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Along with the cheerful prelude, Chino’s immature voice echoed through the microphone for the first time throughout the auditorium.

Thanks to the many rehearsals, although it can be seen that Chino is somewhat nervous, she didn’t get a stage fright at all, but her performance is quite perfect.

Not only Chino, Natsu-chan and Maya also did not make any mistakes. They started with a perfect vocal connection, plus professional dance sensei choreographed dances, it’s like they are really a star idols on stage. The atmosphere of the entire auditorium was at its peak!

What is this… what is this song?

Why? Why does the heart seem to be filled with moe?

In this world, although the word moe has already appeared, it has not been used in various works at all. At best, everyone will say that this little animal is very cute and adorable, or that little girl’s actions are cute.

Such moe song is definitely the first time to appears.

Although the Yūgure released by K-On before has some cuteness, but it can’t be compared to this full of moe Tokimeki Poporon. At least Akiyama Mio and the others can’t sing with such a feeling.

As said before, this song is basically prepared for Chino’s the three lolis. No one can sing this song well apart from them!

In this moment, Chino, Maya and Natsu-chan had succeeded. After many exercises, they finally presented the most perfect dance music.

So moe!

So nice!

So cute!

This is probably the common voice of all audiences.

It turns out that a girl is such a cute creature?

Even many uncles and aunts who have entered middle age can’t help falling into it after listening to this song.

The three children on the stage are so cute!

“You… you cheated!”

At the end of the song, there was deafening applause in the auditorium. This song alone had conquered the hearts of all the audience. As the performers on the stage, Chino, Maya and Natsu-chan are also very excited and join hands with each other. Their excitement can be seen in their eyes.

Of course, after singing and dancing, the three loli are also bowed politely with the curtain calls, leaving only the audience who are still applauding, reminiscing about the song just now.

Only Maki, this girl, after experiencing the whole thing in daze. She then jumped up on her seat, and then rushed to Li Yalin, shouting while pointing to his nose.

“Cheating? Me?”

Li Yalin can’t catch up with her. What cheating? When did he cheat?

“You wrote that song for those kids, right?”

Seeing Li Yalin still showing a puzzled expression, Maki was so angry that he still want to perfuse such an obvious cheating?

“Yeah, so what?”

Of course a few middle school students can’t come up with such a song.

But why would Maki say he cheated?

“You still say that! They will definitely get the first place since it’s the song you wrote! So why don’t you tell me in advance?”

To be fair, if Maki knew that Li Yalin had written a song for Chino, she wouldn’t bet on Kana to get the first place even if she was forced to. It was nothing but self-defeating.

But unfortunately, Li Yalin didn’t say anything, and made her lose such a big face. This isn’t cheating?

“But you didn’t ask.”

What do you want from me?

Li Yalin regarded himself quite innocent to Maki’s statement. She leave too quickly at that time, how could he have the opportunity to tell her about it.

And if it was really intentional, would he admit it?

Of course not!

“You… you are bullying me!”

Maki can’t take it when she was played like this. The next moment she turned around and ran out of the auditorium quickly.

“Ah, you made the girl cry.”

Maki ran away, but Li Yalin, who was still sitting there, was watched by all kinds of people, especially Kowata Akane.

“As the saying goes, women love bad guys. Does our Yalin going to be a bad man so that girls can fall in love with him? You seems to have succeeded!”

Success, my ass!

Li Yalin glared at Kowata Akane’s exaggeration.

“Sister… you should stop…”

Although the tit-for-tat between Li Yalin and Kowata Akane has become a common practice, everyone has long been used to their quarreling, but it would create a bad impression if it was done in front of outsiders.

Gently pulled Kowata Akane’s arm, Makoto didn’t want them to quarrel in such a place.

“Yalin brother, shouldn’t you go after her?”

After grabbing her sister, Makoto’s worried gaze also turned to Li Yalin. Is it really okay to let Maki sempai ran away like that?

“I… will look for her…”

Honestly, Li Yalin always feels that if he catches up with Maki now, he will easily set up Love FLAG. This kind of trope is not uncommon in various novel and manga.

Not chasing her, but there are so many eyes around watching. In fact, it is not only Makoto who is worried. Haruka, Atsuko, Rize and Cocoa all looked at him.

Forget it, just chase her. Reality is not a novel anyways, there’s no such thing as FLAG in real life.

Pressing his temple, Li Yalin finally got up and chased after Maki, and indeed he did not spend much effort to find Maki.

After all, she didn’t run far.

“Yo, still angry?”

Outside the auditorium, Maki was leaning against the corner with her head lowered, making it difficult to see her expression.

To be honest, in Li Yalin’s impression, Maki’s personality has always been very cheerful, it was really rare for her to be like this.

With her thick nerves, would she really cry because of this little thing?

Did she get shaken up by something today?

“Yalin, tell me… am I an idiot?”

Hearing Li Yalin’s voice, Maki slowly raised her head. Her eyes were slightly red, but she didn’t really shed tears.

But her question…

Yo, isn’t that obvious?

“Why are you asking that…”

Scratching his head, Li Yalin certainly couldn’t say that to her, but he couldn’t ignore her question.

He himself wasn’t clear why Maki would ask this suddenly.

“I know I am not very bright. I am neither as smart and gentle as Haruka, nor as understanding as Atsuko. I am just an idiot.”

Hey, girl, your thoughts are a bit dangerous.

She’s in love, right?

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