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Tiana Silvario XVI, the current Queen of the Land of Flowers, led her subordinate magician troops to investigate the situation because of the sudden appearance of the door within their territory. But to her surprises, they actually passed through the otherworld gate and came to a restaurant that did not belong to their world.

In this restaurant, Queen Tiana witnessed otherworld’s cooking cookies. The sweetness that has never been experienced before conquered her body and mind in an instant.

Originally, as the fairy queen, Tiana has a physique that cannot be affected by poisons. It was completely normal for her to try otherworld’s dishes, but after eating just one mouthful, her body was conquered by the delicious dishes.

She can swear that this is the most delicious food she has ever eaten, far better than the fruits and nectar that are abundant in Land of Flowers.

Does such a delicacy come from human hands?

Humans… can actually make such delicious food?

Although there have been wars with humans, it has to be said that this time, Queen Tiana looks at humans with admiration.

At least the otherworld person who made delicious food is no longer regarded as a savage creature by her, and the remaining vigilance is directly reduced to zero.

The person who can make such delicious food is definitely not a bad person.

This idea not only appeared in Queen Tiana’s mind, but became the consensus of every fairy who had eaten otherworld cookies.

The minds of the fairies have changed dramatically in just a short time.

This kind of deliciousness, they really want to eat it forever!

It’s just… the pleasant time is always short, eating tasty food always had it end.

“Thanks for the hospitality, this is the most delicious meal I have ever had.”

As a Queen, Tiana speaks and behaves courteously, facing Li Yalin who offers her delicious food, she also fully reflects her queen demeanor.

“As a thank you, please accept my gift.”

Although Li Yalin said he just wanted to entertain everyone from the fairy tribe, as a Queen, Tiana really couldn’t just eat without offering anything back.

This is not a mutual transaction between humans, to describe it… it’s probably a mutual gift to show friendship.

After all, in Queen Tiana’s eyes, the delicacy enjoyed today is enough for her to give such a gift.

“It’s an honor to be of service, then I will accept Queen’s gift.”

He already asked the girls about Tiana’s name and identity, so Li Yalin didn’t ask much, but he doesn’t know what it is about the gift the other party gave him.

A seed?

Is it a specialty of Land of Flowers?

Since he didn’t know, just ask Fardania later.

Li Yalin didn’t think too much since he didn’t understand the value of this seed. After taking it with care, he smiled and nodded.

The first step of the plan seems very successful, then, is it time to implement the second step of the plan?

“Cocoa, say goodbye to friends from the fairy tribe, we may not be able to meet again in the future.”

In a short period of time, Cocoa is undoubtedly the best to get along with the fairies, so now it’s time for her to play her role.

You guys gonna seal the otherworld gate?

Then you guys won’t be able to eat such delicious cookies ever again.

Can you guys bear it?

He didn’t show any expression on the surface, but Li Yalin was already laughing in his mind.

“Sister Tiana… will you really never come again?”

The simple Cocoa didn’t have that much thought. She immediately believed in Li Yalin’s words and thought she would never see the fairy friend she just met.

They clearly just became friends, eating delicious cookies and laughing together.

Would they really not see each other again?

The happy time is so short, now they are going to part forever?


Faced with Cocoa’s pitiful expression, Tiana didn’t know what to do for a while.

She originally intend to seal the gate. After all, it was an otherworld gate, and she didn’t know what harm it would bring to the Land of Flowers.

How can she be willing to seal the gate after eating the delicious food provided by Li Yalin?

How would she eat such delicious food in the future if it was sealed?

But… how could she say such thing?

Tiana originally thought that after returning to Land of Flowers, she will announced the abandonment of the sealing plan, and then she would bring her people to taste this delicious otherworld cuisine when the gate opened again.

But now it put her in a difficult position.

“Excuse me, Your Majesty, I don’t think this otherworld restaurant will harm the people of our Land of Flowers.”

Huh? My Regiment Commander of the Land of Flowers magician regiment has fallen? She obviously wanted to seal the gate before.

“Regiment commander-sama is right, I firmly support the opinions of Regiment Commander-sama!”

Deputy Regiment Commander… you both standing on the same ground?

“Yes, Yalin-sama must be a good person since he can cook such delicious dishes. We want to come back to eat that delicious food.”

Huh? My Guard Captain even call him Yalin-sama? She clearly just learned of his name.

“Yes! Your Majesty, please don’t seal the gate!”

“Please don’t, your majesty!”

Well, in the end, has the queen herself turned into a villain?

Queen Tiana was completely dumbfounded toward her subordinates who all talking at once, why all of a sudden… it suddenly became her own fault?

“Cough… we will discuss this topic further after we return, and we will talk about the specific results after the discussion is over.”

Tiana will undoubtedly lose her prestige if she announces to give up sealing the otherworld gate now. She certainly don’t want to lower herself down in front of so many subordinates.

With a light cough, Queen of the Land of Flowers made an announcement, and all the fairies shut their mouths at the same time.

After all, this is Queen’s order, they dare not openly refute Queen’s decision no matter how unwilling they are.

It’s just… it will hit them hard if it really get sealed and they can’t eat that kind of food even again…

It’s clearly so delicious.

Queen Tiana was also helpless seeing all her subordinates who were persuading but still want to speak their mind. They were obviously the most elite magicians in the Land of Flowers magician regiment. How could all of them become fools who only consider food?

Don’t you guys understand the meaning of your own words?

“Then… Queen, this is a small gift from me. It can be regarded as a gift for us to become friends. Regardless of whether we can meet again in the future, I also hope to maintain this friendship with the fairy tribe.”

The fairy did not perceive Queen Tiana’s intention, but Li Yalin understood her thoughts, she wanted to get out from the embarrassing situation. Looks like his plan is very successful.

That being the case… give her one more reason for not being able to seal the otherworld gate!

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