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Li Yalin have to admit that he was surprised by their performance. They were neatly organized and made it clear that they came prepared. Uomi is truly the students president, her organizational skills are really strong.


Why make it so exaggerated?

Before getting off the car, Li Yalin still had doubts in his mind, but after getting off the car, this thoughts disappeared.


Is this a selection event for folk bands?

Are you sure it is not a big-name star holding a concert?

The venue of the folk band selection finals is set in an indoor venue. It was specially rebuilt for this selection event and can accommodate 10,000 spectators.

Specially remodeling venues for a selection event in a region sounds like a waste. But again, tickets for finals are expensive, and there are simultaneous live broadcasts on TV stations and online platforms, so it wasn’t a lose of money after all.

At least the tide of people rushing at the moment proves this point.

How many people are there?

There are only 10,000 spectators who can get tickets to enter the venue, but it is clear that the flow of people outside the venue is obviously far exceeding this number. Before entering the venue, the bus has been blocked outside and can no longer move forward.

Perhaps even the parking lot is already full of people.

Isn’t this too excessive?

“Scared? Do you really think that the previous overwhelming propaganda is fake? With a competition of this level, you think we will not take it this seriously?”

Uomi couldn’t help but rolled her eyes seeing Li Yalin’s surprised look. She obviously did a lot of homework, so naturally she wouldn’t be surprised by this scene.

As Uomi said, the scale of this year’s Hot Holiday Music Festival is much larger than that of previous years. The promotion of various channels has never stopped from beginning to end. The most popular selection event of civilian bands was of course sought after by the audience.

It was completely normal for it to be this grand. When the Hot Holiday Music Festival officially started, the scene will be even more exaggerated!

“This… so many people…”

The situation at the venue made Li Yalin a little surprised and shocked, but it was only limited to this. He had gone through many things, let alone this exaggerated number of people, even if there are tens of thousands of zombies, he will not reveal the slightest fear.

But he’s fine, doesn’t mean that the girls would be the same. Even if they have mentally prepared, seeing the huge crowd still scared everyone.

Especially Akiyama Mio, as the band’s bassist and an official member who will be on stage, the pressure on her has increased exponentially.

At this moment, she was a little unsteady even on her feet.

“Don’t worry, remember what I said before. When you arrive on stage, treat the audience as carrots and sing to 10,000 carrots. What’s so scary about it?”

“Ritsu-chan, don’t you agree?”

Li Yalin is already familiar with how to comfort MIO. He done it just like before, and he even pulled Ritsu over in order to increase his persuasiveness.

With him and Ritsu, MIO’s mood should recover soon.

“Don’t… don’t ask me, I have soft legs…”


Li Yalin always thought that Ritsu with her carefree personality wouldn’t be afraid of anything, but she actually screwed up at the crucial moment.

You got soft legs when it matters!

“Uomi student president and Mori-san, you guys help us bring the instrument to the backstage as planned earlier. I’ll take control here.”

Ritsu’s soft legs made Li Yalin helplessly press his temples, but Uomi still commanded in orderly manner.

In order to avoid early exposure, the musical instruments brought by Li Yalin group were transported by the dirty joke student council trio and two other members of the Eiryou High School student council. MIO and the other four grils of light music clubs were also under the cover of Yamanaka Sawako entered the venue.

Chino and the others were handed over to Kowata Akane. It was done efficiently, it’s like it have been discussed before, everything is done so easily.

Li Yalin can only sigh from this.

Really amazing!

As expected of Uomi, she can hold her place at the critical moment!

With her here, he don’t have to worry about anything.

Because of Uomi’s speedy and strict command, Li Yalin found that he doesn’t have to do anything at all. With nothing to worry about, he could just concentrate on the next performance.

In his opinion, as long as he goes on stage smoothly, and then conquer the audience with songs that everyone plays together, today’s task is considered a success.

How relaxed and enjoyable.

However, the matter isn’t that simple!

“The off-site situation is a bit worrying, how to solve this?”

Due to the grand scale of the finals this time, the organizers also provided the best lounges for participating bands, as if to treat the contestants as real stars.

However, just after everyone successfully arrived at the lounge, Uomi who had been flipping through her mobile phone without getting a good rest, immediately said bad news.

“The situation is a bit worrying? What’s the matter?”

Seeing Uomi’s frowns, Li Yalin was very surprised. Why did she suddenly mention the off-site situation? Is there anything to worry about?

“Have a look.”

Without giving much explanation, Uomi directly handed her mobile phone to Li Yalin.

What is displayed on the screen of Uomi mobile phone is the official website of this selection finals. It not only contains detailed information of participating bands, but also opens the comment function of registered members, so that fans who cannot support on the scene can support their favorite bands.

This is also a means of publicity. The materials of the remaining eleven bands are already filled with various photos, not only the frontal photos of the band members, but even life photos.

This has also greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of fans, and the comments below are also in full swing.

In contrast, Li Yalin’s promotional page is a bit pitiful. Not only is there no photo, but even the introduction is very few words.

As for the comments, although the reputation of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari will indeed attract the attention of many fans, this is far beyond other bands, but having many comments also have it’s negative. With people deliberately stirring things up, the number of negative comments is also considerable.

In the final analysis, it can be summed up into two points.

First, directly enter the finals without participating in the preliminary rounds. This is cheating, which is unacceptable.

Second, refuse to post even a photo, is this scorning fans? Or maybe… Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari are so ugly that they dare not show their faces?

Of course, there are many other issues besides that, there is no need to explain them all.

But as Uomi said, at this rate, the situation off-site is really unfavorable.

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