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Sure enough, She get agitated by something?

Her behaviour today was quite normal at the beginning. Above all, their bickering was not one or twice but has become a daily routine.

But she got a little weird after Chino and the others finished singing.

To tell the truth, she should instead be angry if she really doesn’t want to lose and feels cheated. But to suddenly asks such a question with reddened eyes…

Girl, you are troubling me!

“Then what… do you have someone you like?”

In any case, Maki’s state is very wrong. Although Li Yalin has no real love experience, it does not prevent him from acquiring such knowledge from various works.

It feels like Maki likes a boy, but feels stupid and unworthy of him.

The melancholy of a girl?

Li Yalin already seemed to smell the sour smell of love.

However… the original plot never mention that Maki has any favorites. Not many boys in the class can talk with her, and he’s the one who talk to her the most.

Could it be someone outside of school?

Li Yalin cautiously probed even though he wasn’t so sure about the situation.

“So-someone I like? Wha… what a joke! How could I have someone I like!”

It was clearly a probing question, but it made her like a cat being stepped on the tail, she got all worked up.

Flushed face and hands waving around, but kept retorting, isn’t this make it more obvious?

The truth… has been revealed!

“Alright, I got it. So you don’t have anyone you like, right?”

Li Yalin already knows Maki’s situation, a girl with unrequited love, he has seen everything.

But it would just made her more embarrassed if he keep mentioning it, so let’s just follow what she said.

“I don’t have anyone I like! Keep this in mind! And you must never mention it to Haruka and Atsuko!”

Li Yalin followed what she said, but he didn’t expect her to actually take a step forward and grabbed his collar directly.

Listening to her warnings, Li Yalin has only one thing to say now.

Get closer and we will be kissing each other!

“All in all, I don’t have anyone I like, that’s it!”

Maki probably also found out that her action was inappropriate. With a blush on her face, she finally loosened Li Yalin’s collar. But even so, she still did not forget to emphasize it again, so that he does not forget.

“Okay, I’ll keep it a secret, is this all right?”

It was the first time that Li Yalin saw Maki like this. With her face glows bright red, it made her looks cuter.

Speaking of which, Maki is also a beautiful girl. He subconsciously overlook her since everyday he saw so many beautiful girls.

As for the one she likes… she doesn’t want to say, so let’s not say it.

“That’s right!”

Maki finally calmed down a bit after he said those words. And after a slight nod, she took a peek at him.

Seeing his calm expression, except for a little curiosity, there were no other expressions, which made her feel a bit annoyed.


Big wood!


This guy is a dull idiot!

“Let’s go, everyone is still waiting for us.”

Just when Maki was upset, Li Yalin’s hand was already stretched out in front of her. When she look up, what caught her eye was the familiar and handsome face and the gentle smile.

Really… there’s no helping him.

Gently holding Li Yalin’s hand, Maki walked with him back to the auditorium.

He’s a blockhead… but… that’s all right.

Following Li Yalin silently, Maki sighed softly. She wasn’t aware that it was for the best.

However, what Maki didn’t know was that Li Yalin, who walked in front of her and couldn’t see his expression at all, was tangled and helpless.

Damn it!

He himself said no Love FLAG, but it was really that FLAG!

Why does Maki like him? When did it start?

Yes, no matter how low his emotional intelligence is, there’s no way he fail to understand Maki’s mood. Looking back on all the previous events, isn’t the result was already obvious?

But what can he do even if knows Maki’s feeling?

Accept her?

Date her?

Yes he can, but what about after going out?

It’s not that Li Yalin’s being overconscious, but in fact, there are indeed many girls who have a good impression of him. Not to mention, he can feel Haruka had some feelings for him, and Kohinata senpai is also one of them. Uomi student president better left unsaid, she almost always express her feelings through her speech.

Li Yalin’s feelings for these girls are actually very complicated. They used to be his favorite anime characters. Switching to reality, after in-depth contact and interaction, he has an intuitive understanding of these girls, and it made him like them even more.

Reality is not a novel or manga. He couldn’t just say that he’s going to create a harem, because every girl is a living person with thoughts and feelings that belong to them.

Can he really date Haruka after becoming Maki’s boyfriend, then captured Kohinata Yukari, and finally pull Uomi into the harem?

Come on, he will be just a scumbag who plays with women if he really do that, and gets hacked by machete would be a matter of course.

All in all, he felt that he had to treat the girl’s relationship issues with caution. At least for now, he could only pretend to be dull and could not give Maki any answer.

As for the future…

Forget it, take one step at a time, no one can predict the future…

The relationship issues gave him a huge headache. After all, he has no experience and does not know a good way to solve it.

Let’s just take it slow.

Yes, that’s it!

Li Yalin quickly made a decision while leading Maki back. When he appeared in front of everyone again, he had already back to his usual self.

“Yo, our casanova is back! Is it done?”

As Kowata Akane who likes to make trouble most, she laughed and teased immediately after seeing Li Yalin successfully brought back Maki.

In a sense, she should get along well with the silly girl.

But Li Yalin directly rolled his eyes to her teasing and didn’t bother to talk crap with her.

And it was Kowata Akane’s teasing that Maki also let go of Li Yalin’s hand as if getting an electric shock, this scene was not seen by many people because she was standing behind Li Yalin.

Only Atsuko, who saw her friend return, saw the brief scene of them holding hands after she greeted them with joy.


Seeing his friend’s blushing face, Atsuko suddenly seemed to have noticed something…

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    Come on, he will be just a scumbag who plays with women if he really do that, and gets hacked by machete would be a matter of course.

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