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“Come on, let’s enter the stage.”

How unprofessional it will be after being voted as the champion and the contestants did not even appear on the stage. People will get bored if the host just keep talking alone on the stage.

However, he had no problem with this. Anyway, he has no plans to engage in any interactive sessions. He can just sing a good song if he wants to conquer the audience!

So with the host announcing the champion, he also took a deep breath, turned his head and cast his eyes on the cheering girls.

Now is not the time to be happy, the show… is not over yet!

Let us continue to sing on this stage!

“Welcome, everyone from the Eiryou High School idol band… Eh? Why it feels like there are two more people?”

Welcoming the debutant champion, the host did not intend to leave immediately. What the hell? Planning to interact?

That’s probably what it meant, but the host were stunned when Hirasawa Yui and Kotobuki Tsumugi appeared with Li Yalin. Obviously didn’t expect two more people to appear on stage.

What’s this? An unexpected situations?

However, just as he asked his question, and before Li Yalin can answer, some fans below the stage have recognized dumb Yui and Kotobuki ojou-sama.

The band Hokago Tea Time is indeed very popular recently, and as long as one followed Eiryou High School school idol, one will definitely pay attention to this four people from Ousai Academy school idols. After all, the relationship between the two schools is really too close, and their official social media often interact with each other, making it almost like a family.

These are all hidden transactions between Uomi and Amakusa, the two students presidents. Li Yalin didn’t pay much attention to this, and let them do whatever they want. Anyway, it was just to gain popularity.

And now it seems that they produced some good results.

“Yui-sama! Yui-sama appeared!”

“Kotobuki-sama is here too! Like I thought, it’s the entire Hokago Tea Time, without anyone missing!”

The audience was cheering, but the host on the stage was stupified, obviously not doing his homework.

“That… Congratulations to all of you for winning this finals. Before singing the encore, would you introduce yourself to the audience? And can you also tell the audience how you feel right now?”

Although he didn’t do his homework, the host’s response was quite quick. He handed the microphone to Li Yalin, which was also planned by the organizer.

Now that they have won the championship, they can also interact with the audience. While gathering popularity, it can also calm down the audience’s resentment.

Otherwise, no one would come to this kind of event in the future.

Li Yalin can see the organizer’s plan. In any case, he need to give them some face with his connection with Kohinata Yukari family.

Isn’t it just a few words? Then talk a few words. Anyway, he really needs this opportunity to accumulate popularity.

Uomi had a headache with their weak fanbase, so today, let us conquer the hearts of fans!

“Hello everyone, I am Li Yalin, the lead singer and lead guitarist of the Eiryou High School idol band.”

After receiving the microphone handed by the host, Li Yalin did not show any stage fright at all, but rather took up the position of MC very contentedly.

And just as he spoke, the audience raised a cheers like tsunami.


“I love you Li Yalin-sama !”

Wow, the audience is really enthusiastic, especially the girls who are screaming hoarsely, Li Yalin is a little scared!

“Thank you all! Thank you so much for your support!”

Facing the cheers of the fans, Li Yalin bowed to express his gratitude, but this also made the girls to scream even louder.

Fortunately, the stage is high enough and fans can’t come up. Otherwise, God knows if those excited fans will climb up.

By the way… aren’t you guys too excited?

Li Yalin was also a little bit sweating from the shouts of the fans. Fortunately, he did not get flustered by this, but turned to introduce the girls around him.

“This one is the keyboard player and vocalist of the Eiryou High School idol band, my partner and also my senpai –Kohinata Yukari!”

Followed with Kohinata Yukari bow, the cheers on the scene rang again. The girls’ voice was a little bit less compared to Li Yalin’s time, but the boy’s voice grew stronger.

Sure enough, different gender attracts different fans. Li Yalin is very popular with girls, while Kohinata Yukari is much more popular with men.

Well, now is not the time to think about this.

“Here, I would also like to thank the Hokago Tea Time band of Ousai Academy, my four good friends for their support!”

“Akiyama Mio as the band’s bassist!”

“Drummer Tainaka Ritsu!”

“Our consonant guitarist Hirasawa Yui!”

“Keyboardist Kotobuki Tsumugi!”

This time, not only the four girls from the light music club came to help, but the dirty joke student council also gave them a lot of support. Even the clothes worn on the stage were prepared by Yamanaka Sawako sensei.

The Ousai Academy has helped them a lot, so they should return the favor.

On this stage, in front of tens of thousands of spectators, and even countless spectators in front of televisions and computers, isn’t it a good opportunity for everyone to gain fame?

So now it’s time to left an impression to everyone!

“U-umm… Hello everyone, I’m Hirasawa Yui-nya…”

“I am Kotobuki Tsumugi, I am very happy to stand on this stage and meet you all.”

“Um… well… Tainaka Ritsu, regards.”

“Uh… uh… I…”

Under the attention of many people, everyone’s response was very good. Dumb Yui act cutely, Kotobuki ojou-sama showed her elegance. Ritsu, although a little overwhelmed, can still speak some words, and her SOLO drum beat drew applause from the audience.

But when it’s MIO’s turn, her situation doesn’t look too good. With her face flushed, she stutters but still can’t speak a word.

She’s still too shy after all.

In this case, Li Yalin can only come forward to help her.

“Akiyama Mio-san’s character is very shy. It has exceeded our expectations when she is able to summon the courage to be on this stage today. So I also hope that everyone will pay more attention to Akiyama Mio-san and give her encouragement and support to help her grow better!”

Thunderous applause rang out on the scene after he spoke, accompanied by a lot of supportive voices.

Although showing a shy side, but this seems to have become her strong point that made fans love MIO more and more.

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