Cafe 262

“Wow! Chino got the first place!”

“Congratulations Chino!”

“Well done!”

“They sings very well, and their dancing is great too.”

The quarrel between Li Yalin and Maki is actually just an episode of this song and dance contest. The real protagonists are Chino, Maya and Natsu-chan who stand on the stage to receive the award.

Of course they won the first prize of this contest with their performances. Just like Natsu-chan’s mother said, taking such works into this competition is basically a cannon and mosquitoes. It would be too shady if they didn’t get the first place.

Of course that won’t happen in a school small contest. The three of them deserve the first place.

After Chino and the others stepped down, they were greeted by the encouragement and cheers of their relatives and friends, as well as the endless applause from the surrounding audiences.

Their performance was just that great, it was beyond wonderful!


Being praised by family and friends, and encouraged by strangers makes the three lolis feel proud and stressed, but they are very clear about who brought them all this.

So when she came to Li Yalin, Chino unexpectedly took the initiative to stretch out her hands and put her arms around Li Yalin’s waist. Then, Maya and Natsu-chan also seemed to be of the same mind, to the left and right of Chino, they also hug him strongly.

“Thank you onii-chan!”

Embraced by the lovely imouto, thanked by the cute lolis, what should he say in a situation like this?

Without him!

For him, this life has been worth it!

“We have dinner at noon, it’s my treat!”

The feeling of helplessness just over Maki’s feelings has been completely healed by the lolis.

Today, Chino, Maya and Natsu-chan won the first place. As a celebration, he must invite everyone to have a good meal!

Everyone must participate!

No one can be less!

The lunch at noon cost Li Yalin a lot of money. Although Maya’s parents and Natsu-chan’s mother didn’t come to join in the fun, he included the Haruka family and their friends.

Anyway, they are all friends, eat and drink together to celebrate.

Oh, by the way, this is not only a celebration feast for Chino and the others, but also a consolation feast for the silly girl. She really need some console since she didn’t even get a consolation prize.

Haruka wanted to refuse Li Yalin’s invitation at first. She has a lot of people on her side, so it would cost him a lot of money if he treat them.

But she was being pulled constantly by the silly girl and Chiaki, coupled with Li Yalin’s insistence, she reluctantly agreed. However, according to her request, they can’t go to an expensive restaurants, just ordinary family restaurants.

Even the civilian family restaurants are not cheap.

It’s a pity that Li Yalin didn’t follow Haruka’s request. Since it was a celebration and consolations, everyone must eat and drink well. Originally, he wanted to invite everyone to eat kaiseki cuisine, but now…

Can’t only have a barbecue?

At least everyone was having a great time, right?

If Li Yalin’s group did not arrange this afternoon, a simple celebration would certainly not satisfy him. Don’t forget that they still has plans to go to Land of Flowers this afternoon, so they can’t waste too much time.

After eating the barbecue, Li Yalin’s and Haruka’s bid farewell, Mihari and Rinna will also return to work in the magazine.

They took a leave in order to support Chino. Thanks to Li Yalin, the loli chief editor approved the leave so readily.

And after giving their support, they must devote themselves to intense work again.

The magazines have many project recently, and the loli chief editor has a big appetite. She wants to do both games and anime. She simply overworked the people under her.

Sure enough, starting a company takes a lot of time, but fortunately, he just draw manga and write novels.

It’s great to be so leisurely!

“Gifts! Onii-chan, we want to buy gifts!”

After saying goodbye to everyone, Li Yalin’s group did not go home immediately. It was their first time to go to otherworld or to be a guest at Land of Flowers. The girls agreed that they should be well prepared.

Gift for fairies, this is absolutely necessary!

So, what is the best gift for fairies?

The answer is simple –sweets and cookies!

Everyone in otherworld is a foodie. This concept has been deeply imprinted in everyone’s minds. From the Red Queen to the middle-aged swordmaster, they all regard food as their heaven. Even fairies are no exception.

Of course, the gifts for the fairies must be edible.

In this way, Li Yalin led the girls on a raid trip to the supermarket.

Sweet candy? Buy!

Sweet chocolate? Buy!

A refreshing fruit drink? Buy!

Delicious cake? Buy!

A refreshing ice cream? Buy!

Buy! Buy! Buy!

After the crazy shopping, Li Yalin and the girls had big bags full of snacks in their hands. After the checkout, everyone come to their senses.

Aren’t they buying too many?

It’s a lot, but… there’s nothing wrong with it, is it?

The gift purchase is complete, so next, let’s set out to otherworld!

Starting from Red Queen, otherworld restaurant had four batch of guests, so Li Yalin also has the permission to open four otherworld gates, taking everyone to the Land of Flowers wasn’t a problem.

Before opening the door, he looked at the expressions of the girls. They were really excited, as if they were about to witness history, which made him chuckle in secret.

But think about it carefully, he would have the same expressions as the girls if he had no experience in crossing worlds and encounter otherworld gate for the first time.

It was crossing over after all!

Forget it, don’t leave everyone in suspense, open the door!

There is no mysterious scene with the opening of the otherworld gate, just simply opening the door, the beautiful scenery belonging to the Land of Flowers immediately caught everyone’s eyes.

Girls like Cocoa and Chino, who have been living in big cities, rarely have the opportunity to see scenes outside the city, and even travel to the suburbs is rare.

So when the beautiful scenery appeared, it was a matter of course that all the girls were in shock.

Even Li Yalin was shocked.

What a beautiful view!

The emerald green grass, the blue sky, the blue lush woods, plus the fairy-tale castle not far away, and the rainbow floating above.

Is this Land of Flowers?

It’s like a fairyland on earth!

“Welcome to Land of Flowers!”

Before everyone could appreciate the scenery outside the door carefully, the voices of the fairies suddenly spread to everyone’s ears.

Yes, this is the first time a friend of fairy tribe has stepped into Land of Flowers. Whether it was Queen of Tiana or the people of Land of Flowers, they all hope to receive friends with the highest standards of etiquette!

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