Cafe 255

“Tiana onee-chan!”

Today is Chiya’s lucky day, because she not only met the legendary elves, but also the legendary fairy. Especially… as it was a large number of fairy!

With a cheer from Cocoa, the otherworld restaurant welcomed more than a hundred fairy customers. It was surprising that the fairy came so quickly.

Li Yalin thought that even if the fairy tribe would not seal the otherworld gate, they would still have to discuss it first before coming again. But the speed was much faster than he expected.

The Queen come again after just one day later?


“Excuse me.”

Li Yalin could no longer remain in the kitchen after hearing the arrival of the fairies, and appeared to greet them with a smile. The Queen also greet him with a nod.

It’s just… the Queen appeared again this time with a slight flush in her face, and it’s looks like the fairies behind her were not the same people from yesterday.

Another group of people coming to eat?

“Eh? Where’s Cashmere onee-chan? Cindy isn’t here either.”

Not just Li Yalin, but Cocoa can also saw clearly that the Queen’s subordinates was not the same as before. After all, besides the Queen, she also gets along very well with the rest of the fairies.

But she couldn’t see the familiar fairy friend of her, and was replaced with some unfamiliar faces instead, which puzzled Cocoa.

“Um… Cashmere and Cindy are still on duty, so they can’t come this time. Yes, they are working.”

Regarding Cocoa’s doubts, Queen Tiana hesitated to answer. Obviously, this Queen is not good at lying, and Cocoa with her simple disposition will not suspect her.

Li Yalin had already seen through the truth early on.

On duty?

Have a job?

Just say it straight that the dining people were changed, why hide it?

In fact, Queen Tiana had no other choice.

After returning to Land of Flowers yesterday, the senior management of the fairy tribe immediately held an emergency meeting. The fairy quickly learned everything about the otherworld restaurant, and they have also tasted the delicacy from otherworld.

Now after being poisoned by the otherworld delicacy, the fairies simply cannot stop their desire. If not for the high-level officials who can preserve their sanity, it might have lead to a farce of the whole tribe being dispatched.

In the end, Queen Tiana and the elders agreed to keep the otherworld gate and maintain this friendship with otherworld humans.

Of course, the delicious food of otherworld is the crucial factor.

News about otherworld will surely spread to the whole tribe soon after a hundred fairies have a taste.

In order not to cause trouble, Tiana drafted the final regulations. The number of fairies who goes to the otherworld restaurant cannot exceed a hundred people, and a rotation system is required. As for the team candidate, she must be in part of it.

She is the Queen of the fairy tribe, and has the responsibility to protect her own people. Especially when going to the otherworld, she can’t be left behind.

She didn’t use her position for personal benefit. Everything was just to protect her people, yes, that’s it.

In this way, after the opening of the otherworld restaurant the next day, Queen Tiana set off with the selected fairies, crossed over the otherworld gate, and came to the birthplace of the supreme delicacy.

It’s just… dining out with a group of people and even have to use shift system. As a Queen, this conduct made Tiana blushes.

At least she was embarrassed to say that she was here to eat.

“All fairy! They have butterfly wings! They are so beautiful!”

Chiya was getting more excited with the arrival of the fairies headed by Queen Tiana. She’s holding Cocoa’s little hand, to the point of almost having trouble breathing.

She already felt as if she was dreaming from seeing the legendary elves, and now…

She must be in heaven, right?

With so many fairies around, it will really be no different from heaven if she can play around with them!

“Cough… Cocoa, introduce Chiya to them, I’ll prepare the dishes.”

Li Yalin was also a little speechless seeing Chiya’s excitement. He reminded Cocoa with a light cough, otherwise, the stupid girl might not be back to her senses.

“You are right! Dishes! Cookies! Chiya, take out the cookies!”

It was also because of Li Yalin’s reminder, Cocoa just like having woken up from her dream shook Chiya’s shoulder quickly.

For Chiya to make some good friends today, the two of them have prepared well. Otherwise they won’t show up so late.


Chiya also nodded her head after being shaken by Cocoa a few times, she then took out the food box she had brought with her.


As the food box is opened, the cookies inside are also presented in front of everyone. The exquisite and beautiful appearance alone has greatly attracted everyone’s attention.

Especially the fairies who saw otherworld food for the first time were even more amazed.

Chiya and Cocoa… they are well prepared, that’s a lot of cookies.

Looking at the food box, Li Yalin was also surprised by the snacks. Warabi mochi, botamochi, sakura mochi, kashiwa mochi, strawberry daifuku plus various colored dumplings and Yokan. As expected of Ama Usa An’s salesgirl, they had all kinds of Wagashi.

Looks like he doesn’t have to work hard today.

“Come quick Tiana onee-chan, these are the cookies that Chiya brings to everyone.”

As Chiya open it up, Cocoa also waved to Tiana. Not only Tiana, but Fardania were pulled too.

Although the elves don’t eat meat, most of these wagashi are made from glutinous rice, red bean paste and fruits so she can eat them just fine.

After all, the cookies in this food box were originally prepared for her. The unexpected arrival of the fairy large force just made it like everyone should try it.


Although Chiya brings a lot of cookies, it’s obviously not enough to entertain hundreds of fairy plus elves and the girls.

Looks like he still have something to do!

Yesterday, the fairies were treated with custard, pudding, and caramel apple, and were all well received. But today, Li Yalin didn’t plan on making the same things.

Chinese cookies are mostly time-consuming to make, and Japanese cookies are all covered by Chiya. So this time, Li Yalin also intend to save some effort.

Sweets and fruits was the easier. Go to the supermarket, buy a few boxes of ice cream, and then buy some fruit cakes. This should be enough.

Of course, the food that he didn’t cook himself would still be inferior without +3 deliciousness. But even so, it would not be too bad. At least it should be more than enough to make the fairies addicted!

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