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It can be seen from the fairy’s eating habits that they are very keen on these sweet cookies. In this case, Li Yalin certainly prescribed the right drug to seize their weaknesses and attack them.

Carefully package the remaining cookies and send them to Queen Tiana. She would not be able to refuse such a gift.

In fact, just as Li Yalin thought, even if Tiana subconsciously wanted to refuse, she couldn’t say it out loud.

This is not only because of the drooling fairies behind her, but also because she herself can’t refuse this delicious food.

“I understand, I also hope that our friendship will last forever.”

Nodding slightly, Tiana motioned to her magician regiment to accept Li Yalin’s gift, and at the same time officially recognized his words.

To be honest, if someone from otherworld see this scene, they would be surprised that even their chin would drop to the ground.

Can humans get the friendship of the fairy tribe?

Stop joking! Even the elves cannot easily be recognized by the fairy tribe, let alone friendship.

Since ancient times, no one has ever heard of someone who can be friends with fairy, especially after the war between humans and fairy is over, no one can see fairy again.

Fairy was almost reduced to a legendary race.

But now, there are people who can officially get fairy’s friendship, and not just one person.

In every sense, this can be called a miracle!

“Onii-chan… would Tiana’ sister and the others come again?”

Seeing the fairies flying out of the restaurant in droves, Cocoa couldn’t help muttered beside Li Yalin.

She would really hate to lose those fairies who have just become friends.

“Don’t worry, they will definitely come again.”

With a tap on Cocoa’s small head, Li Yalin said with confidence.

Seal the otherworld gate?

That can’t be!

Those fairy who have become captives of food will never be able to resist the food allures!

After all, did the Queen’s words just confirm this?

“Fardania, help me see what kind of seed this is.”

With Li Yalin’s comfort, Cocoa’s mood quickly recovered. She is now looking forward to seeing her fairy friends come again.

She even wants to introduce her new friends to Chiya, so that Chiya can share this happiness with her.

It’s a pity that Chiya still doesn’t know the secret of this otherworld restaurant. She must get the consent of onii-chan before she could tell Chiya.

But… onii-chan absolutely won’t object…

Li Yalin doesn’t know what Cocoa is thinking now. He is now looking for his elves apprentice to ask her about the seeds given by Queen Fairy.

Although he didn’t know what kind of seed it was, he could vaguely feel that this was not a common thing, at least there was a lot of magic power condensed on it.

It’s the specialty of Land of Flowers, how can it be ordinary?

However, the value of this seed seems to be even higher than he thought!

“Fantasy Seed?”

Seeing the seeds in Li Yalin’s hands, Fardania’s mouth opened wide, as if she had seen some rare treasure.

“Fantasy Seed? What is it for?”

Li Yalin knew that the so-called Fantasy Seed was definitely not simple from Fardania’s reaction, but he need his elf apprentice to clarify this.

“This is a treasure that only exists in Land of Flowers, and for it to appear here…”

As Fardania said, Fantasy Seed is a very rare treasure even in the otherworld, and can be described as priceless.

This comes with no surprise, since it was a magical seed that can increase lifespan. When it was combined with various medicinal materials to make medicine, it can restore people life for at least 20 years.

Perhaps for elves and fairy, twenty years of life is not a big deal, but it’s very precious for humans who have a life span of only a few decades.

Let’s put it this way, it can cause war once Fantasy Seed news spreads.

“Can increase life expectancy? As I thought, this kind of seed is really rare?”

The magical energy contained in Fantasy Seed also attracted Kowata Akane’s attention, who is a witch. In her opinion, this seed can be used as an excellent magecraft medium. Using the magic power in this seed, she may even be able to use all kind of forbidden spells.

But now, according to what Fardania said, it is undoubtedly a very wasteful act to use such a precious seed as a medium for magecraft.

“Yes, even if it is not made into medicine, just soak the Fantasy Seed in water is enough to increase one year’s life. So sensei, please be sure to keep this seed, and don’t let more people know it.”

Nodding her head slightly, Fardania showed a rare serious expression. The value of Fantasy Seed is even greater than expected. People will still covet it even if it was a place with the Red Queen Divine Protection.

Never underestimate human’s greed. This is a word Fardania’s father often said to her, so she warned everyone about this.

“Well, I will keep it safe.”

Li Yalin also nodded with how serious she is.

Fantasy Seed to increase lifespan?

It seems to be precious, but… did he really need it?

Before transmigrated, although Li Yalin was nearly 30 years old, he regained his youth after transmigrated. In his opinion, his system is far more powerful than he imagined. With the system, he may not have to worry about lifespan.

For others, the life span of twenty years may be really important, but for a transmigrator like him… God knows if he will be transmigrated into some magical world in the future and get items or power to increase lifespan.

What’s more, he can’t get other materials to make the medicine now. It will only increases an extra year of life if he just soak the seed in water.

Having not experienced aging, Li Yalin cannot yet understand the feelings of those who are hungry for life, so he didn’t see much value on this Fantasy Seed.

However, he will keep it carefully since his elves apprentice said so.

Maybe it can be used someday. Who can tell the future?

In this way, Fantasy Seed was temporarily put away, Fardania also quickly left the restaurant, today’s business hours officially ended.

Another day is ending.

After tidying up the kitchen, Li Yalin stretched his waist. Today’s experience is much richer than usual. It was really interesting to see the fairy tribe.


“Onii-chan… I have something to tell you…”


What does she want to say to him?

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