Cafe 252

“Want to tell Chiya about the otherworld restaurant?”

Facing Cocoa, the expression on Li Yalin’s face was somewhat weird. He didn’t expect that Cocoa had come to him and was actually discussing this matter with him.

She wants to inform her friends about the existence of otherworld restaurant!

He thought she needed life consultation seeing her hesitation, but it was actually just such a small matter, which disappoint him…

“Go ahead…”

Cocoa is an energetic girl who never lacks vitality. Only at a time like this she behaves very uneasy. It’s not surprising since she wants to reveal the secret that everyone has kept.

Cocoa also knows that not exposing the secrets of otherworld restaurant is to protect everyone.

But in the same way, she didn’t want to hide anything from her friends. She can hide it to others, but not Chiya.

She has to make excuse every time Chiya proposes to come to Rabbit House to play. Once or twice is fine, but more than that…

It’s hard for Cocoa to choose between friends and family.

She really doesn’t want to lie to her friends.

“Well, you can tell Chiya as long as she can promise not to tell anyone. But only this time, there won’t be a next time.”

Li Yalin somewhat amused seeing Cocoa with a worried look on her face. In his opinion, this is really not a big deal.

He knows better what kind of girl Chiya is. She will definitely keep secrets for everyone, so there is no need to worry.

It’s just that Cocoa didn’t mention it before, so he didn’t think much about it. Now, of course he didn’t show any objection.

Rather, he is very happy to have another beautiful girl in the house.


In any case, Cocoa could not expect that Li Yalin would have agreed so readily. She originally thought she would get rejected.

After all, the existence of the witch and the existence of the otherworld restaurant are not all secrets that ordinary people should know?

But it was completely different from what she thought.

Happiness came too suddenly, it made her didn’t know how to react.

“Of course, we can also let Akane-ne erase her memory if Chiya can’t keep the secret.”

Looking at her disbelieving face, Li Yalin wanted to tease her a bit.

Kowata Akane does have a magecraft that can erase the memory of others, but he never thought of using it on Chiya.

He wouldn’t use this method unless the existence of the witch and otherworld restaurant was exposed and leading to an uproar.

“No! Chiya will definitely keep our secret! She will not betray us!”

Although Li Yalin was teasing Cocoa, the little girl didn’t see it as such. Her little head was shaking like a rattle. She was taken aback by these words.

Such Cocoa… is really cute.

“Well, I believe in Chiya and also believe in you. Go and invite Chiya to play, I know you must be impatient.”

Li Yalin smiled and patted Cocoa on the head.

What a fool imouto.

But it’s also a cute imouto, at least compared to Minami family silly girl, he likes this kind of moe’s than the dumb imouto.

“Yay! I like onii-chan the most!”

Cocoa favorability ×N after agreeing to a small matter. He also got a big hug, which is a good deal for him.

By the way… does Chino need it too? It seems that Maya and Natsu-chan have not been to Rabbit House yet.

Well, this is really possible, but it can’t be done now.

The recent big sales of Cat Eye and SAO have give Li Yalin a big profit. And as a prolific writer, he never have to rewrite his manuscript. It can be said that he is the favorite writer in the editor department, and many people envied Mihari for this.

He doesn’t need to spend a lot of time writing, so Li Yalin should be very relaxed in the near future. However, it was the opposite. Although he doesn’t need to keep staying up all night, but his time was occupied in the daytime.

This is unavoidable. The band must practice in order to participate in the final.

After the band’s practice is over, he must also be there to guide the three loli singing and dancing exercises.

It can be said that, except during school, all his remaining time is spent on these two things. He can take little a breather when the otherworld restaurant was opened.

Although this kind of life is very rich, it can be a little stressful.

“Yo, is Chiya here to play?”

After the restaurant opened, Red Queen came and went. She always looks impatient. However, after she just left, before his elf apprentice Fardania arrived, Cocoa led Chiya over.

Since the activation of the concealment magic, Chiya seems to have never been to Rabbit House again. Although he sent the medium to her through Cocoa, she has never taken the initiative to come alone.

This time, Cocoa must have explained everything to her before she would come.

Seeing Chiya’s arrival, Li Yalin also greeted her with a smile. Not only that, but he also saw the large food box in Chiya’s hand.

Is this… a gift?

“Hello onii-chan.”

Chiya greet him with a sweet smile. Not only the smile is sweet, but the small mouth is also quite sweet. Being called onii-chan with Cocoa is a foul!

Can he really received such a cute imouto?


After calling him onii-chan, Chiya immediately looked around, obviously observing the surroundings.

However, a moment later, she have a disappointed look on her face.

What’s she looking for?

“Chiya …”

Seeing her like this, Li Yalin also wanted to make a conversation, but the door rang before he could speak. The otherworld gate was opened, and the figure of elf girl Fardania appeared in front of everyone.

“Sensei, I’m here to disturb again.”

Learning how to cook at the otherworld restaurant has become a daily compulsory course for Fardania, and this time is no different.

But after she arrived, she saw an unfamiliar human.

A very cute little human girl. Is it a guest? Or… sensei’s friend?

“E-elves! Pointy ears! Real elves!”

When Fardania discovered and observed Chiya carefully. Chiya on the other hand, she suddenly got excited, and she subconsciously pulled Cocoa beside her, there’s like a small star in her big eyes.

“It’s a living elves! Amazing! So beautiful! Can I touch you? Just one time!”

About this situation…

The imouto that he just received seems to have been taken away by his elves apprentice?

For some reason, Li Yalin suddenly felt like getting a critical hit in his heart!

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