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The fairies of Land of Flowers dispatched the whole tribe to welcome their friends. Except for the fairies in important positions, almost all the citizen of Land of Flowers are present.

Although the figure of the fairy is very petite, but the scene of a large number of fairy show up is undoubtedly very amazing.

That Queen… she make it really grand.

Li Yalin was a little speechless with the huge fairy force. Wasn’t the fairy tribe is very anti-human? Why the whole tribe welcoming them?

He thought that even if they became a friend of the fairies, Tiana would just make a simple welcoming ceremony for them.

But she make it this grand!

But it wasn’t surprising as there is a difference between otherworld people and humans in this world, and the fairies must be very clear of this. Especially with the fairy of Land of Flowers small population, they basically knows everything with just from word of mouth.

The most important thing is that with the influx of otherworld cuisine, the fairies who have been to the otherworld restaurant have collectively fallen, while the fairy who has not been there has their own delusion, so there’s no way they would hate otherworld human friends.

“Let’s go.”

Looking at the girls who were frightened by the fairy tribe’s welcoming line up, Li Yalin smiled slightly, carrying a gift in one hand, and holding Chino’s little hand in the other.

Let’s officially start our trip to otherworld.

Start with this Land of Flowers!

“Wow! So beautiful!”

“Cindy! I miss you so much!”

Although they were quite reserved because of the surprise at the beginning, the girls soon saw acquaintances in the fairy welcome line. With friends, their reservations dissipated a lot, and not long after, everyone returned to normal and soon blend into the fairies.

Unfortunately, Li Yalin can’t have fun with the fairy like the girls.

“Welcome, my friend.”

Queen Tiana greeted him personally. This is not only a representative of etiquette, but more importantly, she still has very important things to discuss with him.

Yes, both Queen Tiana and fairy tribe elders are very concerned about otherworld restaurant and Li Yalin himself. So for his visit, besides visiting Land of Flowers, there are a lot of business affairs to discuss.

As for the so-called official business of fairies, it goes without saying that it’s about the delicious food.

“This flavour! It’s completely different from our country’s nectar.”

“Ah… I can’t stop tasting this refreshing sweetness!”

“I haven’t eaten this yet! Don’t take mine!”

Chino and Cocoa were playing happily with the fairies. While on Li Yalin’s side, he met the elders of the fairy tribe with Queen Tiana, and had in-depth communication with those elders.

The content of the exchange is basically the fairy elders asking and he answers, and even at the end, those elders still actively mentioned that they want to taste otherworld food.

He had given Tiana some takeaway food, but they pretended to have never eaten it before. What are these fairy elders really want?

But for those beautiful fairy elders, Li Yalin is also happy to pretend to be ignorant. You want to eat? No problem, I’ll give you guys some food!

Li Yalin had brought many gifts in preparation for his visit to Land of Flowers, so he immediately took it out to share them with the elders, and then the above scene happened.

The fairies was really addicted to sweetness, they really can’t stop eating.

Queen Tiana covered her eyes after seeing her own elders fighting for food regardless of their guest.

Shame! Such a shame!

“So in summary, the fairy tribe intends to place long-term orders on my side?”

Putting aside the fairy elder disgraceful act, Li Yalin has already figured out the intention of the fairy tribe.

To put it bluntly, fairies want delicious sweets and want to use otherworld restaurant as a long-term ordering channel.

The number of places that can go to the otherworld restaurant is limited. And after eating without paying for so long, let alone Queen Tiana can not accept it, even those foodie elders will feel ashamed.

Even as a friend, they can’t just keep being a freeloader, right?

The fairies are quite self-aware of this.

For this reason, after a high-level meeting, Queen Tiana and the elders made a decision, hoping to order food through human transactions. Especially the convenient storage of candies and juices, they felt that the more the better.

Looks like they are actually planning to store a lot.

“Yes, this is our plan, but we also know that such delicious food must be expensive, so we plan to show our sincerity.”

“This is the space equipment made by using all the elder magic power of our Land of Flowers. It’s counted as part of this transaction. In addition, my Land of Flowers specialties can also be included in the transaction list.”

“I’m sorry, the fairy tribe doesn’t have human currency. It may make you lose money, but this is all we can come up with.”

Of course the fairies have to pay for it since it is a transaction. But the fairies’ payment is far more exaggerated than imagined.

At least Li Yalin didn’t expect that going to Land of Flowers with his party would let him come across the space equipment he dreamed of!

Space ring made by Land of Flowers fairy!

To be honest, although the space ring is very common in the novel and manga, in fact, the scarcity of this thing is comparable to an artifact! At least in this otherworld, humans who had the qualifications to obtain space equipment can be counted with one hand.

This came as no surprise, the premise of making space equipment is to be proficient in space magic. And those who had proficient in space magic, only the ancient wood elf who dominated the mainland in the legend, and the fairy of Land of Flowers that has become a legend at this point.

And even for the fairy of Land of Flowers, only the Grand Mage of the elder level can produce space equipment.

This shows how scarce space equipment is, not to mention that the ring in front of Li Yalin has exhausted all elder’s magic power from Land of Flowers.

In every sense, Li Yalin had gained a lot this time!

Artifact! Artifact!

It’s unexpectedly in his possession?

Playing with the space ring in his hand, Li Yalin was very excited right now, because he had long wanted such a space ring.

If there was such a ring in the world of Gakkou Gurashi, he can search for supplies in an entire city in a short time!

Absolutely no problem!

After all, this is a very large space ring with a hundred cubic meters of space. Not to mention the supplies, he can even put tanks in it!

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