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“It’s like we are blocking some people’s way.”

After reading the comments on the official website, Li Yalin shook his head. Before being transmigrated, he had seen many internet troll. But when it was this world, they aren’t worth his attention.

But even so, he can clearly see that someone is trying to create drama, deliberately discrediting his band.

This is not surprising because whether it was fame or strength, he’s far better than those so-called folk bands. The other party can only use these dirty tricks when they couldn’t beat them.

But… it’s really annoying.

Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari duo debut is really not long. And they did not even reveal their true appearance, which formed a weak link -they have weak fanbase!

In other words, although they have many fans, they have very few loyal fans. At this stage, most of them just follow the hype.

From this point of view, those group of internet ghostwriters have found their weaknesses.

“What to do? Want to fight back?”

Seeing the negative comments on the internet, Kohinata Yukari also frowned deeply. Although she has a gentle character, she is not a Saint who can be bullied without fighting back.

With her family’s abilities, among other things, it’s easy to suppress these internet ghostwriters.

“Not necessary.”

Feeling Kohinata Yukari’s gaze, Li Yalin shook his head.

Fight back?

Yes they can, but is it necessary?

To be fair, negative comments on the internet are indeed annoying, but they are limited to this.

Whether going through the back door or not showing up, it is not difficult to solve these black spots.

To put it bluntly, everyone just had to stand on the stage and use their real strength to crush their opponents, then all the black spots will disappear.

This is not a business war novel, there is no need to make so many intrigues.

Coming to this stage, everyone just needs to enjoy it, so why have to make oneself annoyed?

Let us use our strength to conquer those audiences!

The girls showed a varied expression when he said what he thought. Uomi’s eyes reveal a faint joy, Kohinata Yukari is extremely trust, dumb Yui cheers and worship, and MIO…

Forget it, she is still nervous, she kinda losing it.

“It’s going to start.”

Putting aside the negative comments on the internet for the time being. After all, today’s topic is still on the venue of selection finals.

Although they are in the lounge, the TV in the room is showing the situation on the stage in real time. With the announcement of the opening host, this finals has officially begun!

With Uomi’s reminder, everyone’s eyes have turned to the TV, and the mood at the moment has become tense.

In any case, this is a crucial game.

“Yeah… it’s started.”

Playing with the number cards in his hand, Li Yalin’s eyes are also on the TV.

For the opponents of the finals, he still needs to pay attention to it more or less. He can’t completely ignore everything no matter how confident he is, otherwise it’s not self-confidence, but an idiot.

On the stage, the stage sound effects can be said to be the best, absolutely professional level. The audiences off the field are also cheering and shouting, holding up the light sticks and fans in their hands, everything is like a regular concert.

However, for such a professional venue, Li Yalin still has problems. The cultural and entertainment industry in this world is still in the early stages of development, and it is normal to have poor consideration.

For example, Li Yalin didn’t saw any live rehearsal. Normally, whether it is a concert or a talent show, there is always a rehearsal, right?

Even if time is tight, at least let the contestants adjust to the venue?

But the result?

The rehearsal?

Nothing, everyone got a start notice at best, and then they had to bring their own instruments to the stage.

Suddenly facing such an audience, standing on this unfamiliar stage, can they really make no mistake?

In Li Yalin’s view, that is simply impossible.

In fact, as he expected, there’s indeed many unforeseen circumstances in this live broadcast. The host clearly announced the first band to come on stage. As a result, it took almost ten minutes before the members of the first band arrived on the stage.

Bad communication…

The ten-minute wait has made some impatient audiences impatient, and the performance of these audiences has been faithfully recorded by the live cameras.

It was live broadcast after all.

The first band has to wait so long, how long it will take for the next band?

“Mio-chan, take a good rest first.”

Feeling the irritable atmosphere of the audience, and seeing the participating members nervously tuning their instruments on the stage, Li Yalin can only shook his head.

Instead of paying attention to his opponents, he really should pay more attention to the girls around him.

“I… I want to see my opponent’s performance…”

Compared to the opponent on stage, Li Yalin is more concerned about Akiyama Mio. She could not sleep well last night, and now she doesn’t take a break, it might be difficult for her to perform well.

But her expression was unexpectedly stubborn. Although her body was still trembling with tension, her eyes were focused on the TV screen.

Are you so concerned about your opponent’s performance?

I’m afraid that you will be disappointed…

Since MIO insisted, Li Yalin couldn’t force her to rest. He also knew how passionate the girl in front of him was for music.

But… can the performance on stage really ignite MIO’s enthusiasm?

Not necessarily.

After many calls, the first band finally adjusted the instrument and started their performance.

It was a lyrical song, probably due to the recent love song craze launched by Li Yalin. The new songs that appear recently was more or less related to feelings, the kind of pouring one’s heart out lyric.

However, on such a stage, facing an already impatient audience, what will be the result of a lyrical song?

It will certainly infect the emotions of the audience if it was a a good song that can move people’s hearts, but can a folk band really come up with such a song?

It’s true that most of the so-called folk bands participating in this competition are backed by firms or entertainment companies. But even with support, can newcomers really get so many resources?

The answer is of course a no.

Then the result was as expected!

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