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Li Yalin were overjoyed from getting a space ring, naturally he immediately played around with the ring.

After Queen Tiana’s introduction, he quickly mastered how to use the space ring. As long as he uses magic power… that is, his spiritual power, he can open the ring and take out or put things in at will.

However, this ring is slightly different from the space equipment he imagined, and it also needs attention.

The space ring in most novels basically belongs to a constant and static space. All the things stored in it can ignore the law of time, what it looks like when put in, and it will be that when it taken out.

But it doesn’t work like that in reality. Even if the fairy’s magic power is powerful, it is impossible to ignore the interference of the law of time.

So no matter what Li Yalin puts in the ring, he cannot ignore the law of time. Like if he put a box of cakes, he will only harvest a box of moldy cakes after a month.

From this point of view, there should be air in the space ring, as well as various microorganisms, but this ring cannot store life bodies.

For example, humans and animals cannot be stored in it.

However, plant can be put in a ring, which is very incomprehensible.

Could this ring be able to sort out the storable and non-storable categories based on the intelligence of the living body?

Regarding this, even Queen Tiana could not give an affirmative answer. She could only explain that this was the interference of the law of space. As for the basis of interference, she wasn’t very clear either.

Of course, Li Yalin is not a person who likes to question everything. Don’t ask more if they weren’t clear either. He is not a magician, so no point going into too much detail.

Just getting this ring is enough for him.

What’s more, the gains of his visit to Land of Flowers are far more than that.

From a factual point of view, Tiana and the elders worked overtime and even consumed all the magic power to make this space ring. They had their own plans.

One must know, the materials needed by Land of Flowers are not a small amount. It will definitely take time and effort if the fairies alone act on their own.

Conversely, if Li Yalin is willing to help transport, letting him carry space equipment with him is also a measure to benefit the fairy tribe.

Otherwise, Tiana would not have said that Li Yalin suffer losses.

The space equipment is good, but not everyone needs it. They don’t know what Li Yalin thinks.

Probably because of guilt, Queen Tiana is quite generous, and all the specialties of Land of Flowers are open to Li Yalin. As long as he needs them, they can be counted as trading items.

Land of Flowers is rich in fruits and nectar, various spellcasting items, and a magical medium with powerful magic power. He can also get a few more Fantasy Seeds if he wants.

What the hell?

They spend heavily just to eat?

Queen is so generous, it makes people embarrassed to cheat her, right?

In general, Li Yalin’s first otherword trip was very rewarding. Not only did he see the legendary Land of Flowers, but also the various fairy specialties made him earn a lot.

In this case, he must pay back the fairy tribe.

Stock up!

A lot of stocking!

After finishing the otherword trip, he ignored the girls who were still remembering the happy time. The first thing Li Yalin did was to contact the loli chief editor to ask her to purchase a large amount of supplies through consignment and deliver the supplies he needed to the designated location.

Since the fairies are so sincere, Li Yalin doesn’t want to delay. So he have to get everything done in the fastest time.

Minano Matome’s loli chief editor has a wide range of channels, and can help him get everything done in a short time. Of course, the loli chief editor was also very curious of what he’s going to do with buying so many things.

She even thought that Li Yalin was looking for inspiration to create new works on candy and beverages.

In this regard, Li Yalin can only say that she has too much imagination and overthink things. After giving her some random reason, he uses the space ring in his hand as a porter.

After several consecutive shipments, he finally transported all the supplies to Land of Flowers. For this reason, he also gained the fairy favor, Queen Tiana favorability, and Land of Flowers reputation.

He gained a lot of fairy’s favorability.

Li Yalin sighed after leaving Land of Flowers, why it feels like he was cheating his friends?

The batches of materials sent to Land of Flowers, even if they are not low in value, are completely incomparable with the Space Ring. Not to mention the fairies have paid so many specialties.

But thinking carefully, the concept of fairy is different from that of human beings. In his eyes, he was cheating them, but in the eyes of the fairies, perhaps they still think that he suffered losses.

This situation is really hard to evaluate.

Forget it, don’t fret about such trivial matters. He can slowly compensates the fairy if he feel like he was cheating them. Anyway, the friendship has been formed, and he and the girls have become the most welcome guests of Land of Flowers.

This is their first visit to Land of Flowers, and definitely not the last.

All in all, with Li Yalin’s large supply of supplies, Queen Tiana finally doesn’t have to organize troops to go to the restaurant every day. The sweets sent by Li Yalin have been enough for the fairies to consume for a long time.

But even so, if occasionally she has free time, she will still bring some guards, pass through the otherworld gate to the otherworld restaurant, and taste the delicacies made by him.

No matter how good the mass-produced sweets are, it can’t be replaced with Li Yalin’s craftsmanship. This is the conclusion that Queen Tiana came to after several visits to otherworld restaurants.

In that case, what reason does she have to stop patronizing?

Just like this, Li Yalin doesn’t need to entertain fairy in large quantities every day, but he has to prepare food for Queen Tiana who comes occasionally.

At this point, the otherworld restaurant finally has a fourth fixed guest, but no one knows when the fifth guest will arrive.

After seeing otherword Dragon God, human swordmaster, wood elf apprentice and Land of Flowers fairy queen, both Li Yalin and the girls are looking forward to the next guests.

It’s a pity that otherworld gate can’t be easily find. After a few days, it’s not the guest that await them, but the Hot Holiday Music Festival folk band selection final.

Yes, after the fierce competition, the preliminary rounds of the selection event finally came to an end.

Next, is the battle to snatch tickets to the festival!

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