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The car door opened, and the first person who jumped out was Cocoa, who ‘kicked Li Yalin out of the house’ early this morning. She was wearing a T-shirt with a photo of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari and holding two fans in her hands. One with Li Yalin’s head, and the other with Kohinata Yukari’s head.

This dress is so familiar. When Chino participated in the original song and dance contest before, wasn’t Cocoa just dressed like this? Only today she changed the characters in the photo to Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari.


Totally unexpected?

Didn’t expect that there would be something like this?

“Onii-chan …”

Following Cocoa is Chino with a blush on her face. He didn’t expect that such a gentle and lovely imouto would also cooperate with Cocoa, and to go so far as to wear such shameful clothes!

I read you wrong! Chino!

Your onii-chan heart hurts so much!

“Yo, do you like the unexpected surprise we gave you?”

The girls in the family, Rize, Makoto, and Akane-ne, all wear the same clothes. Not only that, Kowata Akane also deliberately trying to annoy him.


Like hell I would like this!

Okay, so this is the reason why Chino compromise so easily before?

Only then did he realized it. He was still wondering before why Chino could accept so fast this kind of embarrassing support clothes. Now everything is clear, it’s his turn today!

Sooner or later, you will pay the price of your crimes.

Is this what happens to him today?

By the way… a lot of people have come.

After taking a look, in addition to the girl at home, Mihari, Rinna, and loli chief editor Minano Matome are all sitting in this bus.

Not only that, Haruka family plus the four sisters Touma, Chiaki’s two little friends, her classmates Maki and Atsuko, Chino’s friends Maya and Natsu-chan, and Chiya who also called Li Yalin onii-chan, all of them are present, leaving no one behind.

And they are all wearing the same clothes as Cocoa’s!

They are clearly well prepared!

Who provided the funds?

Who is behind all this?

Seeing Nene and Aoba at the end, plus the other two from Eiryou High School student council, Li Yalin come to the realization.

The real culprit has appeared!

Admit it!

Uomi student president!

You are the real culprit who did all this!



The culprit must be Uomi student president. After the last event, Cocoa shouldn’t have enough money to buy everything. Buying clothes for everyone costs a lot of money.

But how did Uomi contact Cocoa and the others?

Before, Li Yalin was very careful, just to prevent Uomi from contacting his imoutos, for fear that she would say a dirty joke to tarnish the purity of his imoutos.

But despite all the precaution, he still failed to prevent Uomi.


How did you guys know each other!

How did these back-end deals come up again!

“Yalin-kun leading the team to participate in the selection finals of the folk band is not only personal honor, but also the honor of the entire Eiryou High School! So I specially approved a part of the funds as a support, and also independently select the most suitable candidate for support.”

“What? Got a problem?”

Li Yalin’s gaze was so sharp, Uomi quickly reacted when he stared at her.

However, her face was expressionless at the moment, and was in the state of a student president, which made him unable to fight back.

Yes, there is no loophole in her statement. For the honor of the school, even if a part of the funds is used to grow its momentum, there is nothing wrong with it, isn’t it?

In this case, what can Li Yalin say?

“Makoto… surely you right?”

Li Yalin really can’t say anything against Uomi student president. What else can he do othen than bring the conversations to an end?

But in the next moment, his eyes turned to Makoto.

Although Uomi didn’t explain, he was vaguely aware of the truth.

Yes, in school, the closest with Li Yalin is Makoto. She called him Yalin brother, everyone knows that she is Li Yalin’s imouto.

To understand the situation in Li Yalin’s home, Makoto is undoubtedly the best communication bridge.

With this alone, the truth has emerged.

Perhaps Uomi first met the girls through Makoto, and then reached an agreement with everyone, which made it happen today.

And looks like they have met a long time ago, at least before Chino participated in the competition!


“What are you looking for Makoto for? Come at me if you have something to say!”

Just after he spoke, Makoto’s body couldn’t help but tremble. Li Yalin guessed it right, so she was very guilty now.

However, Kowata Akane who is the older sister, is very strong headed, she stepped forward with a fearless tone.

This is like saying, come at me if you are looking for a fight!

“Guys… that’s enough…”

Seeing Kowata Akane standing up to face him, Li Yalin sighed deeply.

Go to her for something?

In what way?

Don’t forget that it wasn’t just his family members who are sitting in the car right now.

Yes, in addition to his relatives and friends, Ousai Academy can also be considered as a large force. Amakusa Shino, Shichijou Aria and Hagimura Suzu are all present, and also wearing the same T-shirts as everyone. It’s just that the photos printed on it are MIO and Ritsu.

In addition to the three from the dirty joke student council, Hata Ranko, a news club LV4 spatial ability, was also there. Besides her, there was another wearing a beige professional skirt with glasses on the bridge of the nose, which looked very gentle long-haired women.

That is… Yamanaka Sawako sensei?

He had heard about her before, finally he saw the real person today.

Yamanaka Sawako, the consultant sensei of light music club, although not very willing to take up this position, but she had to because of mandatory interference from the student council.

But unfortunately they couldn’t meet each other before, firstly because of her busy work recently, and secondly because most of the practices are not carried out in Ousai Academy.

Anyway, there are various reasons. Li Yalin only saw Yamanaka Sawako herself today. As in his impression, she is indeed an ideal sensei with a beautiful appearance and gentle personality.

But who would have thought that such a seemingly perfect sensei was once the guitarist and lead singer of a Heavy Metal band?

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