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Li Yalin didn’t intend to give up on the cooperation to start a company, but to his surprise, the system sent him a task message after he made up his mind.

Daily task: Attack on the idol office.
Task content: Successfully registered an idol firm, and signed two or more debut idols after the firm was established.
Task reward: System Lottery ×1.
Task tips: After completing the task, follow-up tasks will be opened as appropriate.

The long-lost daily task, the long-awaited System Lottery. The most important thing is that this daily task can even start the follow-up task.

The hell is this?

The system want him to start a company?

No, more precisely he had to make an idol firm!

“I have decided, let’s open an idol office. I’ll go to someone I trust to apply for the business license. This shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Eh? You decided so soon?”

After hearing Li Yalin’s words, before Uomi could react, Kohinata Yukari showed a surprised expression.

Although she was born in a wealthy family and has countless companies and offices under her family, she also knows that idol offices are not that easy to run.

Especially when everyone is still a high school student, who will take care of it after the office is registered?

“Just an idol firm? I thought you were going to start an entertainment company.”

Unlike Kohinata Yukari, Uomi had already anticipated Li Yalin’s choice, but to her surprise, Li Yalin only planned to open an office instead of registering an entertainment company.

After all, compared to idol firms, entertainment companies must be larger and more formal.

“The office is enough. We don’t have so many artists now. There is no need to get an entertainment company directly.”

Why only open an office?

Very simple, because the task requires him to open an office, wouldn’t it be impossible to complete the task if he started a company?

Li Yalin certainly can’t say that to Uomi, at least he has already thought about the explanation on the surface.

“As for why I decided so quickly, the reason is also very simple. We need an official debut status. It will always feel troublesome to be under someone else’s office. It’s better to run it ourselves and save effort.”

His next words is for Kohinata Yukari, and he believe she would understand.

“Obviously, I am afraid that Kohinata senpai will be subject to the bad rules, so just say it directly, it was for cover up.”

Kohinata Yukari can of course understand Li Yalin’s statement, but Uomi pursed her mouth, with a look of contempt on her face.

As she said earlier, she has already seen through Li Yalin’s ideas!

“Hehe… pay attention to the influence.”

As soon as Uomi spoke, Kohinata Yukari’s face turned beet red, and Li Yalin reluctantly covered his eyes.

It’s worthy of being the Uomi student president who is shoulder to shoulder with the dirty joke student president, always get straight to the point. Is that a topic that can be put on the surface?

Can’t you just hint it?

But… it’s undeniable that what Uomi said is the truth.

Depended on others for living will always bring all kind of troubles, right?

“Senpai! Good morning!”

The topic of starting an idol firm did not come to an end until dumb Yui and the others arrived. As important members of the finals participants, Ousai Academy K-On will undoubtedly be there.

Seeing dumb Yui beckoning to him with excitement on her face, Li Yalin also waved to her.


“Mio-chan, didn’t sleep well?”

Among the four girls, dumb Yui is super excited, Kotobuki ojou-sama has a calm face, Ritsu is a little helpless, only MIO has two dark circles under her eyes, looks like she is not getting enough sleep.

And this discovery made Li Yalin frowned slightly.

Yesterday, he urged everyone to take a good rest, but she still suffered from lack of sleep.


Facing Li Yalin’s question, MIO who knew she was wrong, immediately lowered her head.

This is indeed her fault.

“Senpai, don’t be angry with Mio-chan, because she is going to be on stage today. She struggled all night yesterday and can only sleep for a bit.”

Ritsu as a childhood friend, knows best of MIO’s situation.

The reason is simple. To put it bluntly, it is caused by pressure.

Participating in this finals put a heavy burden on MIO’s body, for fear of delaying the team due to her own mistakes. Especially when she thinks that if she makes a mistake and everyone fails to get the first place, it made her whole body trembles.

The more she thought about it, the greater the pressure. The greater the pressure, the more she couldn’t sleep. This night was a vicious circle. During that time, she even called her friend Tainaka Ritsu several times, and Ritsu almost didn’t sleep well.

“I… I’m sorry…”

But anyway, such a situation shouldn’t happen. Akiyama Mio knows that she is wrong.

Bowing her head down, her mood at the moment is also very complicated.

“Okay, don’t need to apologize. Take a good rest when we get in the car.”

Li Yalin couldn’t say anything harsh in this situation, after all, this pressure was originally brought to Akiyama Mio by him.

Since he can’t be harsh, he can only comfort her.

“The car hasn’t come yet?”

All the finals participants are present. The time almost 8am. In other words, it’s time to set off for the venue!

But looking around, there are no signs of vehicles appearing. Didn’t Uomi responsible for chartering the car?

The car hasn’t arrived yet?

“Don’t worry, the car will come soon.”

Uomi’s face suddenly showed a mysterious smile after hearing Li Yalin’s words, but he’s worried when he saw her smile.

Why it feels like Uomi student president has no good intentions?

Could it be she is planning to do something again?

Kohinata senpai is here, Mio-chan and Yui-chan are also here, Nene and Aoba will probably go directly to the venue, it doesn’t matter if Mori Nozomi-san and Aoba Toori-san appear or not, anyway Uomi is here.

As for the Ousai Academy student council, he haven’t mentioned it to them before, and probably won’t come here.

In that case, what are they waiting for?

Li Yalin got the answer not long after.

With the arrival of a bus, and seeing the passengers in the car, the expression on his face is called ‘fuck’.

Yes, Li Yalin’s mood at this time can only be described as ‘fuck’, those familiar faces, why they all here?

Although he had long foreseen that Uomi is planning something, but who would have thought that she would be playing such a big game!

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