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When he saw Yamanaka Sawako by accident, Li Yalin’s mood was also a bit complicated. After all, the world was completely different from the original plot he had known.

In the original plot, Yamanaka Sawako, like dumb Yui and others, were members of the light music club during high school, and the light music club at that time basically followed the heavy metal rock route, which means a Heavy Metal band.

But in this world, heavy metal rock music is basically defined as heresy. Especially in the early days of culture and entertainment, anyone dare to play that way will be treated as psycho.

He was really curious whether Yamanaka Sawako sensei has the same experience as the original plot.

But he can’t dig deeper into the dark history of others when they just met.

“Forget it, I don’t care what you do anymore. Just get in the car, there is no time to delay.”

With a sigh, seeing everyone’s well-prepared appearance, he can’t just make everyone change their clothes because of the little shame in his heart.

Let them be. Anyway, many fans of the band will also wear this kind of dress when they arrive at the venue.

“Yo! We have come to cheer for you!”

After getting in the car, Li Yalin greeted the girls one after another. But when he got to the silly girl, she proactively extended her hand even before he could speak.

Seeing her carefree appearance, she looks really happy.

“Thank you.”

Nodding to the silly girl, Li Yalin’s gaze turned to Haruka.

“Do your best, Yalin-kun.”

With a faint blush on her face, Haruka made a cheering gesture to Li Yalin.

Sure enough, Haruka’s encouragement can warm people’s hearts. Compared to the silly girl… are they really biological sisters?

“Minano chief editor, you are here too. I heard that there are a lot of projects in the magazine. No problem with time?”

In this support group of friends and relatives, the arrival of Minano Matome was very surprising. Originally, Li Yalin thought it would be great if Mihari and Rinna could come, but then the loli chief editor personally arrived. Isn’t this too much face for him?

This chief editor-sama is but a busy person.

“This is Yalin sensei’s debut, of course I have to give my full support.”

Looking at Li Yalin with a smile, what Minano Matome said was very pleasant and flattering.


“Recently, we have projects to branch into music, manga and games. We must not pass up the opportunity to get free samples at the finals.”

Withdraw the previous words, Minano chief editor is truly a pragmatic person.

“By the way, Minano chief editor, can I trouble you to help me register an idol firm.”

Li Yalin must have had something to talk about when he met the loli chief editor. This loli has a wide network of contacts so he can entrust her to register the idol firm for him.

“Oh? Yalin sensei intends to take the idol route? I have said that now is the era of idol writers, writers must also have an identity as an idol!”

As soon as he spoke, Minano Matome’s eyes lit up, then she spoke endlessly.

“Since Yalin sensei is interested, let’s work together! I am confident that I can definitely help Yalin sensei to be the top idol writer!”

Sure enough, the loli chief editor has a lot of ambition. After only a few words, she has begun to look forward to the future.

Doubles as idol? Create a star writer?

Minano Matome had many ideas but she couldn’t make it happen. The conditions to be both an idol and a popular writer were too difficult.

Only Li Yalin that can be said to be the best among mangaka, sings best among writers, and draws best manga among idols.

With such perfect conditions, it would be a great waste not to create an idol writer!

“Stop! STOP! I just want to set up a small office for the time being to make school idol’s official debut and had no plan to make it too big.”

After listening to loli chief editor’s vision of the future, Li Yalin has a headache!

Who is going to be a star writer?

He didn’t want to work two jobs!

Wouldn’t that make him too busy?

The leisure life is the best!

He absolutely don’t want a hectic idol life!

Li Yalin certainly chose not to accept her offer to cooperate. Don’t even need to think twice.

No one can say what will happen in the future, but it will definitely not work now.

All in all, he finally managed to get the loli chief editor to agree. It also made him a little tired. Fortunately, her voice was not loud, and she was surrounded by her own people, so she was not heard by others.

Otherwise, his identity will be exposed.

“Amakusa student president, you are really well prepared. Planning to take the opportunity to promote Ousai Academy?”

After breaking away from the loli chief editor and continuing to the rear compartment, he naturally quickly came to the side of Ousai Academy.

As for the support team, Ousai Academy’s costumes are not related to Li Yalin. They are here solely to promote MIO. He clearly sees this.

For them to join his side must be due to Uomi pulling the strings. There is no need to ask more about this issues. And the way they promote it is also quite interesting.

There’s not only support equipment for MIO and Ritsu, but also dumb Yui and Kotobuki ojou-sama?

Having said that, find a chance to collect some, after all, this set of equipment is also quite valuable.

“That… just don’t know if Yalin-san wouldn’t mind.”

Although Amakusa Shino is very familiar with Li Yalin, didn’t hesitated to talk about things, and even occasionally speaks some dirty joke, which obviously treats him as someone close without having the need to pretend.

But still she was very embarrassed today. After all, this is Li Yalin’s game. MIO and Ritsu to put it nicely was a teammates, but to put it bluntly they just there as a supplement.

It’s already very nice of him for giving them the opportunity to get on stage.

Now they even took the opportunity to promote their school idol, which is just too rude.

At least Amakusa Shino is a little afraid to face Li Yalin now, for fear that he will blame herself for it.

“Why would I care? Amakusa student president, your dark circles are slightly heavier, are you okay?”

The worry of the dirty joke student president is completely unnecessary. Li Yalin is not a narrow-minded person, and would not care about such trivial matters. The reason why he mentioned it was just a topic of conversation.

Now that they started talking, naturally there is no need to hold onto a topic. Instead, Li Yalin is very interested in the condition of the dirty joke student president.

Like MIO, she also have two big dark circles, which means she’s sleep deprived.

MIO can’t sleep because of too much pressure, so why Amakusa Shino can’t sleep?


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