Cafe 253

Chiya really likes Western fantasy stories, and is also very interested in the fantasy races in the stories. But when she first heard about the existence of elves and fairy from her friend, she still didn’t quite believe it, thinking that Cocoa was teasing her.

However, the fact is that the elves really exist, and those creatures that were once thought to be fantasy in the book appear in front of her right now.

There’s no way Chiya won’t get excited.


Chiya’s excitement obviously brought pressure to Fardania. Under such unknown circumstances, she subconsciously hid behind Li Yalin. Perhaps she felt that it was the only way to give her a sense of security?

The apprentice who snatched his imouto, thrown herself into his arms in a blink of an eye?

Relatively speaking, Li Yalin’s mood is getting more complicated. He can’t keep up with change of the plot!

Well, now is not the time for tsukomi.

“It’s okay Fardania, Chiya’s a little too excited since this is the first time she saw elves. You know that elves are a fantasy race in our world, and they don’t actually exist.”

With a light sigh, Li Yalin has become the intermediate to mend the relationship between Chiya and Fardania. As the sensei of the elf girl, he seems to have become her most trusted person.

“That’s right, Fardania onee-chan, Chiya just wants to make friends with you. She didn’t mean any harm.”

Seeing her friend’s reaction frightened the elf onee-chan, Cocoa also quickly explained. With her and Li Yalin’s cooperation, the elf girl’s vigilance was finally eliminated.

No other means as Chiya was really too enthusiastic. Just look at the twinkle in her eyes, is she the legendary elves-con?

“Never thought that I would be able to make elves friends, it was like a dream!”

Chiya put her hands together like a prayer, but it made others dumbfounded.

“Cocoa! My best friend! Thanks to you, I can make such a beautiful friend!”

Not only that, in the end Chiya also grabbed Cocoa’s hands. With a look of gratitude to her soulmate, making people seem to be able to see the surrounding light dimming in an instant, and a beam of light fell directly on the two girls.

“It’s my duty as you close friend!”

Good heaven, Chiya’s behavior has made people speechless, but Cocoa is very cooperative. These two little girls seem to be on the stage of a drama, and more and more beams are focused on them.



With the fingers of the two girls intersecting, the stage has been fully sublimated!


Bam! Bam!


“It hurts…”

With a hand knife on each person’s head, Li Yalin ended the play with a blank expression.

Had enough playing around? Didn’t you see Fardania already look dumbfounded?

“That’s the end of the matter. Have a talk to know each other better, the cooking lessons will start later.”

Chiya’s arrival today clearly meant that she was here for Fardania. The little girl would definitely held a grudge if he dragged away his elf apprentice.

Li Yalin doesn’t want to be a party pooper, and he’s more than happy to see Fardania and Chiya become friends.

“You are very considerate of others.”

Li Yalin’s face also showed a gratifying smile seeing them talking and laughing together, but then Kowata Akane suddenly appeared beside him.

Although Kowata Akane can have fun with the girls, she did not participate this time. Instead, she said this inexplicably. What does she meant by this?

“Are you lolicon?”

Well, before Li Yalin could respond, Kowata Akane’s next sentence left him completely speechless.


How come he’s lolicon?

“Do I look like a lolicon?”

His forehead was covered with black lines in an instant. Li Yalin had no idea what this outgoing witch want from him.

Why don’t you just have a pleasant chat with the girls? Is it fun to run over to tease him?

“But you obviously dote on those children, I heard that you wrote a song specially for Chino?”

Obviously, Kowata Akane ignored the black line on Li Yalin’s forehead, and her words were full of affirmation, as if she had seen through Li Yalin.

Well… what she said sounded quite reasonable.

It’s just… she’s wrong!

“You can call me a siscon, but I am definitely not a lolicon! Anyways, my ideal dating object is a mature and beautiful onee-san, I am not a lolicon alright!”

Although Li Yalin can ignore Kowata Akane’s teasing, as an authentic onee-san-con and siscon, he must affirm this seriously.

There is an essential difference between siscon and lolicon. In every sense, he is still an onee-san-con, no doubt!

“Oh? So you like an onee-san like me?”

As soon as Li Yalin finished speaking, a thoughtful expression appeared on Kowata Akane’s face. But after she spoke those words, it attracted Li Yalin’s supercilious look.

“I like mature and beautiful onee-san. Akane-ne does have the age, but for being mature… I guess it has nothing to do with you?”


Kowata Akane?

No fucking way!

This joke is not funny at all!

“You… are you questioning my charm? Or you don’t like me? You must have peek at me every time I am done taking a shower, you can’t deny this!”

Maybe Li Yalin’s supercilious looks touched Kowata Akane’s inverse scales, just a single sentence made her a little flustered and exasperated.


Are you really saying this in public place?

“It was you who wandered around in a bathrobe without a care, okay? Who wants to peek at you!”

Li Yalin said this righteously to counter her argument. And this is indeed the case. It was not that he wanted to peek at Kowata Akane, but that she always wandered around in a thin bathrobe after she took a shower. She simply had no reserve of being a girl, and it’s like she didn’t treat Li Yalin as a man.

Can he really resorting in peeping?

Even if he was peeking, there’s no way he will admit it!

My eyes moved on their own! And I can’t just keep my eyes closed!

“Carefree? Me?”

It seems that Kowata Akane can’t accept this kind of evaluation which she heard for the first time. As an excellent witch, how can an adjective like carefree be put on her!

She admitted that she sometimes does not care about trivial thing, but there is an essential difference between not caring and carefree!

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