Cafe 258

Imouto colluded with onee-san, secretly hiding a little secret, can he take this lying down?

He didn’t know about others, but Li Yalin was quite unhappy now.

He always felt that Cocoa and Kowata Akane were up to something, and Chino is also dragged into the water.

This unscientific!

“Eh? Yalin-kun?”


Li Yalin was thinking about this, but suddenly, a familiar female voice came into his ears. When he looked up, he realized that Haruka was standing not far away.

Not only Haruka, there are many familiar faces standing beside her.

Putting aside the third sister of the Minami family who act as Haruka’s attendant. The fourth sister Touma he have seen before also among them. In addition, his classmates Maki and Atsuko, Chiaki’s classmates Uchida and Yoshino also present.

These girls all gathered together? Want to organize a group to kill some boss?

By the way, the girls got together, but the crossdresser was not there. He never see him again after what happened last time, perhaps he went further and further on the women’s road with no return.

“Wow! You are too prepared, right?”

He was really surprised to heard that Minami family silly girl Kana actually in the same school as Chino, who also signed up for this original song and dance contest today. Although he didn’t know what song and dance the silly girl will come up with, she also had a huge support group.

It still can’t be compared to Li Yalin side.

As a friend who has a good relationship with Li Yalin, Maki naturally has something to say. She exclaimed in surprise seeing the outfit of the Chino family support group.

Compared with her own side, it was like professional and amateur, it wasn’t even a match!

“My imouto loves to enliven the atmosphere.”

Li Yalin also shrugged his shoulders helplessly for the clothes on his body. Although he did not resist, the glances from the people around him were also very strange.

“Hmph, anyway, should we be considered opponents today?”

Haruka’s group is for Kana, and Li Yalin’s is for Chino. Although this is a friendly match, it’s clear that Maki has no plans to have a peaceful coexistence.

She want to have a match?

“What nonsense, Maki, this is just a school event, not some competition.”

Li Yalin hasn’t expressed his stance on Maki’s sudden ‘hostility’, but Haruka on the side can’t stand it anymore.

She glared at Maki angrily. Everyone was a good friend, and shouldn’t fight with each other.

“Well… I think Maki is right. Although it’s just a school event, we should aim for the first place. It’s not wrong to say that we are an opponent!”

Friends have different ways of getting along with each other. Haruka prefers the plain and warm way of communication, while Maki prefers to bicker.

In fact, Li Yalin enjoys the process of ‘fighting’ with Maki.

You want me to be your opponent?

Okay, then I’ll be your opponent. Anyway, I am full of confidence in my imouto, she’ll definitely not lose.

“The first place? As expected of Yalin-kun, so bold! But I think Kana and the others will get the first place!”

One must not cower at a time like this, at least Maki feels that she must not show weakness.

Your imouto wants to get the first place?

Okay, I will support Kana to take the first place!

“Are you serious?”

Regarding Maki’s statement, Li Yalin twitched the corners of his mouth silently. It already surprise him that Kana would participate in this competition. Won the first place? Really? That silly girl?

“O-of course I am serious!”

Obviously, Maki also thought about the unreliability of the silly girl. It was only on an impulse before, she carelessly spoke out of support for Kana, but the reality is quite cruel.

Could Kana get the first place?

But all have been said and she can’t take it back, at least she can’t show weakness now.

“Then… as long as you are happy.”

Honestly, in a normal setting, Li Yalin should have make a bet with Maki. Then Chino’s three lolis comes on the stage and completely crushes the silly girl, and finally embarrassed Maki.

But he doesn’t like this kind of setting, especially against Maki this silly girl.
It’s miserable enough to support Kana in the heat of the moment. It would be too cruel of him if he add more insult to injury.

So, as long as she’s happy.

“What is this. It feels like you are pitying me.”

Maki express her anger when Li Yalin tapped her shoulder with a speechless face. Although she was not optimistic about Kana, something good may happen? Maybe Kana would create a miracle?

Why are you looking at me like that? You pity me?


She mustn’t give up, Kana must win the first place!

“Kana! Listen up, you must win the first place at all cost! Do you understand?”

Hurrying to the backstage to find Kana, Maki put her hands on the silly girl’s shoulders. Her expression was serious and her tone was dignified, which puzzled the silly girl.

“F-first place?”

Kana who had no idea what happened, had a question mark on her head. Why she have to take the first place?

It was not until Maki explained the situation concisely and comprehensively that she finally understood the current situation. In summary, they must compete for the first place?

“Don’t worry Maki, leave it to me! I’ll take the first place!”

Don’t know where the silly girl’s self-confidence came from. After hearing the story, instead of shrinking, she patted her chest and promised, as if the championship is already within her reach.

“Oh? So confident? I have faith in you!”

Although she come to inspire the silly girl out of anger, Maki herself didn’t have much confidence. But since Kana give her assurance, it means that she must have some card in hand.

Good! As long as she get the first place, she will be able to show off in front of Yalin-kun!

“Maki didn’t mean any harm, don’t take it to heart Yalin-kun…”

Maki went to look for Kana alone. Haruka’s large group hasn’t left yet. After all, everyone is acquaintance. It’s better to sit together after entering the venue.

However, Haruka felt that she should reasoned out about what just happens. They were all good friends of hers, and she did not want to make the two of them awkward because of this trivial matter.

“It’s okay, you think I didn’t know Maki’s character? We are just joking.”

How could Li Yalin take offense of Maki, it just a joke, Haruka doesn’t have to worry.

He ignored Maki’s prideful face after her return. Although he didn’t know where her confidence came from, the silly girl certainly wouldn’t disappoint him.

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