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Li Yalin is right. It is indeed time to prepare for the stage again. Despite their song aLIEz ignite the atmosphere of the scene, but in reality? Can this improve the quality of the bands playing later?

The answer is of course no.

Rather, when they play strongly, they will inevitably put more pressure on the subsequent bands, and at the same time indirectly increase the demand of the audience.

At least after listening to aLIEz, if there are more love songs, everyone will definitely not buy it!

In fact, just like he thought. The subsequent bands were all booed by the audience soon after they performed. The bar were set pretty high. The later bands need to meet the standard, and the result… was really tragic.

The person in charge of the finals even had to rush to the lounge of Li Yalin group, wiped his sweat and told everyone to prepare the final encore, because only in this way can the anger of the audience be calmed.

Otherwise, the finals will really be ruined this time!

The title of this finals champion is already in their hands!

“We… we must be on stage too?”

Although Li Yalin had informed dumb Yui and Kotobuki ojou-sama before, so that they are prepared psychologically. But now that they are about to go on stage, the two girls still a bit panicking.

Watching everyone’s performance on the stage is a kind of enjoyment, but when they themselves are on the stage, the enjoyment will become pressure.

For some reason, the two of them seemed to suddenly able to understand the mood of Mio-chan and Ritsu-chan.

“Of course, didn’t I told you before.”

Li Yalin is very amused about dumb Yui’s nervousness. He has prepared so many preventive measures in advance. Why is this girl still not mentally prepared?

“Well… Yui-chan will be on stage, but I… the band shouldn’t need two keyboard players?”

Dumb Yui couldn’t refute Li Yalin words at all. Indeed, as he said before, she should made herself ready.

Dumb Yui can go to the stage as a consonant guitarist, but Kotobuki ojou-sama raised her right hand weakly, with some doubts on her face.

A six-member band is quite a rare, and even if there is, it is usually played by three guitarists. Two keyboardists simply unheard of.

Used as back-up chorus?

But anyway, she shouldn’t have any roles with Kohinata senpai here.

At least to Kotobuki Tsumugi, she shouldn’t have to appear at all.

“It’s true that we don’t need two keyboard players, but this time, I didn’t plan to let Kohinata senpai be the keyboard player.”

Li Yalin smiled from hearing Kotobuki Tsumugi’s question.

As he said, he did not intend to let Kohinata Yukari play the role of keyboard player for this encore.

His song aLIEz takes all the limelight in their first performance, but don’t forget that Eiryou High School idol is a group, not he is singing a one-man show alone.

How could he only care about his own limelight and forget the partner who was with him from beginning to end?

That’s right!

This time, he wants Kohinata Yukari to sing with him on the same stage!

Only in this way can it be regarded as a real duo!

“I won’t be a keyboard player?”

This statement by Li Yalin not only surprised the girls in the light music club, but even Kohinata Yukari was surprised.

According to the original arrangement, one should be selected from the three previously prepared songs, depending on the situation at the scene, and finally decided the encore song.

However, the three songs rehearsed in advance are all solo sung by Li Yalin, which has been said long ago.

Why he suddenly changed his mind?

“We are partners, of course we have to sing together. For what we practiced singing this song before?”

The encore song has indeed been selected. In fact, Li Yalin thought that since aLIEz has been sung, then may as well take out βios. The two songs complement each other, isn’t that perfect?

But in the end, he changed his mind.

Sure enough, he wanted to sing with Kohinata Yukari.

Although somewhat wilful, he has the capital to be wilful because he has never lacked good songs.

This should be good enough for the audience!

“You mean that song? This… I did practice it, but… do you really want to sing it?”

Through Li Yalin’s reminder, Kohinata Yukari immediately understood what he means. There are many songs that everyone has practiced, but only a few that are for duo, and only one that needs her to practice repeatedly.

Just… really want to sing that song?

More or less, Kohinata Yukari is still a little unconfident.

Rome was not built in a day after all, Kohinata Yukari’s singing skills could not be upgraded to the max all at once. She can grasp songs of ordinary difficulty quickly, but she had not much confident to sing the higher difficulty.

For example, the aLIEz mentioned by Li Yalin and the βios, she can’t sing them, at least not yet.

But… if it was that song, she might still be able to, but still unsure whether it would work.

“Must sing!”

At this time, Li Yalin no longer cares about whether Kohinata Yukari is confident or not. He decides not to change the song anymore!

“Be prepared, the time for us to go on stage is not far away!”

In the real-time broadcast on the TV, the performances of the twelve participating bands have ended, and the host on the stage is mobilizing the atmosphere of the audience and entering a tense and exciting voting session.

The 10,000 spectators sitting at the scene have the right to vote for their favorite bands. After counting the results, the band with the most votes will become the champion of this finals!

So… who will the champion?

In ordinary novels settings, there may be a villain who will intervene, revealing the dark side of buying tickets, and then the protagonist will come forward to debunk him.

However, such plot did not appear. With the end of the voting, the Eiryou High School idol band deservedly ranked first among the finalists with more than 9,000 votes.

As for the second-place band, they only have a poor three-digit number of votes, and the difference between third and second is not much.

As for the last band, the pitiful dozens of tickets were probably given by the group of friends and relatives. After all, no matter how miserable they are, they must be supported by the group of relatives and friends present.

But this doesn’t matter much, since the real champion has been born!

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