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“To be able to win this regional selection finals championship, first of all we would like to thank the audience present and in front of the TV. Thank you for your support so that we can continue to stand on this stage.”

“I also want to thank our team behind the scenes, and the family and friends who have been supporting us!”

On this stage, Li Yalin does have a lot of people to thank, thank the audience for their support, and thank the family for their encouragement.

Even under the dim stage lights, he could clearly see the excited and joyful faces, both unfamiliar audiences and fans, as well as familiar relatives and friends.

It is precisely because of the common support from everyone that he has been able to walk with his partners until now.

Or in other words, after coming to this strange world, it is the lovely girls who support his belief!


He doesn’t want to say more superfluous things, just let them hear our song!

“Lion! For everyone!”

After the voice fell, the music rang, and the atmosphere of the scene was instantly ignited!

Lion, Leo, the chorus song of Ranka Lee & Sheryl Nome from Macross F, is also a song that Li Yalin really likes.

To be honest, just like in the original version, he also considered giving this song to two girls, to sing it alternately, which fits the image of the queen and the green hair.

But so far he has not met a female singer who can control this song, Kohinata Yukari can’t, nor can the four girls in light music club!

God knows when can this song be sung. He can’t wait that long, so he wants to use this song as an encore, to let it shine on this gorgeous stage!

Due to lack of singing skills and lack of aura, Kohinata Yukari can only take over the singing part of the green hair. And even so, she needs to be carried by Li Yalin in order to interpret the song together.

Li Yalin sang the queen part and also take on the most important role, which also put a lot of pressure on him.

After all, his singing skills are only adept level, far from perfect.

But… it’s already enough!

At least the atmosphere of the scene has been mobilized. This song not only rang through the entire venue, but also conquered every audience!

And this also caused the atmosphere of the scene to continue to heat up. Even after the singing was over and the singers withdrew, the audience still shouted and asked for another song.

Sing another song?

Want to listen again, then wait until the stage of the Hot Holiday Music Festival!

At the end of the encore, Li Yalin group has completed all the tasks for today, and what they need to do now is only one thing.


Run away!

Yes, after stepping down with the girls, Li Yalin’s first reaction was to run fast!

“The work of retrieving the musical instruments is left to you. We’ll go on ahead, and will call you later.”

Li Yalin only said this when he saw Uomi, and then took the girls back to the lounge, put on a dress, hat and sunglasses as quickly as possible.

He must take everyone away from the venue as soon as possible!

The atmosphere at the scene is too fiery, and he is quite aware of how terrifying the power of fans is.

Too late and they will be surrounded by fans. The security of this venue alone can’t protect everyone if they want to leave at that time.

“My Giita!”

Li Yalin has predict everything, but the girls who don’t know the situation can’t understand his thoughts, even dumb Yui is still holding the guitar and will not let go.

It’s their first time on stage so they don’t know how crazy the fans can be. These kids still need a lot of experience.

“Uomi student president will take a good care of Giita. Forget about anything else, and just follow me!”

At a time like this, Li Yalin had to take a tough stance. He grabbed dumb Yui’s guitar and pushed it into Uomi’s hand, then grabbed dumb Yui’s little hand and turned to leave.

And the other girls, after looking at each other, quickly followed.

Just keep up with him even though they didn’t know what’s going on.

It turns out as Li Yalin predicted. The audience in the venue is totally out of control, and more savvy fans wanted to block Li Yalin and his party, with the hope of meeting the idol.

Once blocked, they just want to ask for a photo and signing. But with so many people, God knows if there will be accidents or even trampling injuries.

So it was indeed the right choice that Li Yalin took everyone to leave early.

“You guys didn’t see it, the scene was too scary. Even afterwards, the organizer had to call the police to maintain order. If you guys were still there, the audience would definitely not give up.”

Two hours later, Uomi finally brought everyone to met with Li Yalin group.

Uomi and the others looks haggard at the moment, she even talks with some lingering fears.

Yes, the fans fanaticism indeed scared them.

“But this is also a good thing. It shows that the finals are very successful this time. It’s great to be recognized by everyone. Thank you Yalin-kun.”

Like Uomi, Amakusa Shino and the others looks haggard, but she’s even more grateful to Li Yalin.

After all, this is a competition for the Eiryou High School idol band. Akiyama Mio and the others are just an extras, but not only he introduced each of them, but also mentioned the name of Ousai Academy many times.

It can be imagined that after today, the reputation of Ousai Academy will be the same as Eiryou High School, and will get more popular on the internet. With this, there is no need to worry about enrollment in the coming year.

“Don’t have to thank me, this is actually what I should do. Moreover, I should also thank Mio-chan and the others. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t even be able to form a decent band.”

Li Yalin must of course respond modestly toward Amakusa Shino’s gratitude. But having said that, girl, can you calm down?

This group has more women than men, because from beginning to end, the male creatures seem to be only Li Yalin and Tippy. And if we just talk about reality, Tippy is still a female rabbit.

In other words, all those present at the moment are girls. So when Amakusa Shino holds Li Yalin’s hand who is the only boy, what kind of chemical reaction will happen?

Apart from other things, at least the surrounding eyes are indeed very intimidating.

Pay attention to the surrounding, my dirty joke student president!

“Cough… Anyway, we all won the champion today. As a celebration and to thank everyone for their support, it will be my treat today!”

Anyway, let’s divert everyone’s attention first!

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