Cafe 256

“Thanks for the hospitality, about the cost of the meals…”

Queen Tiana had to left with her subordinates after having a pleasant meal time. Li Yalin also packed the lefover food for them to take away again, which made Tiana blushes.

She wasn’t thick-skinned enough to just leave after eating. It was fine if it was one or two times, but it was another matter if she keep bringing her people to eat every day.

Thinking of the future, Queen Tiana felt even more feverish on her face.

As a gift for yesterday’s meal, she took out Fantasy Seed. But that yesterday, what should she take out for meal expenses today?

The gold coin of the human world? How could Land of Flowers have such a thing.

But besides gold coins, what else would humans like?

Rather… to the man in front of her who has gained her friendship, Tiana wants to know what he likes.

“Queen, we are friends to the fairies so you don’t have to think about money issues. It’s really unnecessary.”

Li Yalin can see Tiana’s hesitation and naturally understood her thoughts very quickly, which he responded with a smile and a shook of his head.

Ask fairy for food cost?

Forget it, he wasn’t that lacking in money.

His initial thought of opening this otherworld restaurant wasn’t for money anyway, so he didn’t think much about profits.

What’s more, with the value of that Fantasy Seed, it may have covered most of the meal expenses.


Li Yalin’s idea is simple, but it made Queen Tiana even more embarrassed. After all, she intends to lead her troops to eat every day in the future. If this keep going, how much favor will the fairy tribe owe?

“If Queen insists, you can allocated time for us to visit your territory as a guest. My imoutos have always been curious about otherworld, but I never let them cross the otherworld gate for safety reasons.”

“In my opinion, it can definitely guarantee the safety of my imoutos if it was the Land of Flowers, what do you think?”

Li Yalin thinks recouping the fairy tribe’s meal expenses wasn’t really necessary, but there is one thing he has already thought about.

Going to otherworld is not only his wish, but also the girls wish. However, the danger of otherworld is very high, he didn’t want to take the risk by bringing everyone.

But Land of Flowers is one of the few safe places in otherworld, so it should be no problem even if they want to go to otherworld.

Whether the fairies welcome their arrival was another matter. They have been at war with humans, so they must still have a psychological resistance to humans, and this can’t be changed in a short time.

“Being a guest at Land of Flowers? Of course there is no problem, it would be our honor instead!”

Li Yalin’s words stunned Queen Tiana, she hadn’t really considered this issue before.

It was a common things for friends to visit each other. She can bring her people into this world, and then entertain these otherworld friends!

Rather, Queen Tiana is already considering how to entertain Li Yalin’s group.

Friends of the fairy tribe, guests of Land of Flowers, must be entertained carefully!

“Thanks in advance.”

Li Yalin was of course very happy to reach an agreement with Tiana. Although it wasn’t his first time crossing world, it was his first experience with the Western Fantasy type of otherworld.

Even if he hadn’t left immediately, he was already looking forward to it.

“Go to Land of Flowers? Can we go to Land of Flowers?”

“You didn’t lie to us onii-chan? Can we really go to Land of Flowers, to sister Tiana’s home?”

After sending off the fairies, he then tell the news to the girls around. Without any suspense, the girls were shocked.

They have long wished to see the kingdom where fairy lives. Especially in the description of their fairy friends, they have drawn a beautiful picture in their minds.

Now that they had the opportunity to go to Land of Flowers, they certainly looked incredulous.

After all, Li Yalin had previously prohibited everyone from going to otherworld.

“Well, I have already discussed with Queen Tiana.”

Facing the expectant faces of the girls, Li Yalin smiled and nodded, and gave an affirmative answer.

“Wow! Great! We can finally go to Land of Flowers!”

Cocoa was the first to cheer. Although Chino and Rize did not jump up like Cocoa, they were also full of expectations for their next trip to the otherworld.

As for Chiya…

“By the way, Chiya can also come together.”

Seeing Chiya’s hesitant and uncertain, Li Yalin knew what she was thinking, and nodded slightly to make Chiya smile immediately.

“Thank you onii-chan.”

With just this word of gratitude, Li Yalin has already made a profit, right?

“Oh, let’s have a look at Cindy’s house, fairy’s house sounds interesting.”

“Well, I also have to prepare more cookies. Fairies seem to really like strawberry daifuku, so I will make more of them.”

“The kingdom of fairy… it must have many magical medium. The magic of fairy is also very interesting. It is worth studying and exploring. It’s the right choice to stay!”

Hehe… we won’t set off right away, so back to earth you guys!

Li Yalin was speechless seeing them fall into their own delusion.

The departure time hasn’t been set yet, and it already made you guys this excited?

Well, the time to go to Land of Flowers is finally set. It just so happens that this week’s original song and dance contest was saturday. Everyone can leave in the afternoon after finish preparing in the morning.

Anyway, they can go anytime since the otherworld gate is under Li Yalin’s control.

But before heading to Land of Flowers, everything has to be back on track. Especially Chino who doesn’t have time to slack off. Saturday is coming soon, and there is not much time left for the three little lolis.

By the way…

“Cocoa, are you sure you want us to dress like this to Chino’s school?”

Putting aside the excitement of going to the otherworld, Chino’s participation in the original song and dance contest is also the focus of everyone’s attention. Especially as Chino’s ‘onee-chan’ Cocoa, she is the most concerned.

More exaggerated is that she printed Chino’s photo on a T-shirt and also made a fan and banner with Chino’s head, just like a fan support group.

It’s just an ordinary school contest, need to be so excessive?

By the way… when I participate in the competition, please don’t wear these shameful outfits!

No matter what!

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