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For Cocoa worship, Li Yalin didn’t really worry for too long. Although she really liked Cat’s Eye manga, this girl is the type to lost interest quickly and will look for new things.

By the way, Li Yalin did not give his signature on the coffee cup, making her regretful.

Her sadness were ignored by Li Yalin. Otherwise, it will troubled Chino.

All in all, with the publication of Weekly Young GONGON’s first issue, his task was completed when the magazine was sold like a hot cakes.

This was the first daily task he completed and the first reward he get from daily tasks.

In the previous side task, the Cat Eye script he get earned him the first pot of gold. This time, the lottery reward he will receive naturally made him pay more attention.

So… open the lottery?

After the completion of daily tasks, Li Yalin’s system interface has a lottery option. The screen is very monotonous with a turntable plus a button.

The most important thing is that there is nothing on the turntable. After pressing the button, he don’t know what he will get.

In other words, this is simply a lucky draw and no one know what to get from it.

For this lottery system, Li Yalin really wanted tsukomi but he didn’t want to provoke the system. So after hesitate for a while, he quickly made up his mind and locked his eyes on the button.

He don’t know what will happen, but… come! My first draw!

As Li Yalin’s finger pressed the button, the pointer on the turntable began to rotate rapidly. After about a dozen seconds or so, the pointer slowly stopped. After a complete stop, a gift-packed box appeared in front of Li Yalin.

Like the system panel, this box is virtual. Li Yalin reached out a bit and the box opened automatically. After a white light flashed, a string of text appeared on the system interface.

Congratulations on drawing the adept level piano option – from the ‘Cat Eye’ world.

It’s over?

Adept level piano option?

From the Cat Eye world?

Before Li Yalin could express his surprise, the piano option on the music category instrument branch on the system was lit up. Unlike the manga skills that had to be upgraded before, this time the piano option has 500 proficiency directly to adept level.

It is for this reason that a lot of knowledge about music theory and piano performance suddenly flowed into Li Yalin’s brain giving him an instant equivalent to the adept level of piano performance, not leaving anything out.

Li Yalin can feel that he can easily play elegant music if a piano is in front of him, as if he was a born pianist.

This feeling is like getting a BUFF directly and still a permanent BUFF, I love it!

Li Yalin can beat this world’s mangaka after his manga level has reach adept level. Of course, one of the reason is the mangaka in this world is not that great. But more importantly, the level given by the system is indeed high.

Take the adept level of this piano. After reaching mastery, Li Yalin’s piano performance is absolutely comparable to that of professional pianists. Although it can’t match the real masters and cannot be the top piano master in the world. But under those masters, no one can compare with him.

Not to mention the adept level piano option will also automatically receive a special bonus, the piano performance attraction +3 BUFF is not a joke!

That is to say, Li Yalin has another ability other than the manga. But it just a piano performance… it seems not very profitable. After all, Li Yalin himself is not well-known so he can’t earn one hundred million from this.

Perhaps this ability will shine in the future, but not right now.

So… what does it mean from the Cat Eye world?

If this lottery draw is just an option to get an adept level piano, then Li Yalin will not comment on it. But deliberately using Cat Eye world in it makes him feel puzzled.

Is the draw of this system reward related to the manga he created?

Is there any special connection?

Although he really want to know the answer to this question, it is a pity that the system didn’t give him any answer. If he want to discover the truth, he can only study it little by little.

So after a lot of thinking, nothing more to say here. It’s great to get a reward and that’s it.

Yes, that’s it.

“I’m wondering… what are you guys doing?”

Although because of System Lottery, Li Yalin has the ability to compete with professional pianists. But this ability is not needed at the moment so he wan’t excited about it.

After getting the reward, Li Yalin went out of the room and go downstairs. Recently, he was preparing for school so he did not put his focus on manga. He wanted to take a good rest before the start of school. When the Cat Eye tankōbon is ready to start, he will put his all again to draw the next chapters.

To his surprise, after he went downstairs he found that the girls were holding a musical instrument and talking about something around the bar counter.

Chino holds a clarinet in her hand, Rize holds a violin and Cocoa is the most bizarre one. She actually holds a triangle in her hand.

These combination looks out of place, what are they doing?

While Li Yalin was surprised, he also wanted to know what happened.

“Yalin senpai! We are discussing how to increase Rabbit House revenue!”

Seeing Li Yalin coming, the most lively Cocoa immediately raised the triangle in her hand and was very excited to show it to him.

“Improve Rabbit House’s revenue? Using a triangle?”

Cocoa’s words made Li Yalin’s eyes wide open, completely wondering how a triangle can increase revenue.

Is this a triangle with magic power, can earn money as long as it rings?

Well, better not to say this tsukomi now.

“It’s music, music! With the three of us as a band to play wonderful music in the store. Customers will love Rabbit House for sure and will keep coming regulary!”

Regarding the ‘slow’ Li Yalin’s, Cocoa made a quick reminder and raised the triangle in her hand. She look excited right now.


Using music to attract regular customers?

Are you sure your dream is not to save the world with music?

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