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“How could this be…”

The performance of the first band not only failed to stir up the atmosphere, but there were a lot of boos, which was beyond the expectations of most people.

Even in the lounge of Li Yalin group, everyone was also surprised.

Although it cannot be called a classic, it is still a fairly satisfactory work. In comparison, the average official debut idol can probably produce such a work.

As a folk band, it is very rare to be able to use such works on the stage of finals.

But why?

Why the audience didn’t buy it?

“It’s normal, they chose the wrong song, or… they are just unlucky.”

The only person who was not surprised by this situation was Li Yalin, because he could see the problems of the finals, and this situation was within his expectation.

“Unlucky? Why would you say that?”

It’s true that this finals would be based on the voting of the registered audience to select the three winning teams. In this way, the bands that play early are definitely not as good as the bands that play later.

But to lucked out like this, it’s really suck isn’t it?

Isn’t this very unlucky?

“Sing the wrong song at the wrong time, isn’t that just unfortunate? Forget it, look at the bands that will appear next.”

Li Yalin didn’t explain much on what he meant by being unlucky. He believe everyone will know soon, so let’s take a look a the second band.

Although… he didn’t expect much.

Sure enough, after a long time, the second band appeared, and this band also failed just like the first band, and it also have the same type of song.

The melody of this band is even worse than that of the first band.

Needless to say, the boos from the audience are getting louder and louder.

In this case, a bad start and the audience’s mood drops, which indirectly leads to the worsening and worsening of the performance of the band. There are even occasional situations where the guitarist plays the wrong tune, the drummer beats the wrong beat, and the lead singer is out of tune.

“This is really…”

Seeing the performance of the participating bands on stage, Li Yalin can only put his hand over his forehead.

These guys, they have messed up a professional-level concert. This is the level of street singing, right?

Wouldn’t the regional selection finals become a farce?

Even if he had expected it, to be honest, Li Yalin still couldn’t stand it. If this was not the competition he was going to participate in, he would have already turned off the TV.

In fact, such situations is not uncommon.

“The hell… I’ve been looking forward to it for so long, but it was like this?”

Under the stage, the audience no longer has the mood to wave the light stick. The artificial singing, the sparse and ordinary melody, is this a band playing or a lullaby? How can it make people drowsy?

“So boring, a mere folk band want to be on the stage of the music festival? Isn’t that funny?”

“It’s just a noise, I wasted so much money, can I still refund the ticket now?”

Even the audiences under the stage have become like this. One can imagine how unhappy those audiences staring at the TV and computer are.

“Not gonna watch anymore, the more I look, the more disheartening. My bodies have goose bumps from their singing.”

“Goosebumps +1, I really can’t listen.”

“It’s better to listen to the new songs of my idol instead of supporting these folk bands, at least they are professional.”

In the comment area of ​​the official website, people commented one after another. For this finals stage, everyone’s feeling is nothing more than one word -disappointing!

Total disappointment!

It was promote so fervently before, but it turned out like this. In the final analysis, it really was the fault of unprofessionalism.


The organizer can be unprofessional, but they can’t be unprofessional!

“Start tuning the instrument, we will go on the stage soon!”

With the end of the fourth band, Li Yalin suddenly stood up from his seat.

“We’ll enter the stage? But isn’t our number plate seventh?”

Li Yalin’s sudden words made everyone very puzzled. Especially Uomi, the number plate was drawn by herself, so of course she knows their turn.

According to the organizer’s request, it is not too late to prepare for the stage after the sixth participating band is over. But the fifth band has just debuted, so what’s the hurry?

“Because we are professional!”

Li Yalin just gave this answer toward everyone’s doubts.

Yes, as he said, although all the participants are amateurs, he must be professional to the end!

Why are those contestants very amateur? This is not just a hypothetical speaking.

Li Yalin saw clearly that those contestants basically waited until they were called before they began to tune their instruments. This is probably the fault of the habit.

They are all folk bands, and basically have the experience of Live House. And because Live House has a small audience, naturally high tolerance, debugging instruments on the stage, interacting with the audience, already considered normal.

But they brought the habit of Live House to such a big stage, and it became the most amateur performance. At least the audience here can’t tolerate them dilly-dallying, not to mention there is no opportunity for interaction at all.

So to conquer the audience, one must first start with the details!

Under Li Yalin leadership, the girls prepared their musical instruments. They are ready, and only wait for the organizer’s notice.

And just after the sixth band performed, everyone came to the stage at the fastest speed, which not like the previous slow contestant.

“We will go on stage soon.”

While the host on the stage was trying to find ways to stir up the atmosphere, and when the staff was carrying drums and electronic organs, Li Yalin who had not yet go up on the stage, turned back and fixed his eyes on the three girls.

Kohinata Yukari, Akiyama Mio and Tainaka Ritsu, these three girls are his partners on stage today.

Today, they will bring the most perfect performance to the audience!


With a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, Li Yalin spoke softly.

“I’m already losing my tongue.”

The closest one to go on stage, the greater the pressure. Li Yalin can be so relaxed, Kohinata Yukari is all right, but Ritsu and MIO are not so calm.

At least at this moment, Ritsu has a bitter smile on her face, and her arms keep shaking.

“In this case, I will teach you a way to be not nervous!”

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