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“Quick! Kana is going to perform!”

After all, it’s just an original song and dance contest held by a middle school. Basically, only the family members of the students would come, and not every family member of the student has time to come either. So after entering the auditorium, the number of audiences are not as many as imagined.

But even so, there are certainly hundreds of people, and among them, Li Yalin’s group is the most eye-catching.

All in all, after the host’s announcement and principal’s congratulatory speech, the contest officially began, and the participating students took the stage one by one and started their performances.

It’s just the level of middle school students after all, nothing that catch the eyes. After each performance, giving a round of applause is already a great encouragement.

Li Yalin didn’t show much interest before Chino’s debut.

Oh no, not right, at least when the host announced that Kana was on stage, he still paid a little attention. He’s still very interested in what kind of show the silly girl was going to perform.

In contrast, the Minami family cheering group is going to be much excited, especially Maki, who has not forgotten to cast Li Yalin’s provocative look.

Girl, you are seeking your own death, you know?

As the curtain rises on the stage, the figures of three girls were reflected on the audiences eyes. The most eye-catching silly girl stands in the middle. On both sides of her, on the left is a short-haired girl with glasses, while on the right is a long-haired girl with a mole on the corner of her mouth.

They are all very eye-catching bishoujo, and their appearance impressed the audiences.

As the music sounded, the trio on the stage began to sing and dance. The songs they sang were new and popular songs recently, but their performance…

Alas… it was too terrible to look at.

It can be seen at first glance that the girl with short hair wearing glasses is a shy type. She just opens her mouth and doesn’t make a sound on stage, and her movements when dancing was too stiff, it felt like a robot.

As for the long-haired girl, she’s more relaxed, but she didn’t know how to cooperate. Basically, she was singing and dancing presumptuously alone, regardless of her companions.

Finally for Kana, she danced very hard, but she didn’t really sing very well.

Well, to summarize their performances, they are seriously out of tune!

The coordination of the three people on the stage is totally out of tune, it would be much better for them to sing separately.

As a professional, Li Yalin can only give this kind of evaluation, there’s no need to add extra words.

“How could this be…”

Li Yalin was not surprised by the silly girl’s performance. After all, the overall level of a middle school contest is not very good. Most of the contestants are of Kana’s level, or even worse.

But Maki can’t accept it. She had reminded Kana to perform well before, and Kana also vowed to take the first place.

The results?

Just this level?

“Maki-san …”

Her hope vanished with the silly girl’s performance. Her former confidence is gone, to the point of losing all her strength.

Li Yalin’s words sounded at this moment.


On the stage, the silly girl’s tone-deaf singing continued, and off the stage, Maki looks blankly at Li Yalin. Haruka were worried when she see this scene.

Yalin-san probably won’t say anything bad.

Haruka’s worries are completely unnecessary. How can Li Yalin say nasty things to a girl like Maki?

He just wanted to comfort Maki now.

“Be strong.”

Reached out and patted Maki’s shoulder twice, then nodded gently.

See, what a noble person he is. He didn’t hit his opponent while they are down, but comforted his opponent instead.

“You are such a mean guy.”

After patting Maki’s shoulder and saying some comfort words, Li Yalin quickly returned to his seat.

But Kowata Akane, who had been watching them from the start, couldn’t help but express her opinion.

What a terrible character to tease people like this!

Just look at her, she seems to be crying.

Okay, Maki is indeed about to cry, but not because of Li Yalin’s ‘comfort’. She just lamented that she had believed Kana’s nonsense.

What having confidence to take the first place, she’s just deceiving her!

Recalling her previous provocation, she now wanted to find a place to hide herself.

Such a disgrace!

“Mean? Akane-ne, you must be joking. I’m a man with integrity.”

Maki blushed to the base of her neck, with an expression of not wanting to look at other people. Li Yalin of course could see it, but he still had to refute Kowata Akane’s statement rigorously.

“You had integrity?”

Kowata Akane rolled her eyes toward Li Yalin’s self-boasting. He’ll put people with integrity to shame if those word were used on him.

“Onii-chan! Get ready with Akane-ne, Chino’s going to perform!”

Unfortunately, the conversation between Li Yalin and Kowata Akane did not last long. After the silly girl group leave the stage, the host quickly took over and called the names of Chino, Maya and Natsu-chan.

It turns out that they are just behind the silly girl, now it’s time for them to perform!

Under Cocoa’s reminder, now he can’t bother arguing with Kowata Akane. It’s now the time to unfold the huge cheering banner that has been prepared!

“It’s Chino!”

“Maya! Maya look here!”

“Do you best Natsu-chan!”

With the appearance of Chino’s trio, there were cheers from the audience. Other than Li Yalin’s group, Maya and Natsu-chan’s family members were also present, as well as their classmates who were also cheering them up.

Because this scene is too eye-catching, it caused the clueless audiences to look sideways. The three little guys on the stage all look cute, are they some kind of school stars?

The three little guys on the stage could see clearly the hustle and bustle under the stage. Cocoa really found the right timing. In this key moment, she let Li Yalin and Kowata Akane raised the banner, so the big cheering banners can’t be ignored by people.

Chino could only sigh deeply to this situation, and forcibly suppressed the shyness in her heart.

In any case, they must do their best after all the efforts!

Tokimeki Poporon!

Let’s start!

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