Cafe 266

What is the topic between the adults? Dumb Yui is doomed to get no answer to this question. For her repeated inquiries, Li Yalin can only commit ‘atrocity’ in the end!

“The finals is about to start. Before that, we have to train to the best condition! Especially Yui-chan. As a consonant guitarist, you may also be on stage, so the training must be doubled!”


In this way, under dumb Yui’s wailing, the band’s daily training continued. Time passed almost in the blink of an eye, and the finals arrived.


On the day of the finals, Li Yalin and his partner Kohinata Yukari met at the school gate. The two of them were the first to arrive. The meeting time was set at 8am, but at 7am in the morning they found each other figure at the school gate.

Li Yalin is always very calm, as if he has never taken this game to heart, so logically speaking, he should not come so early.

As his partner, Kohinata Yukari is almost the person who knows him best. After all, she spends the most time with him apart from the girls in the house.

He is not such a motivated person to come nearly an hour earlier. Is there any other explanation besides being nervous?

“It’s just a small game, what can I be nervous about.”

After the two met, Kohinata Yukari couldn’t help but chuckled, but Li Yalin shook his head very helplessly.

“I don’t know what happened to the girl at home. She drove me out of the house early in the morning. I am obviously the protagonist today! She didn’t even cheer me on, and even kick me away. What in the world is this!”

Yes, Li Yalin is really helpless at the moment. It wasn’t out of nervousness that he came to school early.

Just this morning, Cocoa who love to dawdle in bed, actually got up earlier than anyone else. Not only did she raid his room in the morning, she also pulled him to wash and eat, and then drove him out of the house after he finished his meal.

According to her, today is a big day for the game, and must not be late.

But even for not being late, it doesn’t have to be so early, right?

What is that girl doing?

Li Yalin is still at a loss.

“Looks like Cocoa is hiding something from you.”

Unlike Uomi student president, Li Yalin didn’t really mind Kohinata Yukari have contact with his own girls. In fact, he took Kohinata Yukari to Rabbit House to let her get acquainted with his imoutos.

Because of this, Kohinata Yukari raised the corners of her mouth. As expected of the third-grade goddess, her smile is really beautiful.

Unfortunately, there are really not many lucky people who have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful scenery.

“Yeah, when the imouto grown up, they started to hide things from their onii-chan.”

Li Yalin nodded in frustration to Kohinata Yukari’s statement. Although he and Cocoa are not biological siblings, a large part of the reason for being called onii-chan is based on Chino, but in any case, he regards Cocoa as his imouto. Now he feels she is hiding something from him, which made him feel that his imouto had grown up.

“Well, your siscon disease should be cured. Girls have their own little secrets.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s frustrated look, Kohinata Yukari suddenly reached out and knock his forehead.

As a partner, they are very familiar with each other. She is also very clear about Li Yalin’s character.

Rather, Li Yalin didn’t even think about hiding anything from her. Except for magic and otherworld restaurants that could not be told to her for the time being, he would basically mention many interesting things that happened at home.

He also informed her of his mangaka identity as Lilin sensei.

Speaking of it, when Kohinata Yukari knew the truth, her expression was indeed very surprised. But she was able to accept his identity quickly, and her attitude towards him remained unchanged.

She didn’t show any sense of alienation and distance.

In fact, this is why Li Yalin is willing to tell her everything. Because when he’s with her, he feel very comfortable no matter what topics are being discussed.

Kohinata Yukari is such a gentle girl.

“If siscon is a sickness, I may already beyond cure.”

It’s precisely because Li Yalin had nothing to hide when facing Kohinata Yukari, so Li Yalin is also shake his head slightly, and smiled jokingly.

And just as he said this, the two of them looked at each other and laughed together very tacitly.

“Speaking of which, the time we have been partners is obviously not very long, but it feels like we have been together for a long time.”

It was on a rest day, except for the students who would participate in club training, no one would come to the school at all, so there were only Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari at the school gate.

It was too early before the agreed meeting time, the two who facing each other while smiling, stood together waiting for everyone to arrive.

Leaning gently against the wall next to the school gate, after a short silence, Kohinata Yukari suddenly said this with emotion.

“Really? Actually I am the same, as if we have known each other a long time ago.”

Li Yalin also nodded to her word, but he alone understood the meaning of his words.

Perhaps Kohinata Yukari will have this feeling because of the relationship and understanding between the two, but for him, he has known her for a long time.

Even though… he only knows her from anime’s works.

“It seems like we are of the same heart on this.”

Perhaps she liked Li Yalin’s statement very much, Kohinata Yukari’s face showed a smile again.

“It’s like dreaming. You and Uomi student president suddenly came to me to become a school idol. At first, I really thought you two were trying to tease me.”

Looking up at the clouds in the sky, Kohinata Yukari seemed to be reminiscing about the past.

“But… we actually succeeded. Although we don’t know where we will go in the future, but club president… Yalin, I am very happy now, really happy.”

Looking at Kohinata Yukari who reminisce about the past, Li Yalin did not interrupt her words, but looked at her quietly, listened to her words, and felt her mood.


She was that happy?

This is the first time she called him by name, she usually referred to him as club president.

So now…

Kohinata senpai want to open up her heart?

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