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“Fufu, Shino-chan is the type who can’t sleep all night out of excitement on the night of picnic.”

Realizing that Li Yalin saw the dark circles under her eyes, the dirty joke student president’s pretty face immediately turned red, and too embarrassed to speak.

However, her cover did not produce any effect, because Shichijou ojou-sama on the side had completely sold her clean.

Are you a kid?

After hearing Shichijou Aria’s words, Li Yalin showed an expression of conviction on his face. Come to think of it, it seems that Amakusa student president is such a character.

Isn’t that cute?

“Aria! You… what are you talking about…”

The dirty joke student president who was debunked by Shichijou ojou-sama was very embarrassed, stretch out her hand and started fighting with her friend.

Yeah, it’s really cute.

“Yamanaka sensei, right? I’ve heard of you before, but can only met you today.”

Turning his gaze to Yamanaka Sawako, Li Yalin’s voice suddenly became more enthusiastic.

She was indeed his favorite type of onee-san. When facing her, it feels like the lolicon’s disease is about to be cured.

She can be regarded as the most perfect dating object if not for her dark history.

Although in terms of age, she was indeed older than him in apparent age.

“I have also heard about you Li-kun. I am very happy to meet you.”

It made Yamanaka Sawako a little flustered when Li Yalin suddenly talking to her. She had been observing him from the perspective of a bystander before, listening to his conversation with Amakusa Shino.

She thought her stealth sight was discovered when he suddenly talk to her.

Fortunately, she’s an adult who has become a sensei. After experiencing the initial panic, Yamanaka Sawako quickly regained her composure and smiled at Li Yalin.


The professional gentle smile of perfect sensei!

Too flashy!

Li Yalin may get fooled by her radiant smile if he didn’t know the dark history of Yamanaka Sawako. But now… even in this world, the dark history of Yamanaka Sawako will be somewhat similar to the original plot, without much real changes.

In other words, the black history still exist, and the heavy metal heart that is suppressed deep in her heart is not without a chance to release.

It just… it depends on the occasion.

“I heard that Yamanaka sensei is musical sensei, right? I’ll like to ask for your advice when I have the opportunity.”

As an authentic onee-san-con, when facing onee-san, of course he had to talk to her. Otherwise he will be misunderstood as lolicon, isn’t that terrible?

With this idea, Li Yalin did not intend to leave. The car was driving towards the venue anyway, he simply sat on the empty seat next to Yamanaka Sawako.

“Ask me for something… Li-kun, you are too polite. Perhaps it would be me who would have to ask for advice…”

Yamanaka Sawako didn’t understand why Li Yalin would only come to her among the girls in this car, but she was still ashamed of what he said.

This is understandable, Li Yalin had released several high-quality songs, and they all occupied the charts of major songs or video websites crazily as soon as they were launched. Even in professional composition circles, he is definitely a highly regarded character for producing such works.

On the other hand, Yamanaka Sawako are nothing but ordinary musical sensei, teaching students basic music theory is already her limit.

In this situation, she didn’t think she had anything to teach others.

“It’s okay, let’s communicate and learn together.”

Regarding the shame of Yamanaka Sawako, Li Yalin obviously didn’t pay attention to it, and waved his hand indifferently. He had more things to say to the beautiful female sensei in front of him.


“We’ll arrive to the venue soon, wear this.”

They clearly in the middle of conversation, but someone came to interfere.

Feeling a flash of black shadow, Li Yalin subconsciously stretched out his hand, and a pair of sunglasses appeared in his hand. At the same time, Uomi’s words also passed into his ears.


Why he had to wear this stuff?

Li Yalin’s expression was dazed for a while from Uomi’s ‘sudden attack’.

“You don’t realize it, huh.”

Uomi sighed from seeing Li Yalin’s puzzled expression.

There is not only one pair of sunglasses in her hand. There also for Kohinata Yukari, MIO, Ritsu and dumb Yui. Even Chino, Maya and Natsu-chan must wear sunglasses to avoid being recognized.

In addition, Uomi also took out some masks and distributed them to those who needed to hide their identities.

MIO and the others need to conceal their identities. This is understandable. They are already well-known school idols, so they may encounter fans on the street.

Chino, Maya, and Natsu-chan the three lolis, although they are not idols, the programs they participated in the original song and dance contest were secretly recorded and uploaded to the internet. They also accidentally become a hit and gained a lot of popularity, and have a considerable fan group.

Of course, since Chino and the others are still children, they have no plans to set foot in the entertainment circle in the future, so Li Yalin quickly notified the website and removed all infringing videos about Chino and others.

But even so, it will take a while for Chino and the others to return to their peaceful life. At least for now, they had to disguise themselves and try not to be recognized by fans, or it can become quite troublesome.


The above-mentioned girls does have to conceal their identities, but neither Li Yalin nor Kohinata Yukari reveals their true identities, so why bother to conceal themselves?

It makes no sense…

“You… the fact that you and Kohinata senpai participated in the finals has been reported through the media. If not careful, once someone recognize Akiyama-san and the others, they will immediately think about you and Kohinata Senpai.”

“How long have you not followed the news?”

Slapping her forehead speechlessly, Uomi’s eyes were full of helplessness, as if looking at useless kid.

Hey! You don’t have to be like that!

Is it wrong not to watch the news?

Li Yalin retorted in his heart, but then Uomi waved her hand, attracting the attention of all people in the car.

“Now I announce! The camouflage operation begins!”

Well, with Uomi’s order, the girls in the car took action, putting on their own jackets and covering up all the photos on the T-shirts.

The movements are so neat, it’s like they practiced many times.

Good lord… this is the real preparation!

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