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Tension is a problem that needs to be overcome by oneself, and it can’t be solved by others.

In fact, Li Yalin has exhausted his methods before this. He can’t really do anything if this still doesn’t work.

So he can only do one thing for Akiyama Mio and Tainaka Ritsu’s tension.

Open his arms and give the two girls a big hug. It’s not long, each person only last about ten seconds.

And his sudden attack also made the two girls completely froze.

Didn’t he say a way not to be nervous? Why they are getting hugged?

“How? Still feel nervous?”

Li Yalin smiles seeing the two girls who were dumbfounded. Is this considered blatantly touching the girl’s body? But honestly, the girl’s body is really soft.

Yeah, full of aftertaste.


Their nervousness was not all gone, but with Li Yalin’s embrace, MIO and Ritsu have indeed recovered a lot of energy, after all, most of their nervousness has been replaced by the shyness of the girl.

At least at this moment, MIO can’t look at Li Yalin directly.

“If not nervous anymore, then let’s do our best together!”

It’s a pity that Li Yalin didn’t give the girls any more time to react. He stretched out his hand while waiting for everyone’s response.

We will be officially on stage soon, let’s shout a cheer together!


Of course, the kind and considerate Kohinata Yukari was the first to notice Li Yalin’s thoughts, and immediately put her hand on Li Yalin’s hand.

It can be clearly felt that at the moment when the two hands touched, Kohinata Yukari’s body trembled slightly.

However, she did not show it.

With Kohinata Yukari taking the lead, MIO and Ritsu also understood what Li Yalin meant, and extended their hands one after another. The hands of the four people were tightly pressed together.


Whether it is nervousness or shyness, all must be abandoned!

Because there is only one thing they need to do now, and that is to present the most perfect performance to the audience!

“So now, we have our seventh participating band, and it is also the only Eiryou High School idol band that did not participate in the preliminary rounds and directly obtained the finals ticket!”

With the announcement of the host, it was Li Yalin’s turn to officially debut, but the name of this band can make people baffled.

Originally, Li Yalin was planning to use a more reliable band name, such as Polaris, or Fantasy Orchestra, etc. It can also be a little bit foreign, like Zeppelin or Rhapsody.

But Uomi had to sign up for an Eiryou High School idol band. It is estimated that among all participating bands, his band’s name is the longest one, and once this name comes out, who wouldn’t know the name of Eiryou High School?

In order to promote the school, Uomi student president has completely abandoned integrity.

But he can’t do anything now even if the band’s name was baffling.

The time has come for their official debut!

“They will be on stage! Li Yalin-sama and Kohinata Yukari-sama are going to be on stage!”

“I look forward to it! They finally came out!”

“Is it very handsome, very beautiful or very ugly? Still doubtful.”

“Of course very handsome and very beautiful! Still need to ask?”

Before Li Yalin group took the stage, no matter it was the audience under the stage or the audience in front of the TV and computer, they all eagerly discussing this topic.

Until the Li Yalin group really appeared on the stage, the originally noisy scene suddenly fell into silent.

There is no other reason, just because the four boy and girls who appeared on the stage are indeed beyond everyone’s imagination.

All of them are dressed in black as the main theme, which is quite different from the costumes of those fancy folk bands. Ordinary participating bands likes to make themselves eye-catching. But on the contrary, those four on stage dressed so gloomy and solemn.


“So handsome!!!”

“So handsome! So beautiful!”

Although they are dressed in black style clothes, the styles of these clothes are very trendy and handsome. Especially coupled with the appearance of this band, the lead singer boy is very handsome. Not to mention the three girls standing next to him seems to come out from the screen.

Compared with those folk bands with only a few fans, when Li Yalin group go on stage, it’s already a crushing defeat only in terms of clothing and appearance.

By the way, the costumes for this competition are all made by Ousai Academy’s music sensei Yamanaka Sawako. After all, music sensei who can’t make clothes is not a good consultant.

“That is Li Yalin-sama?”

“It must be him! There is only one boy, he must be Yalin-sama!”

“Mom… I seem to be in love…”

“Yalin-sama is mine!”

In the girls group, Li Yalin caused a craze as soon as he appeared. He is a young handsome boy, and most girls love this type.

In the male group, the situation seems to be even more out of control. There is only one boy in the band, which is Li Yalin, while there are three girls at the goddess level!

Well, Ritsu is probably one of them, barely…

“The one who plays the piano… is definitely Yukari-sama!”

“Yukari-sama, I love you!”

“My God… Akiyama Mio? Isn’t that Akiyama Mio? I love her so much! Why does she appear in the Eiryou High School band?”

“Are you stupid? Eiryou High School and Ousai Academy are in school alliance. Mio-sama’s songs are also written by Yalin-sama. Is it that surprising to see them perform in the same band?”

“Yukari-sama and Mio-sama, today is really my lucky day!”

It feels like the male group’s reaction is more exaggerated than the female group’s response. The originally dull scene suddenly burst out with great enthusiasm, and the sounds echoed like a waves.

Is the reaction so exaggerated just to appear on stage?

To be honest, Li Yalin’s original plan was to conquer the audience with his works and prove everything with his strength.

It turned out the audience’s reaction was unexpectedly high, so… this is what faces can really bring?

This is really…

Forget it, although the audience’s enthusiasm is very high, which is a good thing, but next is the real performance time!

Satisfied with just this?


Everything… has just begun!

Get ready!

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