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Facing the eager audience under the stage, Li Yalin just nodded slightly, but said nothing.

He gestured towards Ritsu behind him, and silently picked up his own guitar!

At this moment, without saying more, everything… can be delivered to the audience with music!

Accompanied by the drum beat, Li Yalin, Akiyama Mio and Kohinata Yukari played their instruments simultaneously.

They train hard for this day!

Now, it’s time to reap the rewards!

The deep voice resounded throughout the venue.




The reason for choosing this song is actually quite simple, he just like it. It was one of the best songs in those days. If it were not for his poor singing skills and language problems, Li Yalin would have learned to sing it.

Switching to this world, since he got this song and there are no restrictions on singing, he certainly can’t let such a work be dusted.

And not surprisingly, it gave the audience a whole new experience.

After listening to six songs about love, and then suddenly changed to such explosive song, it’s like being thrown a basin of cold water in a hot summer, it feels refreshing.

The gentle part of the main song is not bad, the low singing voice seems to be telling a story, sharing them to the audience.

However, along with the chorus, the sudden high-pitched voice made everyone’s body trembles.

This song… doesn’t sound very comprehensible. The mixed lyrics makes people can’t understand the singer at all. But somehow such a song excited the listener, and made them want to move their arms!

Kinda like… trembling from the soul!

This is… Eiryou High School school idol band singing!

Until the last note fell, the audience could not stop cheering.

Is this the strength of a true idol?

No, even an idol who makes a formal debut can never reach this level, right?

“We succeed!”

On the stage, Li Yalin had a full view of the audience’s reaction, and because of this, as everyone walked to the backstage, he showed a confident smile.

He chose the song correctly. On such an occasion, in the face of so many audiences, only the most passionate song can ignite everyone’s enthusiasm.

“Succeed? What do you mean? You mean… it’s over?”

Probably because of too nervous, Tainaka Ritsu hasn’t back to her normal self. Perhaps, after she hit the first drum beat, she has completely released her mind, playing in accordance with physical habits.

She couldn’t even remember the reaction of the audience.

She may not even realise that the performance has ended.

Even Ritsu is like this, let alone MIO, who had a dazed look, people can’t tell her mood at the moment.

“It has ended.”

Regardless of the sweat on MIO and Ritsu, Kohinata Yukari gently embraced the two girls very gently.

Yes, it is indeed Kohinata Yukari who is calming these two nervous and numb girls. This matter really needs to be done by her.

Although Li Yalin can do it, he can’t take advantage of people so blatantly, especially under the gaze of Kohinata Yukari.

At least… now he can’t.

“It was great performance! We made it!”

MIO and Ritsu were hugged and comforted by Kohinata Yukari, which made Li Yalin a little disappointed. He didn’t even receive a girl’s hug after a performance was over, what a disappointment.

But his disappointment didn’t last long, a dark shadow passed by not far away, and the next moment he was hugged tightly.

This is… Uomi student president!

That’s right! It was Uomi. Right now, she was completely unable to maintain her usual indifferent. That expressionless face, which never showed any expression, was also full of excitement and joy.

The reason for this is very simple. The finals have put too much pressure on everyone. It was not until the end of the performance that the rock in their heart was finally released!

Yes, everyone have been under a lot of stress. The pressure of MIO and Ritsu comes from the audience, while the pressure of Uomi lies in the future development of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari.

Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari had not appeared in public before, and did not accept any interviews. They have a weak fanbase, and can fall from grace in no time because of no foundation.

It’s like those newcomers who have been popular on the internet overnight. Although they have countless fans for a while, but because they have no background, they fade into obscurity.

Uomi has always been very worried about this. She is afraid that all this is just temporarily and suddenly vanished into obscurity.

But today is truly the day when Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari are on stage!

She can finally feel relieved.

Everyone has a broad road in front of them. All they need to do is to keep going!

“Yes, we succeeded.”

Suddenly receiving Uomi’s hug, Li Yalin was also quite surprised. But he did not push her away, instead he hugged her tightly.

Although he knows that they definitely would not fail today if he takes out aLIEz. But even so, he still get a surge of emotion after singing the passionate song.

Debuting for the first time and truly appearing in front of the audience, this day is an extremely important turning point for Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari.

From today on, they are no longer ordinary school idols, and the real idol road has appeared before them!

Anyone can heard the non-stop cheers under the stage.

The eager faces of the audience can be seen clearly!

These are the honors of everyone!

It’s just… other contestants were doomed to become Li Yalin’s helper, and can only become their stepping stone.

Even in the eyes of most viewers, they may not even count as a stepping stone, at best they are a pebble stone.

From this point of view, should we feel sorry to those opponents?

Forget it, this is not the time to play nice.

Bring the girls back to the lounge. Needless to say, Li Yalin was greeted by dumb Yui’s cheers and Kotobuki ojou-sama’s congratulations. Although they could not stand on the stage with him, as companions, they not only feel happy for him, but also proud of him.

“Don’t be too happy just yet, Yui-chan and Tsumugi-chan, you guys should also prepare.”

Facing the excited girls, Li Yalin has already regained his calm, and is now speaking to everyone indifferently.

“Prepare? What to prepare?”

Regarding what Li Yalin said, the girls who are still in a state of excitement are very incomprehensible. At time like this… what everyone needs to prepare?

“Of course to prepare… to be on stage again!”

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