also one of the elements that can inspire the reader’s curiosity.

Since there are pioneers, it is inevitable an imitation to appear. In fact, it is not just Weekly Young Fiery. In today’s manga magazine, only a few will not pay attention to Cat Eye, and even encourage mangaka to imitate Cat Eye?

There is no way. The sales volume of the million in the first two days is really eye-catching for too many people. The Weekly Young Fiery is not the only magazine that suffered due to the strong appearance of Weekly Young GONGON.

Li Yalin had already expected this so he did not pay much attention to it.

Yes, Cat Eye’s work is really new in this world but it is only limited to this. Li Yalin has seen many drawing styles and more interesting classic works.

What’s more, he still has the system to assist him, how can he be afraid of imitation?

“There may be works beyond Cat’s Eye in the future but definitely not now. And Cat’s Eye is just the beginning, my future are not be limited to this. Otosuna editor can be at easy.”

The advanced perception and the assistance of golden fingers have brought Li Yalin boundless confidence. It is for this reason that he is full of confidence when facing Otosuna Mihari. His momentum can easily raise this bishoujo editor mood.

“It’s amazing… as expected of Yalin sensei… “

Hearing Li Yalin’s self-confident declaration, Otosuna Mihari’s hands could not help but held together showing a look of worship.

With a powerful backing like Yalin sensei, what Weekly Young Fiery has to fear?

I’m so lucky to be the editor of Yalin sensei…

“Who is that person? It seems her relationship with Yalin senpai is very close. Is it Yalin senpai’s girlfriend?”

When Li Yalin and Otosuna Mihari was talking. Rabbit House downstairs, Hoto Cocoa curiously leaned over to Chino and asked Chino about Otosuna Mihari’s identity.

As a new member of this big family, the lively and cheerful Cocoa quickly adapted to the atmosphere and able to get along with everyone. She especially like to stick to Chino. According to her, she really want an imouto like Chino.

From this point, she is in the same page with Li Yalin.

It’s a pity that Cocoa is completely different from Li Yalin. She is more active and enthusiastic which troubled Chino.

It’s not that Chino hates Cocoa. It’s just that Cocoa’s character makes her difficult to cope with her so she didn’t know how to respond.

In fact, Cocoa can get along with everyone easily makes Chino secretly envy her character – After all, Chino thinks that she can never be as cheerful as Cocoa, absulutely impossible.

Back to the topic, Cocoa is getting along with everyone but she has just joined the big family for a few days. In that period of time, She is trying to learn all kinds of knowledge about coffee to become a qualified coffee store employees so she has no time to focus on other things.

For example, Li Yalin’s mangaka identity, she knew nothing about it and no one told her.

Today, Otosuna Mihari took the initiative to find Li Yalin. She grabbed his hand with excitement when she just entered then pulled him upstairs, Cocoa see this clearly.

Only a girlfriend would makes such intimacy gesture?

In an instant, Cocoa’s eyes showed a strong light of gossip. She is a girl in her adolescence after all so she is very curious about this.

“No, it is Yalin-san’s editor Otosuna, not Yalin-san’s girlfriend.”

Cocoa is an easy going girls, she especially likes Chino and often makes various intimate moves to Chino.

For example right now she is burning with the fire of gossip while hugging and lightly shake Chino, it makes Chino helpless.

Helpless, Chino did not take the initiative to break free. After all, she was not good at this kind of physical contact. The only thing she could do was to stop Cocoa with her eyes while answering her questions.

“Editor? What’s that?”

It’s a pity that Cocoa didn’t take her hint at all and was more curious about the term ‘editor’. After all, she had never been in contact with this kind of occupation before.

“It’s a person who helped Yalin-san… or something like that?”

To say what is the responsibility of editor, Chino can’t say anything specifically. So she can only give vague answer.

“Help Yalin senpai?”

“Well, because Yalin-san is mangaka.”


“Do you know Cat’s Eye?”

“Cat’s Eye!!!”

Li Yalin upstairs didn’t know what happened downstairs. But when he sees Cocoa again, he was greeted with her deep admiration. It makes him feel very uncomfortable.

“Can you tell me… what’s wrong with Cocoa?”

This inexplicable admiration made Li Yalin shudder subconsciously. Not being able to figure out the situation, he could only turn to Chino for help.

My unofficial imouto, can you explain to your future onii-sama?

“Cocoa-san knew Cat’s Eye was Yalin-san’s work, so it became like this.”

Chino soon answered Li Yalin, it make him realize that in this Rabbit House Cocoa is also a manga fan just like Rize.

He didn’t know it before. Cocoa actually likes to read manga.

But… it’s not a bad thing to read manga, nothing wrong to worship mangaka. But there is no need to sign this cup…

Miss Hoto Cocoa, I can understand your mood but this cup is not yours!

Facing Cocoa holding the coffee cup asking for his signature. Li Yalin can only tsukomi powerlessly.

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