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“By the way Akane-ne, when do you plan to travel again?”

Seeing Kowata Akane’s somewhat irritated expression, Li Yalin knew that he could no longer argue with her. Deciding on courses of action based on current situation. It’s obviously not a wise decision to argue with a witch.

One’s going to suffer a disaster if one offend a witch. He is not willing to take risks even if Kowata Akane is not a petty woman.

Witch is a group of unscientific existences, especially a ‘casual’ witch who acts in unconstrained way. It’s better not to offend her.

Anyway, he has the upper hand, so quickly change the topic.

“What? You want to drive me away?”

Although she really want to argue with Li Yalin on this matter, Kowata Akane can’t ignore his words.

After all, his words can be misinterpret as him driving her out.

You don’t like me that much?

You want to drive me out?

“That’s not the case. Of course I will be more than happy for Akane-ne to stay here. But aren’t you still on your trip? Is it really okay for your magecraft training to stay for so long?”

It would undoubtedly offended Kowata Akane if Li Yalin nodded and said yes at this time. He won’t do such stupid things even if he has low EQ.

Saying some good things at this time is very helpful to ease the relationship between them.

“Humph, sure enough you are still obsessed with my charm, and don’t want me to leave.”

This time, Li Yalin finally said something that satisfied Kowata Akane. Although she still humphed, her expression had softened.

“But your Akane-ne likes strong man. You must be stronger than me if you want to pursue me.”

Can you stop flattering yourself?

Looking at Kowata Akane with a black line, Li Yalin always feels that this girl really like to praise herself. Although confident girl is the most beautiful, and Kowata Akane is indeed a beauty, but… why she’s so full of herself?

Who wants to pursue you!

Stop making things up!

“As for practicing magecraft by traveling, anywhere is fine. Rather, this place allows me to see new things and increase my knowledge. The magic of the otherworld is worth studying, isn’t it?”

Fortunately, Kowata Akane continued to answer his questions before he could speak.

Although she is indeed practicing magecraft by traveling, traveling is not the point. It doesn’t really matter if she travels or not if she can still improve her knowledge and understanding of magecraft.

There is no fixed place for magecraft practice.

Li Yalin’s questions is purely an overthought.

What’s more, no matter how much one travel, can it be compared to this otherworld restaurant? Only the magic of otherworld is enough for her to study, and besides magic, there will be more otherworld creatures crossed over the otherworld gate.

For Kowata Akane, that is very precious research material.

“I see, Makoto should be more at easy now.”

After listening to Kowata Akane’s words, although Li Yalin still had tsukomi in his heart, he nodded on the surface, showing an understanding expression.

It was certain now that Kowata Akane plans to stay permanently.

“Makoto? What about Makoto?”

Li Yalin understood Kowata Akane’s thoughts, but Kowata Akane didn’t understand him. What happens to Makoto if she didn’t leave?

“Akane-ne, don’t you know? Makoto is worried about you lately. After all, you have been very lazy recently, and didn’t care about magecraft training at all. She thought you were lax.”

The reason why he asked Kowata Akane that question before, in addition to changing the subject, but more importantly because of Makoto’s mood.

Li Yalin is very concerned about every girl in the family, and Makoto is no exception.

In Makoto’s mind, her sister has always been practicing while traveling. But since coming to Kafuu’s house, she has become more and more lazy, completely different from the sister in her impression.

But the problem is, she still didn’t dare to ask these words in person.

Li Yalin saw Makoto’s situation in his eyes, of course he didn’t mind helping her in this matter. So he chose such a suitable opportunity and explained everything.

“So it was for Makoto… if you care that much about Makoto, why don’t you just date her? I’m telling you, Makoto is my imouto. If you want to attack her, you have to beat me her sister first!”

After listening to Li Yalin, Kowata Akane thoughtfully looked in Makoto’s direction and looked at her imouto who was chatting happily with the girls, with a gentle smile on her face.

But in the next moment, her expression changed. Casually stepped forward and grabbed Li Yalin’s shoulder. Her grinning expression was ill-intentioned.

“You think too much, I treat Makoto as imouto.”

Although Kowata Akane held his shoulders, the soft touch on his shoulders was very enticing. But even if he felt reluctant, Li Yalin still slapped Kowata Akane’s hand away, without any expression on his face.

This girl not only has an outgoing character, but also has too much imagination.

Chasing Makoto?

That’s an imouto! How can an onii-chan pursue their own imouto!

“Cih… so you give her an imouto card. I felt sorry for Makoto.”

After being slapped by Li Yalin, Kowata Akane’s face clearly showed dissatisfaction. After expressing her annoyance, she even pretended to be crying.

“So I said you think too much…”

Sighed very helplessly, Li Yalin didn’t plan to talk more about this topic with Kowata Akane.

People can think whatever they like. Anyway, he can’t interfere with other people’s thoughts. He really regards Makoto as an imouto. It’s good to have a clear conscience, no matter what others think.

At least for now, he still think of Makoto as imouto.

Yes, that’s it.

The conversation come to a halt, Li Yalin turned and walked towards the kitchen to avoid the topic. After all, that was his battlefield.

However, what he didn’t know was that after he left, Kowata Akane kept looking at his back until he disappeared at the door of the kitchen.

“Family… it doesn’t feel that bad…”

In the end, Kowata Akane’s corner of mouth raised to a smile.

This witch who always looks carefree, is her character really as outgoing as she shows?

It will be difficult to know the answer of this question.

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