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For a long time, Kohinata Yukari seems to be passively accepting. Since she was persuaded to become a school idol, she has been following Li Yalin’s way.

Practicing together, eating together, and even going home occasionally. Just let things happen, and flow with it.

When the two of them were together, although they basically talked about everything and often laughed together, it was the first time that they had a dialogue like today that seemed to reveal one true feelings.

In Li Yalin’s opinion, Kohinata Yukari has a very good relationship with him, and even occasionally shows some extraordinary favorability, which is completely different from the sense of distance of other boys, but he still feels like there’s a wall between them.

Maybe he thinks too much, he always feels that he’s pushing the other party, he pulled Kohinata Yukari into his boat with the goal of reviving her hometown.

To put it negatively, this might be a kind of exploitation, although she did not refuse.

But before that, he didn’t think that Kohinata Yukari really liked being a school idol. Even in the original plot, she became a local idol in order to revive her hometown, but her partner was the Nanyako she liked, not him.

At least most of the time, she stood silently behind him, even when practicing with the girls in the light music club, she rarely participated in everyone’s interaction.

This gave him an illusion that perhaps becoming a school idol is a burden for Kohinata Yukari.

But today, he suddenly heard such words from her, which made her true intentions clear.

Turns out… she was very happy.

“You know… I was a relatively introverted kid at the beginning, not good at making friends, and didn’t know how to handle friendships correctly. Especially after I came to this city to go to high school, I didn’t know how to get along with others.”

Kohinata Yukari certainly did not know what Li Yalin thought, but she did not stop.

“At the beginning, I thought that maybe my high school life would end like this. After finishing the three-year course, leaving the city, going to the capital to study, and returning to Nagarekawa city to rejuvenate my hometown. This may be my future life plan.”

“But my life completely changed when you appeared.”

“Your arrival has brought a turning point in my life and at the same time added a choice for my future.”

“Although… my original intention of reviving my hometown has not changed, maybe I can rejuvenate Nagarekawa city in another way.”

“I am very happy to be a school idol. It can bring joy and happiness to people. If possible, I want to bring joy and happiness to more people in the future.”

“Yalin… will you help me? Walk with me into the future?”

Kohinata Yukari said a lot in one breath. Most of the time, she was looking up at the sky, as if she was talking to Li Yalin, but also as if talking to herself.

However, at the end of her speech, her eyes met Li Yalin’s eyes. From her beautiful eyes, what Li Yalin saw was a firm belief.

As she said, her life had an extra choice, which also allowed her to find the path she was about to embark.

At the same time, she also expressed her wish.

Together… from the beginning till the end?

“Of course, it would be my honor.”

Staring at Kohinata Yukari in front of him, Li Yalin smiled.

After hearing what she said, he seemed to know her again, and also knew her better.

Go through thick and thin together, he may feel it cringy if such lines appear in anime and movies. But he does not know why, at this moment, he only feels that his body are full of energy.

Although he don’t know what the future will be, he would be happy to be together from the beginning till the end if it’s Kohinata Yukari!

“Thank you… Yalin…”

Facing the unhesitating Li Yalin, the corners of Kohinata Yukari’s eyes were a little moist. Perhaps she muster all her courage to speak such a remark.

Before they knew it, the two of them had already held their hands together, and with the common belief, they would carry on together in the future.

On this road, the two will get closer and closer until…

“Hmm… together to the end? Not a bad idea. Don’t mind to count me in as well?”

Just as Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari were holding hands and looking at each other, and were getting closer and closer. All of a sudden, a discordant voice appeared between the two of them.


Uomi student president?

Yes, unknowingly, Uomi has come close to them. Not only that, she actually leaned down and looked down very seriously, staring at the hands held together by the two. She then put her left hand on her chin, with playful eyes.

Li Yalin, who perceives this, also said ‘fuck’ in his heart. Since when this student president-sama maxed her concealment skills that she can get close without them even noticing her.

Is it because they are too focused on themselves?

How long have she been watching!

Must be on purpose!

It’s definitely her long-planned plan to appear at this timing!

Although he keep tsukoming in his heart, Li Yalin could not show it on his face. Otherwise it would feels like he had a guilty conscience. God knows if the student president-sama will take this opportunity to tease him.

But even so, he retracted his hand like lightning, while Kohinata Yukari’s side, her cheek was already beet red.

Obviously, she didn’t expect that all her words would be heard by Uomi.

Speaking of my Kohinata senpai, why you look so guilty, you want her to realise that something is wrong?

“What’s the matter? Is it because I showed up at the wrong time? Am I bothering you two? Or… you both don’t want me to participate, afraid I’ll interfere with the time you two being alone?”

Li Yalin’s expression must be very awkward right now. Kohinata Yukari almost buried her face in her chest, while Uomi had no intention of letting them off the hook.

You have the audacity to say that the timing is wrong?

The timing is too perfect!

Damn it!

“Cough… Uomi student president, what are you talking about? We are just talking in a very ordinary way. We didn’t feel disturbed.”

He can’t let Uomi take control of the situation. Calm down, he can solve this problem easily as long as he calm down.

With a soft cough, Li Yalin relieved the awkwardness in his heart. As for the next step.

Uomi student president, no matter what moves you have, I will take it all!

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