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Li Yalin got the selection finals ticket through Kohinata Yukari.

Speaking of it, this selection finals is quite simple. The twelve bands participating in the finals will go on the stage to sing in turn. The live audience will vote after all the performances are over.

The bands that have won the top three will officially enter the stage of the festival.

It was really a simple and crude selection method.

But this is not surprising as the world’s cultural and entertainment industry is still too weak, and even talent shows has not emerged yet. This selection of folk bands has already created a precedent. Of course, it didn’t have elimination round like in Li Yalin’s original world.

In a talent show that he knows, the participants will be reduced from twelve into ten, ten into eight, eight into seven, seven into six, and two into one. In addition, it was interlaced with various seeding games, which means you can lost anytime!

It’s a pity that this finals will end in just one night, and each band has only one chance to appear on stage. Until the top three bands are selected, the top champion will be eligible to sing an encore for the audience.

“Wow! So nervous! It’s about to start soon!”

After knowing how the finals will process, Li Yalin was more relaxed. Just sing a song and it’s done, there is no easier competition than this.

But unlike him, the several girls who were his companions all seems nervous.

Especially dumb Yui, she’s obviously not participating, but she’s the one who is out of breath and cried out nervously.

Hey! Mio-chan will break down if you keep doing that!

To say that among the participating members, the most stressful is Akiyama Mio. This girl is innately shy and is not good at facing the audience. Everyone tried really hard to convince her to go on stage.

But even so, she is still shaken now. If dumb Yui made her more stressful, God knows if she will just run away.

“Alright, don’t be so nervous. We are just going to the stage to sing a song and take the champions. Nothing complicated.”

He patted dumb Yui’s little head, not letting her continue.

“And Mio-chan, you are already school idols, haven’t you been asked to take photos with autographs lately? Still not conscious of being an idol?”

Pressing down the dumb Yui’s head, Li Yalin turned to MIO again. He can’t let her keep wavering like this, or she will break down later.

If it can’t make her grow, then at least let her get stronger. Otherwise how would she face the tens of thousands of audiences?

“Hehe, senpai you don’t say, Mio-chan is really not that self-conscious. Every time a fan asks her for an autograph, the words she writes are like scribble. She also hides when she sees someone who wants to take a photo with her, and when she can’t hide, the photos that taken with difficulty are super funny!”

After so many days of practice, the four girls of Ousai Academy light music club have become so familiar with Li Yalin. Not only the way they address each other has changed, but the relationship between them has also become very close.

So, Tainaka Ritsu smirked unscrupulously, then took out her mobile phone and showed Li Yalin a photo.

Really, although the MIO in the mobile phone is facing the camera, she’s smiling as if the corners of her mouth are cramped, it looks really funny.

After seeing it, it almost made him laugh.

This is too funny.

“Ritsu-chan! What are you doing!”

Akiyama Mio was under great pressure right now. Even with Li Yalin’s words, it didn’t help her much.

But her childhood friend, Li Yalin can’t handle MIO, but Ritsu can easily grasp her lifeline.

As soon as the photo came out, MIO instantly regained her vitality. Not only that, she also directly sanctioned Ritsu with an iron fist. In a state of anger she hit her with lightning speed, which made even Li Yalin a bit stunned.

In the end, Ritsu’s mobile phone was taken away, the photos on the mobile phone were deleted. Even a big lump was added to her head –it was from MIO’s hit.

Honestly, Ritsu really likes to find trouble.

It’s a pity that the photo is quite memorable but was deleted so fast, which is really disappointing.

“Don’t worry, I have made a backup. If senpai wants, I can sent it to you.”

Perhaps Li Yalin’s disappointment is really so obvious. Taking advantage of MIO’s not paying attention, Ritsu then secretly said such a thing in his ear.

She even made a backup!

Ritsu GJ!

“Please give me a copy!”

Li Yalin didn’t show much hesitation. And MIO who is still a bit tangled, has never found the back trade between his childhood friend and senpai.

“My kindred spirits. Senpai.”

Ritsu eyes light up when she saw that Li Yalin really wanted a picture of Mio-chan, What you call this? Like-minded person?

“You flatter me.”

Li Yalin showed a faint smile toward Ritsu. He didn’t care whether he has the same interest as Ritsu or not, but MIO’s photos was that precious, that’s something he can’t miss!

“Senpai, Ritsu-chan, what are you guys talking about? Let me join!”

Li Yalin and Tainaka Ritsu whispering on the side, which attracted the interest of dumb Yui. This girl likes to join in the fun. She is also very close to Li Yalin and Ritsu, so she wants to join them too.

Unfortunately, the dialogue between Li Yalin and Ritsu has ended, and they had no plan to inform dumb Yui of the situation at the moment.

“Go away, this is a conversation between adults, children can’t listen.”

Just like chasing a child away, Ritsu waved out her hand to shooed her away, but her behavior made dumb Yui pouts.

“Mio-chan! Tsumugi-chan! Ritsu-chan bullied me! She only talked to senpai about adult topics, and don’t want me to listen!”

Dumb Yui was upset, and immediately seek help to MIO and Kotobuki ojou-sama. But her words sounds too ambiguous.

“A topic among adults?”

Frowning and looking at Li Yalin and Tainaka Ritsu, Akiyama Mio’s showed a very strange expression.

The adult topic between a man and a woman cannot be heard by Yui-chan.

What could it be?

Is it a topic among adults?

“Ah, that’s so unexpected.”

Obviously, Kotobuki ojou-sama had the same thought with MIO, which surprised her a little and covered her mouth with a look of disbelief.

“Eh? Mio-chan and Tsumugi-chan, you guys know what the topic is?”

Her friends reaction was beyond dumb Yui’s expectations, and it made her even more confused.

What kind of topic is that, why everyone made it so mysterious?

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