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Rize clearly knows her piano skill level, but this does not mean that Cocoa will let her go.

“It does no matter if it just a bit!”

Rize’s words have made Cocoa’s eyes light up completely, reaching for Rize’s wrist and pulling her to the warehouse without much consideration.

It usually impossible with her strength to pull Rize, but Cocoa’s full of momentum now. Even Rize can’t resist and easily pulled away.

Cocoa right now can’t be underestimated.

He didn’t expect Rabbit House to have a piano.

He used to think the piano skill is useless, mainly because Li Yalin thought that he won’t come in touch with piano in a short time but to think there is a piano in this house.

In fact, it is normal for Li Yalin to be unaware. When Chino and Rize clean up the warehouse a while ago, he was upstairs focusing on his own deadlines.

On the day of tidying up the warehouse, they found many interesting things.

“This piano looks pretty good.”

Rize was taken away by Cocoa. Li Yalin look at Chino and Otosuna Mihari. Without saying much. Naturally have to keep up to watch the fun.

The piano in this warehouse looks really good, especially when it was carefully cleaned by Chino recently. Although it is not like a brand new one, it can also give people a clean feeling.

Li Yalin know nothing about piano brand. Just commenting it was good from the appearance.

After all, this is a grand piano. Even the small one definitely look more professional than an ordinary piano.

“Quick! Rize play for us! I want you as our Rabbit House pianist!”

Li Yalin looked carefully at the piano, and his eyes were full of interest. After all, he had just acquired the adept level of piano skill but actually never touched the piano, which is really regrettable.

He really wants to use the piano to try his playing level.

It’s a pity that Cocoa’s focused on Rize now, busily pushing her to sit in front of the piano.

She is now looking forward to Rize’s performance.

“I… “

After being pushed in front of the piano by Cocoa, Rize is in a quite difficult situation. She want to stood up and refuse. But seeing Cocoa’s full of expectation, it feels like she could not refuse.

“Please Rize!”

“Okay… I’ll play once… “

In the end, she couldn’t bear Cocoa’s pitiful plea. Rize finally sighed, straightened her body in front of the piano then put her hands on the black and white keys.

With that pale fingertips, the melodious sound of the piano spread throughout the warehouse. It is another piece of music that Li Yalin has not heard of, probably a classic of this world?

It sounds good anyway.

“Great! Rize’s piano is amazing! This is definitely a pianist’s level!”

At the end of the song, Rize stood up in front of the piano. Her piano level is indeed better compared to her violin, almost reaching the level of amateurs.

She is ojou-sama background after all? Although she likes playing with guns, she has some skills that ojou-sama should have.

No wonder Cocoa will be so excited.

“Pianist level… is simply impossible. I can only play the piano a little bit.”

Being so praised by Cocoa, Rize’s face suddenly turned red. Although Rize never lacked praise, she still couldn’t maintain her calmness now.

“In any case, our Rabbit House pianist has been found! What do you think Chino?”

“Well, if Rize-san is willing.”

“No! Not happening! I haven’t reach the standard to play in front of audience yet! So absolutely not!”

Cocoa believes Rize play the piano pretty well. Based on this, she can finally realize her previous idea of ​​attracting guests with music and Chino is also a little moved.

It’s a pity that Rize can’t accept this setting at all. She does not mind if it’s the previous three-man band. But she can’t accept it if she has to do solo to attract customers.

Because in her opinion, she has not reached the level of solo at all. This half-assed casual play will be laughed at if it used to attract customers.

“Really can’t?”

“Not gonna happen!”

“Ugh… Did the plan to save Rabbit House with music fail?”

Cocoa repeat confirmation resulting in Rize’s affirmative answer, which made Cocoa very frustrated.

It is too depressing to announce the death of the plan before it even begun.

Does this method really can’t work?

Cocoa sighed, she feel frustrated since such good plan could not be realized.

At this time, Li Yalin picked up a stack of sheet music in the piano and looked at it with relish.

He knows how to play the piano and knows a lot about music theory, but he was just an ordinary person before being transmigrated. He didn’t know much about piano music and quite ignorant to the piano music of this world.

The sheet music is now in front of him, and of course he has to take a good look.

Although there are not as many piano songs in this world than in Li Yalin world, and the classics is slightly inferior in some aspect. But these music scores have greatly expanded his horizons.

At least after reading these scores, he knew what kind of music he could play.

It is worthy of the adept level, can integrates this level of music theory knowledge. Li Yalin found that he could easily remember these music scores and he could play them whenever and wherever he wanted.

Not a problem for him!

“Yalin sensei, you can play the piano?”

Li Yalin’s action to read music scores surprised Otosuna Mihari.

In her eyes, Li Yalin is an outstanding genius mangaka. As long as he is given enough time, he can definitely become the top mangaka of this world. At his age, it is like a miracle.

It is for this reason that she opened her eyes wide when she saw Li Yalin looking at the music scores that looks like a book of heaven to her.

Yalin sensei can also play piano?

This can’t be practiced overnight…

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