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“Ara, is it just a normal conversation? Clearly, a future relationship has been agreed.”

Regarding Li Yalin’s statement, Uomi wiped her lips lightly, without any expression.

But the look in her eyes now, it’s like she were directly proclaiming that she had already seen everything, so don’t even try to hide it anymore!

She has seen through all the truth!

“What… what do you mean the promised future relationship? I… Yalin and I are just… just…”

Just as Uomi spoke, Kohinata Yukari couldn’t calm down. She’s still a girl after all, it’s really not easy to stay calm when suddenly being stimulated by such straightforward words.

At least Kohinata Yukari wanted to explain, but she was really flustered. She stutters when she spoke and couldn’t give a clear explaination.

Future promise, isn’t that like getting married?

Although… she didn’t hate it, but make a promise now…

Hello, Kohinata senpai, aren’t you having too much imagination?

Seeing Kohinata Yukari was speechless in the middle of the explanation, and in the end blushed with a white smoke appeared on her head, Li Yalin was helplessly covering his eyes.

Can not watch anymore!

How can a simple girl like Kohinata senpai be the opponent of Uomi!

To be honest, Uomi student president currently has not shown even one percent of her skill and she was no longer her opponent. Kohinata Yukari may have to be sent to the hospital if she’s given a few more dirty jokes!

No way!

It’s not even a match!

Uomi student president …

She is really too strong!

“Kohinata senpai and I just agreed to revive her hometown together. I want to give her back to some extent since she became a school idol because of us. Anything wrong with this?”

Soldier Kohinata, you have been seriously injured, please leave the battlefield immediately!

As for the next battle, leave it to me!

Regarding the degree of integrity, Li Yalin’s self-confidence is not inferior to Uomi. He usually didn’t show it, but it can be quite terrifying once a single self-proclaimed otaku of nearly 30 years old throw away his integrity!

At least for the moment, he is confident to have a showdown with Uomi!

“Oh? You are right, but this is a promise for the future, right?”

Facing Li Yalin’s counterattack, Uomi showed an unexplained smile, and her words made Kohinata Yukari covering her face.

This is too ambiguous.

Unfortunately, this is not valid for Li Yalin!

“If you think so, then Uomi student president also included in it.”

Shrugging his shoulders slightly, Li Yalin thought he would never fall into her rhythm!

“Yeah, I know, so I want to join too.”



What does she meant?

Li Yalin was fully prepared and can enter a combat state at any time. He has already prepared to lose all his integrity.

However, Uomi suddenly showed a serious face. This huge contrast made him completely unable to react.


What Uomi student president mean by this?

“Yes, I heard Yalin-kun’s conversation with Kohinata senpai, and I was deeply moved by this, so I decided that I would also contribute to the revival of Kohinata senpai’s hometown!”


She also want to contribute to the revival of Nagarekawa city?

What kind of strategy is this?

“The two of you will definitely take the path of idols in the future, which already an inevitable result, but idol activities can not be done by only two people. More people are needed to support you from behind.”

“For example, I can become your agent. This is the case in school, and it can still be the same after graduation. We can set up an idol firm or entertainment company of our own. Operating by ourselves means that we have all the right to speak. At that time, no matter what we want to do, we have the final say.”

“I think whether it is Yalin-kun or Kohinata senpai, you should need someone like me who can help from behind, right?”

Under Li Yalin’s stunned expression, Uomi talked on until the end.

To be honest, her talent will be wasted if she doesn’t become a debater in the future.

It makes sense, he had no words in response!

Yes, Uomi’s remarks really touched on Li Yalin’s heart, not to mention, he has considered the establishment of an idol firm more than once.

Whether he will continue to be an idol in the future is difficult to say, but his combination with Kohinata Yukari will certainly not separate so quickly. Even when Nagarekawa city is revived in the future, they may all appear as idols.

Since they want to become idols, they have to make their official debut. Although they are not prohibited from being affiliated with other people’s offices or companies, no matter what one say, it’s more comfortable with one’s own site.

What’s more, besides the two of them, the four girls in light music club are also quite worrying. They will definitely suffer a big loss if they want to go on the path of idols in the future without any support.

Although for the time being, the entertainment industry in the developing stage is relatively normal, most of the artists and idols can bear hardships, and the offices and companies are also very kind to the artists, but with the future development, who could say the entertainment industry will not get deteriorate.

Especially after more capital is involved in this industry, as a small ordinary artist, it may be difficult to control the right to speak.

Not only for himself and Kohinata Yukari, but also for MIO and others, Li Yalin felt that he had to set up his own company, but if he wanted to set up a company, he needed a lot of people, and he couldn’t find a credible candidates in a short time, so it can only be shelved temporarily.

But today, after Uomi brought this up again, his mind moved again.

Yes, this… they can do this!

“Perhaps you are right.”

Although the expression on Li Yalin’s face was very surprised at the beginning, he soon fell into contemplation, and he keep contemplating for a long time.

Until the end, he finally nodded.

As Uomi said, she is indeed a good candidate for a manager. It’s better to say that with the further development of her future careers, it may not be a problem for her to help control the company.

However, setting up a company is not so easy. He needs further consideration on how to do it.

After all, once the company is established, he will face the problem of recruiting workers. How to recruit employees is also a big problem.

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