Cafe 27

The revenue of Rabbit House is very bad, no one can deny this. After all, this is a relatively old coffee shop. In a simple words, business aren’t good…

Forget it, don’t even say this or Tippy will be mad when he hears it.

All in all, even if Chino didn’t tell Rize and Cocoa about the one hundred million debt issue, they are still uneasy about the store’s revenue and would like to help Chino makes more money if possible.

After all, only Chino left in the Kafuu family (Tippy completely in tears).

Unfortunately, Rabbit House alone is not enough to attract more customers. Chino can’t afford so much money to renovate the store. After much consideration, Cocoa thought of a way.

Rescue Rabbit House’s revenue with music!

Move customers with music!

So what Li Yalin just saw, Chino to play the clarinet, Rize to play the violin and Cocoa who made this suggestion can only play triangle.

After learning the truth, Li Yalin simply dumbfounded.


Are you guys serious?

“Humph! With our music, we can definitely gain more customers !”

No one know where Cocoa’s confidence comes from. Obviously can only knock on a triangle but had the delusion to attract customers with music. Does the combination of clarinet, violin and triangle can really play any good music?

Li Yalin has no strength to tsukomi.

“Congratulations Yalin senpai! You had the fortunate to be our first listener! Chino! Rize! Let’s start with what we have discussed before!”

Looking at it this way, Cocoa made up her mind. Under her crazy self-confidence, Chino and Rize had no chance to oppose were forced to form a band directly but also played in front of Li Yalin.

As a listener, Li Yalin certainly feels very novel. It is better to say that he is looking forward to Chino and Rize performance. After all, this is a very rare opportunity.

But Chino and Rize didn’t have any expectation. Rather, it made them feel embarrassed.

Putting aside playing in front of Li Yalin. First thing first, this kind of band with a red face and about to lose their mind is really no problem?

Regardless how hesitant Chino and Rize were, Cocoa did not give them the chance to oppose. With the sound of triangle, the performance officially began!

Right now, the three girls played a folk song Li Yalin had never heard of. This is not a world he is familiar with so there are many work he didn’t know about.

To tell the truth, the girls’ performance is not bad. At least Li Yalin didn’t hear a dissonant sound. It can be heard, but the problem is that it is only limited to this.

Want to perform with this combination in the coffee shop, a good-tempered customers may not mind but otherwise…

Cough, so as not hurst everyone, Li Yalin felt that it was necessary to persuade Cocoa.

This band combination can’t be salvaged!

“Yalin sensei… what are they doing?”

Cocoa, Chino and Rize, this three girls band have not finished playing. The door bell of the coffee shop rang and someone entered the shop through the door.

It’s a pity that their performance did not attract customers, but Li Yalin’s editor Otosuna Mihari is the one to come.

After a period of contact, Otosuna Mihari and the girls got along very well so they won’t treat each other like outsider.

Seeing these three girls playing music, she couldn’t figure out what exactly is going on. Why doing this kind of performance in a coffee shop and even using a weird instruments.

“Cocoa proposes to use this band performance to attract customers.”

Seeing the arrival of his editor, Li Yalin also nodded to her while giving an explanation.

“Attracting customers?”

Otosuna Mihari’s eyes widened as she hear Li Yalin’s explanation. She can’t say that their performance was bad but they wouldn’t be able to attract customers like this!

Is this really possible?

“Let’s stop here, Cocoa-san.”

The conversation between Li Yalin and Otosuna Mihari is very quiet, at least Li Yalin did not want Chino to hear it.

But after the song ended, Chino still withdrew her clarinet and walked back to the bar counter.

Does this means the end of the band?

“Why? Isn’t our ensemble very good?”

Why Chino said to stop here, Li Yalin can understand. This child has a relatively shy personality, it’s okay if the listener is just Li Yalin. But after Otosuna Mihari come in, she keep playing the wrong note.

Chino’s biggest issue is she couldn’t play in front of audience!

Li Yalin already knew that she would reject Cocoa’s proposal when he saw her flushed face. But Cocoa didn’t realize this.

In Cocoa’s view, the ensemble of the three of them is very good and without a doubt can attract customers.

Why Chino want to stop here?

“Cocoa… our musical play is not fit to be played in front of customers. It may be possible if it’s a piano or something… “

Playing in front of Li Yalin and Otosuna Mihari has already made Chino’s shame reach a critical point. Letting her answer Cocoa questions is simply forcing her.

Chino didn’t say a word, but Rize on the other side made an explanation. She then smile bitterly while shaking her head gently.

She seems to knows the effect of this performance.

In fact, she can do better than the three-person ensemble with just a violin solo. Unfortunately, Rize’s violin level is at amateur level. She can perform in front of customers but it’s impossible to makes them regular customers.

In this case, Rize began to persuade Cocoa rationally.

It is better to quickly dismiss the idea of using music to increase revenue.

“Piano? There is a piano in the warehouse, I can’t play them though… can you play the piano Rize?”

It makes her depressed that the musical play she chose was not fit for performance. But when Rize bring up the piano, her eyes suddenly shined.


Rabbit House have them.

“I can only play a little… “

Yes, there is a piano in Rabbit House, which was found when they cleaned up the warehouse not long ago. Rize and Chino both know this.

But even if she knew, Rize wasn’t going to do as Cocoa wanted. She knew what Cocoa was thinking, but she really only know a little about piano.

It is simply impossible to attract customers!

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