Cafe 257

“Hehe, how is it? Very pretty right?

Cocoa seems to have not seen Li Yalin’s weird eyes at all. While wearing a T-shirt with Chino’s photo, she excitedly waving a fan with Chino’s head in one hand and a silver rod in the other.

She was already obsessed with it.

It feels like the siscon level of this girl is higher than him?

“Well… as long as you are happy.”

Li Yalin tsukomied powerlessly, just let her do whatever she like.

Chino will be the one to suffer. God knows what expression she will show when she sees Cocoa dressed up like this.

Cocoa really put her all for the original song and dance contest that Chino participated in. She even took out all her pocket money, to ‘arm’ everyone before the competition.

As can be seen, Li Yalin, Rize, Chiya, Kowata Akane, Makoto, Otosuna Mihari plus Rinna Fuwa, eight people with Cocoa, everyone has to wear a full set of equipment. By the way, Li Yalin and Kowata Akane shouldered the important task of holding the banners.

It can be said that Cocoa has become the commander of the Chino family support group, since everything is done under her command.

He just let her do all the arrangements. Anyway, he was happy to see Cocoa messing around.

Although the pitiful one will be Chino in the end.

On the premise that everything was hidden from Chino, she come up with such a family support group. He wasn’t really sure how his imouto would react after knowing this.

Hmm… let’s call her in advance.

On the day the original song and dance contest started, Chino went to school early. She had to prepare various things so she can’t act with everyone.

As for Chino’s family support group lead by Cocoa, they gathered afterwards, and the mighty group rushed to Chino school.

By the way, everyone changed their outfits at home to complies with Cocoa’s request.

Everyone working in a group so they can look after each other. Otherwise, walking on the street wearing this dress alone, the weird gaze of the people around will already make people want to find a hole to get in.

It would be too shameful if mistaken as some sort of fanatic fans.

For example, Rize had a conflicted face now, always tried to be secretive. It’s like there’s something on her clothes, her cheek has always been blushing.

But contrary to her, Rinna Fuwa is quite relaxed at the moment. Not only showing the photos of Chino on her chest generously, she even talking and laughing with Cocoa.

At times like this, Rinna’s character is quite commendable. At least she wasn’t as nevous as Rize, right?

“This… you guys…”

In order to prepare Chino mentally, at least not to let her make mistakes on the stage because of being too shocked, Li Yalin joined his imouto ahead of time and showed her all the equipment of the family support group.

Because of this, Chino had a dull expression. She didn’t know anything about this. Everything was concealed, just to give her a big surprise.

Unfortunately, there’s a surprise but no joy.

“Wow! Chino’s clothes! Chino’s fan!”

Chino, Maya, and Natsu-chan trio has always been at school. Finding Chino is equivalent to finding these two little guys.

Unsurprisingly, Maya was the first to exclaim after seeing the equipment of the Chino family support group. The Chino’s family prepared too well, as if they were supporting the big celebrities. It was so amazing!

“Really amazing…”

Not only Maya, but Natsu-chan was also amazed, and she noticed that Chino’s family are so beautiful.

Li Yalin, she has seen this onii-chan. Very handsome, and also a school idol, he’s already a super star in her heart. The onee-chan she saw today also not inferior to the idols on TV, eveyone was beautiful.

“No! You can’t! Absolutely not! Change back to normal clothes!”

Maya and Natsu-chan sighed with amazement because of everyone’s outfits, but Chino’s face was already flushed red.

She can’t accept this level of support, there’s no way she can take it!

“Why change back to normal clothes? Aren’t we just to support Chino today? Leave everything to your onee-chan!”

Cocoa, with her arms bent in the popeye shape, did not notice Chino’s mood at all, but… wouldn’t this have the opposite effect?

After all, the dress of this group is really exaggerated. Even the lively Tippy rolled into a ball in Chino’s head.

If this situation was not handled properly, Chino may not be able to perform well on the stage with everyone cheering her on, then the previous efforts will be wasted right?

Fortunately, Li Yalin had already expected this situation, it was his onii-chan’s job now!

“Chino, listen to me.”

Li Yalin’s plan is very good. Showing up at this critical moment and calming imouto’s mind will not only help improve imouto’s favorability, but also increase his reputation.

However, before he could act, Kowata Akane was faster than him, pulling Chino aside and whispered to her.


What is this?

Shouldn’t this be his time to shine?

Akane-ne, why did you come and ruin my plan?

Li Yalin was in daze from being overtaken by Kowata Akane. And to his surprise, Chino was really persuade after being whispered something!

“Only… only once, there’s no next time…”


Seeing Chino’s hesitation, but in the end still nodded in agreement, Li Yalin was completely dumbfounded.

Did Kowata Akane used some kind of magecraft to let Chino change her mind?

This must be magecraft, right!

How could his Chino compromise so quickly?

Tell me! What transactions are hidden behind this!

It’s a pity that no matter how much he tsukomi in his heart, Chino did not object anymore. Even though she blushed and couldn’t even look at everyone’s clothes directly, she still chose to remain silent.

“Yay! Akane-ne was right, Chino really agreed!”

Eh? What are you talking about Cocoa?

You already knew Akane-ne would convince Chino?

You also have a deal with Akane-ne?

Suddenly, Li Yalin felt that there was a cool breeze blowing around him. He should have been the protagonist. Why did he feel like… he was excluded by everyone?

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